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Wickipedia has this entry for  Michael Weiner under the heading MSNBC:


Savage was hired by MSNBC to do a one-hour show starting March 8, 2003. On July 7, a mere four months later, he was fired for making anti-gay remarks in response to a caller, later identified as prank caller "East Coast Bob," posing as a gay man. The prankster made a lewd comment about Savage's birth name (Weiner) insinuating that Savage was a homosexual. Savage said to the caller: "you should only get AIDS and die, you pig [...] go eat a sausage and choke on it, get trichinosis" also referring to the man as a "sodomite," "bum," and a "piece of garbage." Gay rightsgroup GLAAD applauded the decision to fire him. Savage responded that he had signaled the cameraman to "cut" and did not realize he was on the air when he made the comments and that he did not intend any offense to homosexuals but was merely angry at the caller, who had been, according to Savage, making "vicious personal attacks" on him (the caller had ridiculed Savage's teeth). He apologized for any "pain" his comments may have brought to anyone.


Note the extensive coverage of what Weiner has to say.  Where did they get that?  From Weiner! 


Indeed the entire article in the “internet People’s encyclopedia” appears to be written my Weiner himself, and it can not be corrected because the Wickipedia Administrator,  Gamaliel , whose task appears to  be to protect Weiner not to check facts.  For example he would not even accept the change that Weiner started at KGO not KSFO as Weiner now claims.  Now, consider, why is it important to Weiner that his career in radio start on KSFO and not KGO?  Because Garrett worked at KGO?  Could that be why?


I proposed the following edit which was rejected:


Savage was hired by MSNBC to do a one-hour show starting March 8, 2003. On July 7, a mere four months later, he was fired for making anti-gay remarks in response to a caller, later identified as prank caller "East Coast Bob," posing as a gay man. The prankster made a lewd comment about Savage's birth name (Weiner) ------------ . . .  which he pronounced as “Weener” and he also mentioned the radio show “The Don and Mike Show.”  


(Note: In previous post at Wikipedia an author claimed that this pronunciation  was “insinuating that Savage was a homosexual.’  Also note the claim by the prior author, (which has been left in place just before this entry), that the caller was “posing as a [[gay]] man.”  No one else but Weiner thought the caller was “posing” as a gay nor does anyone think the pronunciation “Weener” is an ‘insinuation’ that Weiner is gay.  Note too that Weiner then said the caller should “choke” on a “sausage.”  In other words even Weiner did not understand that the pronunciation was “insinuating that Savage was a homosexual” at that time. (Weener is a common name for sausage.)  It appears therefore that the prior author is none other than Michael Weiner himself attempting to defame the caller who helped lead to his downfall from MSNBC.) 


Don and Mike had previously made comments about Weiner (also pronouncing his name “Weener”)  on their show and later Michael Weiner appears to have thought he was being “sabotaged by a competitor” which is the  explanation he gave latter on his own show.  (See [[ How Don and Mike Removed the Evil One From MSNBC]] [ ]  Michael Weiner has a reputation for having his associates call competing radio programs and using his program to harasse others. This is documented at [[New Ruskin College]] []a web site set up to document his harassment of one victim.  Ironically it appears he thought Don and Mike were doing the same to him which accounts for his over reaction and then his subsequent attempts to justify his outrageous conduct, including apparently the prior post here at Wikipedia attempting to defame the caller who mentioned the names Don and Mike and set him off. 


Additional materials are available at [[Michael Savage Sucks .com ]] [] another web site devoted to documenting his outrageous misconduct. (Michael Savage also made the list of the 100 People Who Are Screwing Up  America . . . , a book by Mr. Bernard Goldberg.)




"Mrs. Don Geronimo"
Freda Wright-Sorce


All cards and letters may be sent to

Sorce Family
10800 Main Street
Fairfax, VA 22030


In lieu of flowers please make a donation
in the name of Freda Wright-Sorce
to the
Worcester County Humane Society.

Worcester Humane Society
P.O. Box 48
Berlin MD 21811




Don Geronimo's Grief-Stricken Solo
It was the first time that Geronimo (whose real name is Michael Sorce) had been
on the air at his flagship station, WJFK-FM in Fairfax, since the death of ... content/article/2005/08/02/AR2005080200036.html - Similar pages - Crash kills Freda Wright-Sorce, wife of ...
The broadcaster's real name is Mike Sorce. Freda Wright-Sorce was often heard on
the show, ... To reach MICHAEL ZITZ: 540/374-5408 ... News/FLS/2005/072005/07122005/114266 - 30k - Cached - Similar pages


Viewpoint Journal Tragedy Strikes The ‘Don & Mike Show’
My sincerest condolences go out to Mike Sorce and his son Bart. I still have a
difficult time believing this has happened and I know it must be incredibly ... 2005/07/12/don-and-mike-tragedy/ - 34k - Cached - Similar pages






 Notes on the investigation of the theft of this web page:
Notes for  09-11-03

Caller:          Michael, Ah,  what is going on it in San Francisco?

Weiner:          What do you mean?

Caller:        I was at a convention in San Francisco and I had to leave my hotel to go and make copies at Kinko’s.   But the streets stank. What is going on Michael?

Weiner:      Well I don’t know where did you stay? A cheap hotel downtown?  (This alone is remarkable because Michael is not normally so reticent about complaining about the stink from the streets of a San Francisco.)

Caller:        Michael, But what is going on out there in San Francisco?  It stinks.

