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REPORTER VOWS TO 'KILL SELF' IF CHENEY RUNS FOR PRESIDENT Thu Jul 28 2005 15:32:13 ET, Drudge, What would we do without Drudge?




Lecture Notes:  07-28-05


Trade Equity


Note:  There are many things I had wanted to write about which will be left undone.  This is one that I had wanted to use to challenge American trade unions when NAFTA was being discussed a decade ago . . . . . 


Social Equity Trade Tariffs are theoretically possible but in practice political pressure would push them up to restrict competition and protect the politically powerful domestic pressure groups.


What are Social Equity Tariffs?  In principle it can be seen that part of the reason Chinese or Mexican goods under price American goods is that the domestic goods carry in their price the cost of educating American children.  And vaccinating them.  And providing sewer plants, and sidewalks, and . . . You got the picture?


Regular visitors will recall previous Lectures in which we have explained how “information” is conveyed to the consumer in the “bottom line.”  For example we have previously explained that the so called “progressive income tax” does not fall as the IRS tax tables “objectively” suggest, on the narrow income bands setout in the tables, but rather they, like all other taxes and in fact all other costs of any type, are redistributed by the dynamics of the market economy.    


This is called the price mechanism tax transfer.  All companies and individuals operating at a profit are operating in a tax free state, for the “profit” confirms that all costs have been accounted for in the price, the “bottom line”.  Their so called “progressive income tax” along with their “property tax” and their special district “sidewalks and curbs” taxes, all taxes, and all other costs have been charged off to the consumers of the good or service. 


(What has not yet been examined is how this never ending round of price increases results in the inflation or over pricing of American labor and goods.  Note that as America is priced out of the world market the American elite can shift itself to world trade abandoning the American people.  For example we have extensively examined how the Blue States of Massachusetts, New York, England, and California have used exclusionary zoning and building restrictions to force up the cost of housing.  Owners of real estate have experienced price appreciation of their assets yet see how these economies now have higher costs without higher increases in productivity.  This is called inflation.  The workers in these states now must try to increase their wages in order to afford shelter, which if they are successful will further increase their prices relative to other nations to the extent these price increases do not arise out of increased productivity.  Though Californian workers will become less productive on the world market the American elite can simply transfer its activities to the lower cost producers.  This is true even if it was this very same elite who originally set off the rounds of inflation with its anti-growth and no growth construction policies.  (And note this is true even when this very same elite follows an “open borders” policy in the form of Mr. Bush’s White House.  Unlimited immigration while simultaneously down zoning and excluding may appear here as a contradiction yet this logical fact need not in anyway influence the policy makers, the elite, who are free to defy logic and justice.  At one time the American elite felt duty bound to increase the opportunities for the American people, i.e. to lower the cost of food, housing, etc. etc. not increase these costs.  But this was a very long time ago.)      


In principle then the toaster imported from China sells for $10 and not $11 because the $1 tax needed to pay for the education of China’s children has not been charged to the Chinese toaster manufacturer.  Had health care been charged:  $11.25.  Place antipollution scrubbers on the steel plant which made the steel for the toaster:  $11.26. 


A brief review of the cost of sewer plants, schools, roads, houses, vaccinations, pollution controls, etc., etc., would allow the computation of the Social Equity Tariff to be imposed.


What makes this Tariff a Social Equity Tariff and not simply a Trade Tariff in restriction of international trade is that the entirety of the tariff is then rebated to the country of origin.  If after calculation of the Social Equity costs the toaster now costs $16.35 the full amount of the tariff, $6.35, is then rebated to China.  (The administrative cost should be born by a neutral third party, the OECD for example, and could be paid out of the interest on the float prior to rebate.)


The principle of Social Equity is that the consumers in the First World should not be enriched by the failure of the nation of origin to provide education for its children.  The products should bare the full price necessary for sustainable social development.


Of course, the nation of origin could in turn simply rebate the checks to the producers without spending the money on the social goods and services, i.e. subsidize its exports.  Or take the money and spend it on other activities, the military, for example.  Such diversions would have to be monitored and the tariffs modified accordingly to counteract these diversions.


However, though in principle these calculations are quite simple at a practical political level the added Social Equity Tariff would be raised until the trade ceased as politically powerful groups, trade unions, domestic manufacturers, pushed for ever higher tariffs to restrict trade not Social Equity.


