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A Public Appeal to Governor Davis
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Who Killed Duane Garrett? 3 Suspects: Motive Greed & Power
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Don Imus Says Good Morning
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See additional notes on the theft of this page on the page:  How Don And Mike Removed the Evil one.

If you have already read the first draft of the Appeal to Governor Davis please be advised that it was stolen and published by the same people who stole my notebook, my CENCAL (Cencal Insurance Services800-999-0107) letters to Pete McCloskey, and who planted the electronic eaves dropping equipment. 

It is now thought that the theft of this document was done the same way the CENCAL letters were stolen, i.e., that the printer memory was accessed and the document downloaded.  In this case the networked printer is located at Kinko’s 777 Grand Ave. #105, San Rafael, CA 94901  415-453-5494 fax 415-453-8451.  (Given the high volume of traffic the recovery of these items from the printer’s memory spool can not have been chance.)
If you have information on the theft of the first draft please contact Plinio Designori @ New Ruskin College . com. 

“I will fight like a Bengal Tiger.”  
"But this right-wing power grab is something we won't get over. It would do lasting damage to our state, our environment, and the fabric of our democracy. . . .The Republicans behind the recall ... want power . . .  and . . . they think they can get it with the support of a tiny fraction of California voters.
"And I will go all over this state, talk to all comers, answer all their questions, and I might have one or two of my own to ask them."  
                                         ----  Governor Gray Davis  08-19-03