Weiner:      Maybe you stayed in a cheap hotel in the tenderloin.  Maybe that is why it stank.  (So now something is definitely up, because this is not normally how Michael handles an opportunity to complain about the stinking streets of San Francisco.)

Caller:        Trust World (?) . . . No, no, I stayed in a good hotel. I had to walk eight blocks to make copies at Kinko’s.  And I had to walk eight blocks and it stank. What is going on out there in San Francisco, Michael?

Wiener:      Well that’s all I know.  You probably stayed a cheap hotel downtown. Next time stay at a better hotel.  That’s all I know, next call. (So something is definitely up.)

 This is unusual, Michael Weiner leaves off a chance to scream about the “scum,” and “vermin,” the “garbage,” and his favorite,  “human garbage,” or “human filth,” the “bums,” in the “gutter,”  “defecating on the sidewalk,” and (usually in the high pitch of a 12 year old), “with needles hanging from their arms!” etc., etc.?  (That the needle should be left hanging, is what seems to trouble him the most.)  This is unbelievable, why the sudden change? 

After shrieking into his German made microphone in this manner for several minutes, he then normally goes into his big finish in which he lays out his plan for the round up, without trial or judicial review, and then the transportation  of the “miscreants” to his proposed death camps in America’s western deserts.  He does not propose gas chambers (this time), but rather using a Stalinist twist, he speculates that lumber and nails and saws could be left in the barbed wire compounds.  Have the inmates build their own prisons.  “That’s all.  Next caller.”

What I want you to notice is the schizophrenic nature of his psychology.  If you do not object to this talk, then you merely confirm his worst fears about the “savage” gentile world.  If you do object you are a bigoted anti Semite.   After all isn’t he just saying out loud what you gentiles think?  Isn’t this what it means to be a conservative?  The only reason we are singling him out is because he is a Jew.  Right?  Normally you might think that you can not have it both ways.  Well, not normally, but he is a schizophrenic. 

Because his persona was fractured at an early age he must guess at what is actually going on.  He is propelled to more and more extreme arguments because he is always trying to conform with a “conservatism” about which he can only guess or imagine.  (I am reminded of the Saturday Night Live skit of the black man getting on the bus.  Before he gets on the white passengers on the bus have champagne, they are talking and joking.  Then the wine disappears and they sit sullenly when he gets on.  Then when he gets off at the next stop, the champagne comes out and the music starts up again.)  

Anyone who has raised a teenager knows this psychology: Vainglory followed by Sullen Contempt.  The adolescent first adopts the attitude of superiority to the world.  Then when it is shown that he has been bested, his psychology flips and he sullenly complains well of course you did better,  you are an adult,  you are supposed to be better!  Not only is this a psychology through which we all have traveled it is one which occasionally shows itself even among individual who fall within the normal range.   Two recent examples: 

Example number one:

According to the Martin on the ABC TV program This Week With David Brinkley the Republicans are at fault even when they are right.  (The Democrat Party activist who now hosts the show did not feel this statement required examination.)  The Republican Governor of the state Alabama is trying to do the right thing said the Democrat party loyalist Martin, in raising the state taxes using a progressive system.  However,  even when he is doing the right thing he is still a Republican and therefore even though the Black voters would be the greatest recipients of the Governor’s proposed change their failure to a vote for his reform would not their error but his, according to Martin. Why?  Because he is a Republican.  Not block voting with Democrats.  Nothing wrong there.  Not their fault for always voting with the Democrats without examining the issue for themselves.  Not the failure of Black leadership.  No. No.    (Not if you want to keep your job.)  It is all the fault of the Republican Governor who is trying to bring Alabama into the Twenty First Century.

Example number two:

This reminds me of the Rabbi who runs the web site called    When Michael Weiner, himself a Jew, says something that is wrong  or even anti Semitic  the gentiles are still to blame according to the Rabbi.  Why?  Because if it were not for the gentile listeners of Michael Weiner,  he would not be a on the radio, the Rabbi argues with impeccable logic.  Rabbi,  let’s be fair. 

As I say these arguments are difficult for me to refute but there is still a hidden something, almost subliminal, a sense that something is not quite right about these arguments.  What is it?  Or is it just me?  Am I racist?  Am I anti-Semitic?   Dare I think that  Jews or Blacks can sometimes be in the wrong?  I mean if a majority of Jews and Blacks vote Democrat, maybe just being a Republican puts me in the wrong?  Who are Republicans to contradict  a majority of Jews and Blacks?  It just seems that there is something wrong here.  What is it?

Counselor:  You have it right;  it is wrong to be a Republican.

Oh.  Thank you Yvonne for setting me right.

Counselor:  You’re welcome.

To continue,  these examples fall within the range of normal.  My point is that Michael Weiner falls outside even this very wide range.  He is not just adolescent, but pathologically so. 

We of course would like to believe that the above cited caller to his program  is in response to our reports on these web pages,  (see a Public Appeal to the Governor, and How Don and Mike Removed the Evil One from MSNBC, and Intel Operations particularly examples 4,5 and 6.)  It is sadly possible that Michael Wiener set up this call himself simply to bring more attention to himself --- he is that disturbed.

Certainly it would be fitting justice if he should now be harassed the same way he has harassed so many others.  Mr. Weiner has built his career on the planted phone call.  He claims he was hired on the basis of a demo tape he made with his “friends” pretending to be callers.  It is common knowledge that “friends” have a direct line to his show and make up the balance of his callers.  (One woman regularly calls, referring to him as “my prince.”)