So we see the ever greater exploitation of labor in developing countries as those governments oppress the workers so that goods can be produced without the costs of vaccines, school books, pollution controls.


We could every quarter meet with the governors of Mexico and hand them Tariff Checks for the millions of dollars raised in America on the goods imported into the USA to pay for the roads, hospitals and schools their growing country needs.   But instead the American consumer enjoys a good produced at the cost of Social Equity.




First because as has been stated above, the difficulty is that the system of tariffs would soon be exploited by the political elite to protect the elite not to increase Social Equity.


But more fundamentally the reader will note his own lack of interest in a program which will increase the cost of goods here, while providing social goods to “foreigners” in Mexico or China.  ‘What’s in it for me?’ is the question that has been knocking around in the back of the reader’s head and now, seeing that there is nothing for the reader, the reader is unsatisfied and the reader’s interest is rapidly waning.      


So much for Social Equity.


Children in China will move through polluted streets to slave wages workshops to produce goods for the reader that do not include the cost of schools, houses, all the things that make society sustaining.


Think about that the next time you go to the store and reach for the box on the shelf. 


About what?


About the fact that the reader is not interested.







A Tale of Two Houses


From:  (


Still another lawyer has parted with a D.C. property. Attorney William Green was assisted by Washington Fine Properties' listing agents Diane Fentress and Adaline Neely in the sale of 4875 Loughboro Road N.W. to John Reilly and Margaret Warner. Jean Smith of RE/MAX represented the buyers in the purchase of their new $1.2 million home which boasts five bedrooms and four fireplaces. Meanwhile, Weichert realtor Penny Yerks, who recently won a regional award for the "Highest Resale Dollar Volume," got John and Margaret $1,875,000 for their previous residence located at 175 River Park Drive in Great Falls, Virginia. Readers may recall that in 1984, John Reilly headed-up the Vice Presidential selection process for Walter Mondale. Margaret Warner is the chief Washington correspondent with PBS's "NewsHour with Jim Lehrer." The new owners of their former River Park Drive address are lawyer Terry Wingfield and his wife Fran.


June 27 - Tiburon If you've spent much time on the Sausalito side of the Bay, at Ayala Cove, or the dock at Sam's Anchor Cafe in Tiburon on Sundays, you've no doubt seen a loud and obnoxiously-operated red cigarette-type boat roaring around, often with topless women. . . . He was uncharacteristically down in the dumps one day at the pool, so we asked him why. He explained that he has a 200-unit or so apartment house in the South Bay with working class tenants. He said he was upset because the other person in the deal wanted to raise the rents just because they could. "We've got all these tenants busting their asses in low wage jobs just trying to pay their rent," he moaned, "and this other person wants us to squeeze another $250,000 a year out of them. It makes me sick." This was about five years ago.




Lecture Notes:  07-27-05


I just want to celebrate another day of living ----


Counselor: You are on.


The San Rafael Police were at it again last night.  Not the sirens but that warning tone, sounds like a buzzer.  What do you call that? 


Counselor: And that too is my fault?


Well when  Sedge Thomson or was it the Red Comedian over at KQED got you to betray me,  I think part of your thinking was ---


Counselor:  You know we are on.


Ah, fine this is part of the lecture.


Counselor:  This is supposed to be The Tale of Two Houses?


That is what I am talking about.  You live in Marin I live in Alameda.  That was part of your thinking. And part of living in Marin is that you have these police departments which will carry out intel operations and photocopy the notebook and give it to Michael Weiner in less than 24 hours.


Or the Mill Valley Police trying to set up an incident with the school children.  I have parked my car for years on the same street and they have never bothered it until the Mill Valley Police man is lurking near by.  (Note O’Reilly, this is why I live my life like the “Groundhog Day”.  (That way I can detect what is out of order.))


Did you know that the San Rafael Police would break into the Colonial Motel Suspect’s room and give the notebook to Michael Weiner?  No, not exactly.  Or that the Mill Valley Police would try to set me up for a felony?  No.


But part of your calculation was that you knew you lived in the middle of this vast network of relations.  Relations with the police and  Sheriff of Marin and you knew that they are largely unregulated.  They can do whatever they want.  And you knew there were other relationships, with KQED and the Red Comedian and Sedge Thomson, and with Ron Owens at KGO, and on and on.


