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COPYRIGHT 2004, by  

September 04, 2003


Rosie Allen

KGO Radio

San Francisco, CA.


“It was only coincidence  . .  . ah . . . I better stop before I get into trouble.”

                  ---- Lloyd Lindsey Young,  09-04-03


“Well I don’t want to get shot.”

                                ---- Rosie Allen


Oh, Rosie.   Shot?   Who is going to shoot you?   Do you remember?   Three days later and Cynthia Oti was killed in the Alaskan Airlines crash.  Remember?  That was a shock.    And then the on air talent at KGO and KSFO started questioning Alaska Airlines safety.  Then they started speculating that Alaska Airlines employees were not being honest?  Well you know.   Cynthia was “family” ---  KGO family.    There was concern that the employees of Alaska Airlines might engage in a cover up. 


In fact it got so bad that Alaska Airlines pulled its advertising.  But a cover up would have been bad.  No, Sir, we could not let them get away with that.

As it turns out no charges were brought against Alaskan Airlines.  They did not engage in a cover up.


Now, Rosie,  can the same be said for KGO and KSFO?


Can it be said of Rosie Allen?  You are a “news person” right?   If you were to be shown to have engaged in a cover up . . .  well,  I mean, think of it:   Credibility?   It may still turn out that the City Attorney of San Rafael did not know about the burglary.  Did not know that dozens of City of San Rafael Police Officers spent hundreds of man hours following and trying to intimidate the victim of the burglary:  The Colonial Motel Suspect.   The Police Chief  may be lying to the City Attorney.


But what if it is shown that Rosie Allen,  the entire KGO news organization knew about the burglary.  What if it is shown that KGO employees, including Rosie Allen, had whole pages of the stolen notebook?  And now we are going to say:  “It was only coincidence?”  Is that the cover story?   Can you say hy-poc-ri-sy?


Do you know who has been enjoying the spectacle of the destruction of my life, (and KGO’s credibility) ?


G. Gordon Liddy.   If you asked for proof I am afraid I could not cite a single quote but some of the things he says are suggestive.  (He mentioned and emphasized the importance of “Intel Operations” to victory in a recent interview with Coronal  Hackworth (USA Retired).  But I require  greater proof before I will draw connections. I have my standards.)


You see Rosie, by your conduct, your whole life says:  “Nixon was right.”  Everyone does do it, just like he said.  In this case you and your friends at KQED,  (Fort Apache as Ted Baxter called it), have done Nixon one better.  Nixon only broke into Daniel Elsberg’s psychiatrist’s office.    In my case it is as if Nixon got the psychiatrist to cooperate.


‘Now see,  after Dr. Elsberg leaves your office,  you call me,  see,   and go over what you two just  talked about.  Then I’ll call a press conference, see,  and I’ll allude to something he told you. Boy, this will be great,  we’ll really do a number on that poor bastard.’


You see Nixon only wanted copies of the doctor’s notes to see if Dr. Elsberg  had been involved in the release of classified documents.  But you, Rosie Allen, and your friends did Nixon one better.  KQED actually got Yvonne to cooperate.  And not just for one day but for several months.


But what I do not understand is that I had not written any letters for years when they broke into my room and stole my notebook.  I was not involved in politics.  I had been deprived of my lively hood.  Driven into bankruptcy.  My father lay dead, but not yet buried.  After all these years .  . . Why, Rosie, why?   What did they want from me?


You will note that it was only Gene Burns who showed any sympathy at all.  “When will we say enough is enough?”    When Rosie?


You will notice it was not Ron Owens.  (Yvonne says she was a guest on Ron Owens’ show.)  In fact Ron Owens worked with the children’s clothing designer at Gymboree to get me fired from my courier job.  (It was the only employment I could find.)  Why, Rosie, why? 

It was not Bernie Ward either.  He said he,  “loved it,” when I criticized Weiner.  “I love it when conservatives go after each other.”  (Weiner said that Bernie was no longer a Catholic Priest because he molested boys.  I did not “love it” when Weiner said it.  Of course we do not expect broadcast  standards over at KSFO;   but KGO? 

Of  course both are managed by Jack Swanson.  And Mrs. Jack Swanson, why did she start it up again?  What do they want?  What is it?


It seems I am hated because I am hated.  I have been separated out from the herd.  Here he is.  This one.  It is ok to hate him.  You would think Jews could understand this dynamic.  Or,  ah,    . . . Blacks?  I remember when GEORGIE GEYER returned from Bosnia. 


The Liberal Establishment had hit upon the formulation that the collapse of Tito’s rule allowed “centuries old animosities” to surface.  This view was all the clearer as it was not tainted by any actual experience in the area.  Geyer began to describe the process of social disintegration she had witnessed.  A man notices that the surrounding countryside is going to go Christian or Moslem and so he grabs his gun and joins with his neighbors to make it go Christian or Moslem, etc.. 


Her co-panelists were out raged.  What about the “centuries old animosities?”  All this blood and death.  It can not just be thousands of ad hoc decisions.  We need “centuries old animosities.”  Without that then, why, we might be capable of bloody murder. 

The reason I have argued against “objective” values is because of just this:  where are they now?  If you are not practicing the values you claim,  right now, then where are they?  Apart from your actions they do not exist.  If you are not honest now, then honesty does not exist.  People who believe in “objective values” always have the comfort of believing that their values exist even when they are not being practiced.  For them honesty exists even when they are being dishonest.


But then there is always your job to think about.

Is that it Rosie?  Are you afraid of Jack Swanson?   Cross him and tell the truth and you end up doing late night in Cleveland?  Is that what it comes down to?  Dishonesty or Cleveland?  Oh Rosie.  Say it isn’t so, Rosie.  Say it isn’t so.