Weiner is the master of the planted caller.  He has  these “friends” call other shows and mention his name in a series with two other radio host’s names.  More recently they have stopped using his name and now use “borders, language, culture.” 

But I argue that they were calling Duane Garrett’s show and were responsible, at least, for the calls about “fraud in the sports memorabilia business.”  I recall three or four such calls before Mr. Garrett fell from the Golden Gate Bridge.  (It is doubtful that anyone in as precarious a position as Mr. Garrett would try to stiff claimants wanting their money back.  Certainly these claimants would want to call him at his business before calling the show and possibly starting a run on the bank.  Mr. Garrett, it was revealed after his death, had taken out 10 million in loans and had plenty of cash on hand (with which to pay such claims) when he died,  although also,  he had huge debts. (My own view is that anyone who pays $38,000 for an old baseball uniform deserves what he gets.  Caveat emptor.))  

We may never find out how many other calls were planted using other references of an even more private and personal nature.  Certainly we can not count on the employees of K.S.F.O. or K.G.O. to tell the truth, if they know.  We already know that they are covering up the burglary of the stolen notebook.  If A.B.C. News  would cover up a burglary, and the theft of the CENCAL letters, (see Intel Operations Example 7), and the use of their radio stations to harass and torment, over a period of years,  how much further would they go?  Murder?  Oh, they would draw the line there!  You think?

Notes for  09-05-03

On 8-21-03 Bernard McGurk ended the Imus program by saying after his fight with Rosenberg “I’ll need a new liver.” This is a reference to the attack on the “homeless” man in San Rafael by the Assistant City Prosecutor in which the City Prosecutor, after first blocking the man from leaving, (false arrest and imprisonment), and threatening him, (assault), and grabbing him (battery), and hitting him, (battery), and then pulling a knife, (concealed weapon), proceeded to cut out the man's liver, (attempted murder), which I mentioned in the conclusion of How Don and Mike Removed the Evil One. (How  Don and Mike Brought Down the Evil One was the title in the first draft which was stolen from the network at Kinko’s.

Mr. McGurk wanted me to know he had received a copy of the stolen paper. Message received.

Earlier that same week Michael Weiner devoted an entire three hour show to “what is schizophrenia?” However, by Friday Michael Weiner was saying “maybe I am nuts.”

Mr. Weiner had a relapse the following week and on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday he was playing German Punk Rock and Nazi Marching Songs while shouting Arnold Schwarzenegger’s name in a German accent. I understand some readers will think this well with in the range of normal. However, consider this, on Thursday and Friday Mr. Weiner was complaining that Schwarzenegger’s campaign would not agree to come on his show. “Why?” he wondered. “They are willing to go on smaller radio shows in California. Why will they not come on my show? Why not me?” This is classic schizophrenia.

In Mr. Weiner’s case his schizophrenia developed around the age of 12 just as he was entering the larger world outside his home.  Out side the home was the larger threatening world,  the gentile world,  what he calls the “savage” world.  At home was the Jewish world of his family which in his case was fraught with difficulties as he himself reports in his biography.  His schizophrenia expresses itself most clearly around this central issue: First he insults the gentiles. “That’s why you need me. You guys, (read gentiles), when you become Conservatives you have a tendency to become . . . Nationalists, (read fascists), that’s why you need me, Michael Weiner.” (Oh, yes, he actually said this.) Then the paranoia kicks in and he lives in unreasonable fear that the gentiles are out to get him.

Again I realize many readers are themselves “conflicted” over Jewish – Gentile relations. With in the range of normal are many individuals with greater or lesser degrees of conflict. What makes Michael Weiner diagnosable is that his paranoid schizophrenia is unreasonable, i.e., well outside the range of normal. He genuinely does not know how anyone could take offense that he played Nazi Marching Songs while shouting
Schwarzenegger in a mock German accent. “Why will they not come on my show?”

Finally, consider this. You, the reader, may be conflicted over Jewish Gentile relations. So in this case, the case of Michael Weiner, the observer is also troubled over the same issues that trouble the subject and is therefore reluctant to diagnose the subject out of the not unreasonable view that the issue is troubling. But what if the next paranoid schizophrenic we diagnose is obsessed  by the sun, or bees, or the color purple. In this case the reader will have no trouble seeing the pattern of behavior of the subject falls outside the range of normal because purple etc. does not present the same issues to the reader.

Not everyone who is troubled by Jewish Gentile relations succumbs to paranoid schizophrenia. What is admittedly a matter of concern for those in the normal range is for Michael Weiner something else. Indeed he may have gone undiagnosed precisely because his condition manifests itself around an issue that is felt to be troubling in normally well adjusted individuals and
here where we have a subject who is otherwise a high functioning paranoid schizophrenic.

To conclude, ask yourself, why he would devote an entire show and most of the week to discussing the issues raised in How Don and Mike Removed the Evil One From MSNBC. A paper he knew had been stolen. A paper which argues that he has previously devoted his radio program to other stolen information obtained both by burglaries and electronic listening devises. He knows that many people now know the truth about his conduct. He knows there is a growing suspicion that he did the same things to Duane Garrett, and drove him to his death.

And yet Michael Weiner can not restrain himself. What do you think? Setting your own issues aside for just a moment, is it normal?