When I first moved to Marin I shared a townhouse in Mill Valley with Helga Lohr Bailey. 


Counselor: No, first you had that apartment in San Rafael.


Yes!  (Photographic memory.)  You are right.  I had forgotten.  Then later I tried again to start over and rented in Marin.  Yes I remember now.  I have tried and tried.


Helga Lohr Bailey was an old Red from the 1930’s.  A Jew who fled the NAZIs and married Mr. Bailey for the US citizenship she used to explain.  He was a labor organizer as I recall.  They were united in Red solidarity.


She worked at KPFA radio station in Berkeley. Some sort of “European News Report” or something like that. She was a difficult room mate.


Counselor:  How is it that you end up in these relationships?  I mean you are a conservative Republican and your roommate is an old Red, working at KPFA?  Why do you think that is?


Sweetheart, . . . we are in the middle of a lecture . . . I am sure our audience wants to hear about the Two Houses, zoning, tax, government regulation, you know there is a kind of conservatism to the recent opposition to the Kelo decision. They support exclusionary zoning and, (or that should be AND), they support abolition of redevelopment zones.  They oppose all progress!  They do not want the government to allow construction anywhere!  (And what are they but Post Liberal also?)


But . . . I have been thinking that my arguments have had more appeal with the left with liberals than with conservatives.  People like Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity just don’t get it.  “What’s the big deal?” they ask.


My arguments are directed not to conservatives but to the center or left of center to get them to come closer to the line, or even cross over.  This is why here in the Bay Area I got so much unwanted attention.


I challenged their thinking, there long held assumptions.  They really believe they are helping “the poor” and when I show that the opposite is true they are not only surprised but actually angry.


For example, all those people in the South Bay apartment complex  owned by the Tiburon resident, the billionaire, Richard ‘Rick’ Parasol, are forced to pay an extra $250,000 it is because as Mr. Parasol says, because he “can.”  Just that.  The market condition is that he can raise the price.  And why can he?  Because the liberal establishment, the Democrats, liberals like Bernie Ward, and people like your friend Ron Owen, and good Democrats like the Marin Senators Boxer and Feinstein, because all of you working in combination, have created the situation in which the people are subject to the predation of the Parasols of Marin. 


Those people are victims of liberalism.  (Though I should say victims of Post Liberalism, in deference to our old Magistor Ludi, Daniel Patrick Moynihan.  For he would have understood the distinction.  (If you want to criticize the Democrats do so because they never considered Moynihan as their Presidential candidate.))


But you and your liberal friends in Marin, Berkeley, San Francisco have lived very comfortably in your homes, smug in the belief that you are ‘good’ and when it is shown that you are elitist egotists, pursuing your own interests at the expense of the people your friends actually become angry.  And alas angry not at themselves and their hypocrisy but at me.


This is why they used you.  This is why the county police and sheriff are gunning for me.  This is why they all rejoice in my pending death.


So no.  I do not blame you for the San Rafael Police last night.  You did not create this society of hate and greed and delusion.  You are just part of it.


But, to answer your question, I do not know why I ended up living with the old Red, Helga Lohr Bailey.  Do you . . .?


Counselor:  Oh!  Now I am going to get blamed for that too?


Thank you Yvonne.


Counselor:  You are welcome.






This is a story of two houses.


You live in one house.  I in the other.


Did you notice Sean Hannity, (Hey, Buddy!), hasn’t had anything more to say?


No more pokes?  No more Jibes?  


Give me one last smack before I go?  Hey I know, I bet you a dinner at Ruth’s Chris Steak House . . . you don’t want to play?  And I thought you were a player Sean.  Buddy?


And this too is part of the story about the two houses.  Hannity lives in one with  the Tiburon billionaires, and I live in the other one.


But first I want to tell you how I came to see Yvonne again----


Counselor:  You are rambling.


No, no, I will get back to the houses but first I want ----


Counselor:  You are tired.  Why don’t you get some sleep?


And I want to talk about those who condemn the Muslims for being violent while demanding we commit nuclear genocide.  I want----


Counselor:  Remember what your mother used to say? 


What? . . . My mother?  What do you ----


Counselor:  She would say everything will look better in the morning.  Remember?




Counselor:  And she has been right so far hasn’t she?  








Paul Duke in Memoriam


“We are no relations.  Not that Clan.