Michael Weiner: “O.K. next caller, what is paranoid schizophrenia?”


Crypto-Gram: October 15, 2003

In at least 14 Kinko's copy shops in New York City, Juju Jiang installed keystroke ... Net spying: <> ... - 55k - Cached - Similar pages

Security Scrapbook - July 2003 - Espionage and Eavesdropping News

Jiang had secretly installed, in at least 14 Kinko's copy shops, software that ... Corporate executives are becoming increasingly aggressive about spying on ... - 70k - Cached - Similar pages | REPORTS

... Security: Privacy advocates have long warned of states spying on citizens. ... every key pressed on a computer's keyboard, on PCs in several Kinko's copy shops in ... displayStory.cfm?Story_id=3422918 - Supplemental Result - Similar pages

RISKS Forum: Risks Digest 22.96

In at least 14 Kinko's copy shops in New York City, Juju Jiang installed ... Net spying: <> ... - Similar pages


More on Michael Weiner AKA Savage


Michael “Savage” Weiner Address: LINK

Before his friends were "Sodomites."
If you have already read the first draft of How Don and Mike Removed the Evil One please be advised that it was stolen and published by the same people who stole my notebook, my CENCAL  (Cencal Insurance Services800-999-0107 letters to Pete McCloskey, and who planted the electronic eaves dropping equipment.
It is now thought that the theft of this document was done the same way the CENCAL letters were stolen, i.e., that the printer memory was accessed and the document downloaded.  In this case the networked printer is located at Kinko’s 777 Grand Ave. #105, San Rafael, CA 94901  415-453-5494 fax 415-453-8451.  (Given the high volume of traffic the recovery of these items from the printer’s memory spool can not have been chance.)  If you have information on the theft of the first draft please contact Plinio Designori @ New Ruskin College . com. 


Counselor:   So, well why don’t you publish it?

I told you they stole it. 

Counselor:   Yes,   . . .    but  you were going to publish it anyway right?

Boy!   You haven’t changed!

Counselor:   Well thank you.

They stole it.  It is a crime.  Don’t you understand?   It is theft . . . they should go to jail.

Counselor:  To forgive ----

Oh, Please.   Anyway what is it to you?

Counselor:   I like Don and Mike ----

No you don’t  . . .   you listen to N. P. R.

Counselor:   Well yes I do,  but I also enjoy ----

No!  You . . .  you . . . listen to Garrison Keeler.

Counselor:    Yes I do but I -----


Counselor:   What is it with you?

With me?  What is wrong with you?

Counselor:  You have issues.

That is just what I have been talking about.  You are not supposed to tell everyone.

Counselor:  Oh.  Right,  your audience.  Are they here now?  Don’t you think they have issues?

Well,  yes dear they probably do have issues,  but they are not supposed to know I have issues. 

Counselor:   Ah,  it is a secret.

Well sweetheart that’s what confidentiality means . . .  and now you tell me you listen to Don and Mike?

Counselor:   What is wrong with that?

I don’t know who I’m talking to anymore.

Counselor:   Oh,  look the hour is up.  So I’ll see you next week?

 Yes, Yvonne.


 Ok I will publish Don and Mike.

Counselor:  Oh, well, that is so generous of you. 

(And people wonder what it is that I see in her.)  Yes, even though it was stolen . . . I thought I could help  . . .

Counselor:  You are so kind.

(Now she may be over doing it.  I don’t want to get spoiled.)  Thank you.

How Don and Mike Removed the Evil One, Michael Weiner (the savage of MSNBC).

[ Editor’s Note:  This web page was stolen from the computer at Kinko’s Copy in San Rafael.  (This document had not been ‘saved’ to the hard drive but was printed on the Kinko’s printer and thus was saved by the system  server.) 

Mr. Weiner made several references to this page on three days of broadcasts. ( (See Note on the Theft of This Web Page.)  Mr. McGurk also made a reference to this stolen page on the Don Imus radio program.)  These references themselves represent independent confirmation that there exists an elaborate surveillance  operation being conducted by Mr. Weiner and others against the author of this web site.  (The reasons for their interest in harassing the author are numerous but go back to the early 1990s when I was writing to the U. S. Senate about the need for technology in education.  Then after that letter writing campaign I saw Yvonne, the marriage counselor.  Yvonne was persuaded by some employees of KQED to betray her client.  (See the archives of the Moynihan Library at this website.)

However, in the years since that first betrayal the harassment of this website’s author has taken on a life of its own, mainly as an entertainment of, and for the merriment of, those “in the know.”

That many know about these wrongful and illegal actions taken against me over many years, but refuse to come forward and testify, is independent confirmation of the thesis of this website; namely that America is in serious trouble.  For the acceptance of what is being done to me by those “in the know,” particularly by those who are themselves highly placed persons in Government and the Media, is independent corroborating  evidence of the corruption of American society. 

The articles on this website attempt to identify those individuals  who are thought to possess knowledge of the harassment.  Some individuals, such as Michael Weiner and Mrs. Jack Swanson, and Mr. Don Imus, are known to not only have knowledge of the surveillance, harassment, etc. but are known to be actively involved in continuing and deepening it.  (Interfering with my employment opportunities, for example. See Intel. Ops. and Psy. Ops.)

This oppression has now been going on for 13 years since that first day Yvonne put me and Marlene “in play” by taking us under false pretences to the KQED radio program, so many years ago.  I organized protests in front of KQED, and that was my down fall.  I should have accepted their derision and dishonesty in silence.  By standing up in opposition I invited the hammer.  As in the Japanese saying, “The nail that stands out gets hammered down.”

I have a .357 Magnum with a single hollow point lead bullet.  However, before I bring an end to this oppression by my own acts alone, I am still trying to make others see, the misery their indifference has caused.  And also to see how their indifference is not an isolated event in their lives but is part of their general corruption that poisons their own lives, not just mine,  and the life of America.  A corruption that must lead not only to my end but their own end and the end of America also.  I had tried to make this point thirteen years ago in the Last Letter:  “We each of us depend on our community, the bonds of affection, intellectual honesty - - - we trust in good faith.”   

(This is the view.  You can look at things up close, (my miserable little story), or at things far in the distance.  (For example, how was it that the airlines and the airline pilot’s association were able to block the proposals for secure cockpit doors and flight rules that terrorists never be given access to the flight deck?  In my vocabulary the failure of the FAA to overcome the opposition to these proposals is a sign of your corruption.  The 3,000 deaths on a 9-11 a result of your corruption.)) 

But then I have an unusual perspective.  For years I have lived at death’s door.  I used to regard it only with shame and resentment.  Now I see in it certain deliverance.  Is this the cause of my alienation or is this the result of my alienation? 

Yet I have found something transcendent too.  I find myself strangely changed by these adversities.  Living so close to death, I have noticed that my perspective has changed.  There is a Sufi story about the ship’s passenger who asked the Sufi how it was that during the storm, the night before, when their ship was so close to being lost at sea, he had no fear?  The Sufi replied, “Because, good sir, I know how close we are to Death, even now, when you think we are safe in port.”

Every life has its advantages and disadvantages.  It is all I can do to stay here with this one.]      

How Don and Mike Removed the Evil One

Michael Weiner, (or Weener as Don and Mike like to call him), was fired by the MSNBC executives who raised him up from the sewer.  In a move seemingly drawn from the script of the 1976 movie Network, the MSNBC management attempted to raise their ratings, not by raising the quality of their programs, (there is a concept), but by putting a crazy person in front of their cameras.

Make no mistake.  Mr. Weener is out of his mind.  During his rants and increasingly so over the last few years he can be heard wondering if there is not a “virus” that has infected others, and significantly also himself, that causes the host to loose his sanity.  Is it coincidence that his most recent book is called “The Enemy Within?” 

Quite often in his rants he actually makes significant admissions but because he is an “entertainer” no one takes him seriously.  He admits to his paranoid schizophrenia and, instead of getting him help, everyone laughs.  They say, “That’s funny.  What an act.” 

What most listeners do not realize is that Mr. Weener is not joking he is in deadly earnest.  For example long before this web site was set up Mr. Weener shouted out, (after hanging up on a caller),  “What do you think we would find out if we put a secret microphone in that person’s home.” 

What most listeners do not realize is that Mr. Weener actually does put secret microphones in people’s homes.  (Several years ago, before he broke with the ADL, when the chairman of the local ADL chapter still was willing to come on his show, he and Mr. Weener made regular references to their past association “working” together.  (See Intel Operations on this website.)  The Northern California Chapter to the ADL has admitted to an extensive Intel. Operation including over 10,000 files on “Northern Californians.”  There has been no coverage or follow up to the ADL files on Southern Californians.  Or the files in the other states.)

We know that callers called the late Duane Garrett’s radio show and asked him about “fraud” in the sports memorabilia business. (See Who killed Duane Garrett at this website.)   We know that when I first asserted that Mr. Weener had had his “friends” make such calls in order to drive Mr. Garrett off the air so that he, Mr. Weener, could get the spot, Mr. Weener denied my  allegation and then suffered a complete mental break down on the air.  He then failed to show up for his shows for a week.  After a week Barbara Simpson, noticing that he had failed to show-up for a week, commented dryly  that though her career had  not been as “meteoric, at least I’m not a felon.”  (Her reference here is to the felony of burglary.  I had also charged that Mr. Weener had had my room at the Colonial Motel burglarized and my notebook stolen.  (See Intel. Ops.)

This is the point of the story where Don and Mike come in. 

Before I set up this website, I used to send letters to Yvonne [deletion] .  In one letter I asserted that Mr. Weener had had people call Mr. Garrett’s show. (Yvonne regularly circulated my letters to the personnel of the local radio stations KQED, KGO, and KSFO.) In one letter I offered in example, that the phone calls to Duane Garrett went like this: 

"Thank you for taking my call . . .  I was wondering what you think about fraud . . . in the sports memorabilia business?”  etc. etc.

Well that week Don and Mike were talking about callers to talk radio stations and Mike says,  “I have always said that it is the ones that start out thanking you-   ‘thanks for taking my call …’  - those are the ones you have to look out for.   ‘Thanks for taking my call . . .’  look out!   It is bad news every time.  Those are the ones that are out to get you!” 

Now this could have been coincidence.  (I do not jump to conclusions about such things.  I do not want to appear to be deranged, or, well, you know.)   I do not know if Don and Mike were also getting copies of my letters to Yvonne [ deletion] ,  (it turns out that they were circulated more widely than I had thought), but it is certain that Michael Weener thought there were referring to my letter.

Then years later, I set up this web site because Mrs. Jack Swanson was going on the air every day and making some reference to me.  (See Psy. Ops., Intel. Operations, and CENCAL Letters at the Moynihan Library.) For example, I would wear a fleece vest and the next day she would make some idiotic comment about “We all wear fleece” etc. etc. .  Or I would go to Longs and buy athlete’s foot powder and the next day she would be on the radio about “moldy feet,” things like that.  As stupid as it may sound the reader is urged to consider what it is like to be continually under surveillance.  Consider the oppression.  And the thing about her was --- she could not control herself.

I printed up some letters to Pete McCloskey when I was working at CENCAL and the management of CENCAL pulled the letters up off the printer memory spool and sent them to KSFO.  (An outrageous violation of their employee’s privacy and an intentional interference with contractual relations.  But that is another story.)  So now Lee Rogers and Mrs. Jack Swanson are getting  copies of my letters to the attorney,  Pete McCloskey,  and she obviously has been told to stop making references to me.  Her husband, the station manager, obviously has told her to stop but the thing is she can’t, she can not stop herself. 

She even says out loud during a pause,  she has started to say something,  and then she pauses,  and Lee Rodgers is waiting to see what she is going to say, there is this silence on the radio, you can just see Lee Rodgers looking over at her, expectantly, waiting if the crazy bitch is going to do it or not,  you know, there is this pregnant pause as we all wait to see, or hear, what she is going to do,  . . .  and she pauses and she says to Lee “ . . . I know that just making resolutions is not enough, I know I have to actually follow through . . .” but she can not do it,  she has promised to stop,  but she is a degenerate and can not help herself, and she makes some other idiotic reference to me.   She has a disorder, no impulse control,  compulsive disorder, a part of her brain is missing, the part that says ‘don’t do this  . . . stop . . . you’ll be sorry . . .’ or maybe its there but she just can not bring herself to act on it.  I don’t know.


So I start this website to force  her husband,  poor long suffering Jack Swanson, to take control of his radio station and  his wife.  And also I bring up again the story of how Michael Weener tried to get the early evening time slot that Duane Garrett used to have.  Weener wanted to drive Mr. Garrett off the early evening slot and ended up driving him off the Golden Gate Bridge.


Well,  as I say Mr. Weener did more than just have some callers goad Garrett about the sports memorabilia business.  Unless witnesses come forward it is difficult to know.  But if he did what he has done to me he would have placed “secret microphones” in Mr. Garrett’s home, maybe his car.  Would have had him followed, burglarized his home and searched his papers.



“This is plumber’s stuff.”  --- Bill O’Reilly.

So we know there were calls about the problems at the sports memorabilia business.  But what about the other calls?  For example the caller mentions a word or phrase that Mr. Garrett just spoke in private to his wife or daughter that morning in what Mr. Garrett had thought was a private conversation.  Maybe Mr. Garrett thinks there is a “secret microphone” in his home or maybe he thinks, ‘My wife betrayed me?  I spoke to her in confidence and here she has told this caller  . . .’  Well, you can imagine yourself.  Just how far are any of you from the Golden Gate Bridge?

And Mr. Michael Weener is living with this every day, year after year.   If he was not out of his mind before Duane Garrett fell from the Golden Gate Bridge then he certainly was after.  Imagine the guilt and shame.  In one recent rant he shouted out, “This is a tough business . . . you have to be willing to do what ever it takes to get on top . . . and I have done what it takes. . .”  This is not necessarily a confession.  He is so imbalanced that even if he had not done to Garrett what he has done to me,  just reading my accusations may have caused him to now actually think he had done the same to Garrett.  His psyche is so splintered he does not know himself what he has done.  Which is not necessarily a problem in radio where audiences are measured in 15 minute increments.  People tune in and are entertained by some rant or other, then tune out.  The next group to come through the carnival tent here a different rant, which contradicts what the last group heard only 15 minutes before.  A real freak show.

So anyway, after a week of hiding, the little coward,  pulls himself together and goes back on the air.  My letter to Yvonne about the burglary had been widely circulated and everyone he works with knows what he has been doing.  But life goes on.  Nothing happens to him.  No police knock at his door.  The management of ABC Disney do not care.  Nothing.  He is still free.  Because he is mentally imbalanced he is surprised that nothing happens to him.

All during the Clinton years he would shout that he knew Clinton’s psychology.  He would assert that he ‘knows Clinton.’  “He will keep on to ever more extreme conduct until he is caught,” Weiner would shout.  Listeners thought he was talking about Clinton.  But the reason he assured them that he knew Clinton was because he was really talking about himself.  He, Michael Weiner, would take evermore extreme actions until he was caught.   

But then it all comes back when, years later,  Mrs. Jack Swanson tries out his technique on me with encouragement from Don Imus.  (See Psy. Ops.)  Only she is a moron and does not get the good personal stuff, she is all fleece jackets and athlete’s foot powder.  Too obvious.    She does not know how to carry out a real psychological operations attack.   She has had no training like Mr. Weener has had.

So I start this website and its all out there again, only this time its not just a letter being  circulating around the town by Yvonne [ deletion]  .  (Actually not letters but cards.  (“Drop a Card on someone,” --- Chris Matthews, on the Don Imus show.  “Ah, what was that you said Chris . . . you went a little fast for me there.   Did you say ‘Drop a card on someone?” ) Cards with Bengal Tigers on their covers.)  It is on the web 24 7 and it is driving gutless, crazy, Michael Weener off what’s left of his nut.

“You should get AIDS and die!”  (He left out ‘you gentile NAZI bastard.’)

What put him over the edge was the caller saying Don and Mike.  They are doing to him what he did to Garrett?  All the guilt and shame of this demented little coward came up and he started screaming.  He thinks Don and Mike set up the caller. 

Later he tried to say the caller had launched a “vicious personal attack.”  The caller said he should go to the dentist because he had “bad teeth.”  Vicious?  Personal?  Attack?  (Why does this rich man have bad teeth?  Did you ever see the movie with the NAZI dentist?  I think it was Gregory Peck.  They just showed all those dental tools.  Creepy.  And if you are a paranoid schizophrenic like Mr. Weener?  You never go to the dentist again.


People wondered what was wrong with Michael Weiner?  As I said at the beginning every thing he says is significant if you first understand that he is insane.  The vicious personal attack was not what this caller said to  Weener.  Not about his teeth.  The vicious personal attack was what he had done to Garrett whose time slot he coveted.  He wasn’t referring to what the caller said to him, but to what he had done to Duane Garrett.


Perhaps Garrett had put his arm around his wife and said ‘let’s go away for a week, maybe Mexico, . . . I need to think things out.” Something like that.  And then the next day Weener arranges for a caller to say “let’s go away to Mexico” and Garrett, already stressed to the limit, thinks:  ‘Is everyone mocking me. My wife too?’


Weener’s other reactions to his firing:  he blamed the AIDS activists, the liberals, MSNBC.  All of this is easily seen as the workings of the paranoid schizophrenic.  But the origin of his problem is more difficult to see.

He is a boy in a man’s body.  He grew to age 12 and then stopped.  He is aware of this,  and references which acknowledge  his awareness to his own adolescent psychology, run all through his talks. 

For example it is this awareness of his incomplete maturity that causes him to electronically alter his voice to increase the bass.  Except that because he is a lunatic he does not know when to stop and so he keeps turning up the bass higher and higher.  It became so obvious that even Don Imus woke up on air and neatly  ridiculed the savage commenting that he sounded like “Darth Vader”,  all this without actually mentioning Weener by name.  Very neat. 

This lack of maturity also explains his unusual relationship with his children.  He is more a younger brother than a father.  For example, when his daughter told him she was dating a  CHP officer Michael reported this to his audience.  This by itself  is unusual for a grown man, to publicly report his daughter’s dating,  but a 12 year old boy might well report this about his sister, possibly even with malicious intent.

Then too consider how he reported it to his audience.  He said:  “Think of it,  who would have thought,  my daughter dating a man in a brown uniform.”

I assume  that  given  the large number of television shows and movies about the CHP that the reader knows that the CHP uniform is kaki  not brown.

Then why does Weener have it as brown?  And what is so special about “who would have thought”?  Why not date? His daughter is in her late twenties, living in LA, fully emancipated.  Why the “who would have thought”?  And why the “my daughter”?  Why especially his daughter?

The “my” becomes significant because of the “brown” uniform.  This is why the color of the uniform must be changed to brown.  It would not work if the uniform were kaki.  (The uniform is also significant for it will be remembered that Weener thinks even white dress  shirts are evidence of a secret SS society.  (This from another of his rants related in my letters to Yvonne.))

The uniform must be brown or the “my” daughter does not work.  The “my” is ‘me, a Jew.’  What is significant about his daughter dating a man in a “brown” uniform is that he, Weener, is a Jew.  In other words:  Who would have thought that me, a Jew, should have a daughter fucking a man in a brown uniform, the gentile storm trooper bastard, etc. etc.

Somewhere in his early life his mind got twisted.  And now his mind is wound so tight that when the caller said Don and Mike, he was gone.  The talk of “sodomites” is another example of the paranoid’s mind coming unhinged, and reverting to the biblical teachings he was then just being introduced to when he first went insane.  Stories in Hebrew School about sodomites as he prepared for bar mitzvah.

After this page was stolen Weener spent tree days shouting about paranoid schizophrenia, a clear sign he had read the stolen page.  Also a sign that it hit home with him.  Later he tried to explain is comments about his daughter by likening his words to the comedians who told off color jokes at the hotels in the Catskills.  Another example of what Chris Matthews meant when he said,  “Ethnicity is the last refuge of the scoundrel.”

Another one of his regularly recurring rants that I have previously related to Yvonne involves his obsession that “somewhere in San Rafael”  there is a room with a secret chamber.  “You turn the light stanchion and the fireplace turns around and reveals a secret alter to Adolph Hitler.”   For years he would repeat this story with something like delight.

Yet strangely for years he refused to identify himself as a Jew not withstanding hundreds of statements such as these noted above that clearly indicate his Jewish origins.  The rabbi who runs Savage Sucks . com,  says that Michael Weiner could not admit that he was a Jew because to do so would have injured his ability to attract his hate radio audience.  Notice the implication that American society is such that a Jew could not have a successful radio career with conservatives if he did not conceal the fact that he is a Jew. 

My own view is that he did not acknowledge that he is a Jew because he is not.  He isn’t really anything.  He can not talk for more than 15 minutes without contradicting himself.   Troop should be sent to Iraq or they should not. Government should or should not help the poor.  He did not want to be identified as a Jew because he can not be anything for more than 15 minutes.

For their part, Don and Mike over the next few days, pretended not to even know “this guy Mike Weener.”  Now anyone who has ever listened to Don and Mike knows they can tell you the name of every station manager in the country, how many children he has, their names, and the last station he worked at before moving to the current station.  For them to claim they never even heard . . . well,  it is part of the act.

Surprisingly the S.F. Chronicle stepped up with all the facts to resolve any confusion by reporting who the caller was, and his relative position in the talk radio caller universe.  (Also see Lee Rodgers “surprisingly” Intel. Operations.)

Yes, the Chronicle cleared it all up except one thing.  The newspaper failed to explain how they were able to identify and confirm who the caller was.  How did they know?

It was not a surprise that the Marin paper failed to follow the story of the fall of the savage.  Over the years both Michael and his son have been given front page coverage.  A few months ago it was reporting the cowardly savage as “Mr. Right” in a front-page puff piece.  Now that his son is no longer a travel agent, previously reported as a “travel consultant,”  he has been given front-page coverage for owning a Hummer in another puff piece.

When Weener decided his son should run for state office the campaign was a disaster due in no small part because his son, the “travel consultant” had held no other office, had no education or experience in politics, and until his daddy encouraged him he had never shown any prior interest in politics.

Certain to lose, and with only three days before the election, the candidate reported that a previously unknown anti-Semitic hate group (recall this is oh so liberal Marin County) had clandestinely organized a raid on a dozen campaign posters “around the County” painting them with swastikas.  (For one thing just consider how could they even have found the posters?  It is not as if his son’s loser campaign was so well organized that they had signs on every telephone pole.  They would have had to spend days searching to find them.)  Also notice that the “anti-Semitic vandalism” came just in the nick of time to make the Marin newspaper’s deadline so that the “news” would “hit the street” before the election.  Which was the point right?  Before the election. If not before why bother?

The Marin paper reported the appearance of this new hate group on its front page.  Unfortunately the candidate did not benefit from the expected out pouring of sympathy or outrage for ‘swastika night’.  The candidate’s father of course went on the air and said his son was a loser because of the “anti-Semites” (again remember we are talking Marin hot tub County).

When I first moved to Marin I was surprised to find a letter to the editor by an outrageous anti-Semite, a local dentist.  What to make of it?  Why do they print such idiocy?  Over the years I would see the dentist’s letters featured prominently and apparently uncut.  Why?

Would you be surprised to learn that at fundraising meetings in and around Miami, New York, and Marin County that these letters are part of the display of “evidence.”  ‘You can see what we are up against.  Please give generously.’ (Both the Marin Sheriff and the San Rafael Police were involved in the out of court settlement of the ADL spying case in which the ADL paid $75,000 for invasion of privacy and other wrongful conduct.   Oh, by the way, I believe the dentist is retired.  They are strange in Marin but they are not that strange. And finally, that unknown hate group, it has not been heard from since three days before the election.  It must have been like a one time hate group.)

(Note:  Though Weener can claim insanity for his conduct the situation for the editors of the Marin paper and the Marin Sheriff and San Rafael Police is more difficult to explain.

For example consider the consequence of their wrongful conduct.  The reason we do not have secure identification in the United States  is in large part because of the popular fear that unscrupulous people, like the Marin Sheriff and the San Rafael Police will misuse the information, just as they have done in the recently settled ADL case involving 10,000 police files.  As a direct  consequence of their wrongful conduct millions of Americans may be killed in a bio attack because we lack the ability to create a virtual quarantine by tracking individuals in our country.)

Nor do we need to wait for a massive attack to see the consequence of Weeners’s madness.  Recently a local resident of San Rafael, an Assistant Public Prosecutor of San Francisco, started a street fight with a man whom he mistakenly thought was homeless.  During the fight the Prosecutor pulled out a knife an cut open the man’s liver.  The Prosecutor is a fan of the Savage Nation.

In the City of Alameda, across the bay, a police officer kicked awake a homeless man he had found sleeping on an abandoned railroad right of way.  The man woke with a start and reached for his knife.  The police officer shot and killed him.  The police officer was a fan of the Savage Nation.  After Weener harangued his audience about “fags” at rest stops on highway 280, a man was found shot to death inside his car at one of those rest stops.  Another fan?

Michael Weener has repeatedly advocated the construction of death camps in America’s Western deserts.  But this did not prevent Dick Cheney from appearing on the Savage Nation.  Michael Weener is insane but what is the Vice President’s excuse?

(Again, when the audience hears Weener say we should round up the homeless and ship them to death camps many think he is joking, but in his insanity, he is deadly serious.) 

After a bomb killed a dozen Israeli children Weener shrieked that the “liberals killed those children.  You liberals killed them you murdering bastards.”  Then not a half hour later the Israeli Ambassador to the United States appeared on his show.  Why?  To the Ambassador’s credit when Michael Weiner again said that the American liberals were responsible for the deaths the Ambassador said “now you are politicizing this. . .” and brought the interview to a quick conclusion.  But why go on such a show in the first place?  Surely the Ambassador should know the nature of the show. 

None of the above should be taken as any disparagement of Don and Mike’s success.  I give them full credit for their contribution to cleaning up MSNBC, in our little reenactment of the play: Network:   “I’m as mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore.”   

Michael Weiner has not stopped his harassment.   If anything he has become more outrageous.  As he said of Clinton, he will become more extreme until he is caught.  It is difficult for me to describe everything that is being done. 

I am now begging you.  If you have heard about what is being done contact me, or contact the State or Federal authorities and report what you know.  Save my life. Save your own life.  Save America.