Not that Clan!--- Paul Duke


After writing a number of letters to President Bush, (41), and the Senate, Mr. Bush and several Senators began responding to my letters with veiled references during press conferences or from the floor of the Senate.  Over time as they learned of my letters and the interest shown, many members of the press started making references of there own to what I had written. It became a kind of game I think.   


I took no particular interest for I had intended to write about laser disks in education, do what I could to promote technology in education, (I had promised myself when I was in school that I would “do something,” (for there seemed no reason to me, then or now, why we had to make education so miserable), and then I planned to kill myself.  This was before I met Yvonne and came to think that there was any alternative.


(Now, after fifteen years of harassment and oppression I am again brought to the end.  Ironically it is because of the attention the letters achieved that I was followed and persecuted, first by the “oh so cool liberals” at KQED, then the lunatic Michael Weiner, and then by everyone else, Ron Owens, Don Imus, Michael Krasney, Mrs. Jack Swanson.  Envy?  Was it Envy?  God knows.  After fifteen years they have ruined me and I am again forced to seek refuge from time.)    


Unintentionally I contributed to the “game” by limiting the distribution of the letters.  I started off sending copies to all Senators but gradually limited “membership” to those who responded.  I would mail several dozen letters at a time but only to the select group of Senators who had  made some covert reference. (For example, one Senator, who was not included on the distribution list made some statement about my most recent letter and in the next one, addressed to him, I congratulated him on his acceptance to the club.)   Then as members of the press learned about the letters and came to understand the covert references they too started to play, making references of their own to what I had written. It became a kind of game I think.  


Washington Week in Review became a venue.  For example after mentioning Buddhism in several letters the regular correspondent Hanes Johnson, (I believe his brother is Chalmers Johnson one of whose books I had quoted, (Japans Public Policy Companies, as I recall, (all my books are in boxes, (I could not bring myself to give them away after all, (but when I’m dead what the diff?))))), commented “There are a lot of conservative Buddhists in Japan.” 


Part of the joke here is that in America Buddhist are all liberals.  But you have to figure that the reason people are attracted to foreign religions is because they are dissatisfied with their own religions, and if dissatisfied with their own religions you can expect that they will be dissatisfied with much else.  Rebels.


So American Buddhism is colored by this fact that most of its members are liberals, Greens, radicals, i.e. misfits.  Alan Watts and most teachers, (the good ones), are at pains to try and point out this misperception, to correct this misinterpretation. For example the Tao Te Ching comments than one should not “display weapons.”  Watts commented to his young students, this was the 1960’s, that the word is “display” not own.  But most Americans assume Buddhist are leftists because of the self selection process among the small group that control Buddhist centers in America, a situation not unlike that with our colleges, where a small group of radicals are also in control.   


Paul Duke himself made several references to what I had written in a number of letters.  I recall that I had had some success with one letter, after  which a number of personages commented.  (see July 30, 1991, Senator Bradley, in the New Ruskin Project Archives at the Moynihan Memorial Library)  I had pointed  out in that letter that the South had been settled by  Celtic  peoples whereas the North on the other hand had been settled by the English.


I pointed out that much of the North South difference is really Celtic English differences.  For example, “Black Pride”, I claimed,  could be traced back to “Southern Pride”, and I said ,  “Southern Pride” can in turn be traced back to “Scottish Pride.”   One Senator appeared on the floor of the Senate and seemed to make a point of saying he had “pride” in his State, in his people, etc.  (Senator Gore as I recall.)


Then later Senator Moynihan was appearing  on TV with someone, (the former quarter back who was Secretary of HUD), who was as usual extolling Adam Smith and our “Anglo Saxon traditions----.”   Senator Moynihan interrupted him, “Celtic sir, Celtic, Adam Smith was Scottish not Anglo Saxon;  let’s have no more of your Anglo Saxons.”


Also in that letter I made a point to explain that in the South clan was an inherited form of social organization, and that Black Americans had themselves also formed extended family groups under the Celtic influence of the clan tradition.  Eleanor Holmes Norton that week seemed to go out of her way to claim that Black Americans had inherited their extended relations from their African roots and not from their Celtic slave masters. 


Then Paul Duke ended the week with a Friday broadcast of Washington Week,  by saying that several letter writers to his show had asked if he was related to David Duke, the notorious David Duke who was at that time being used to attack conservatives, including me, (see Senator Hollings). 


Said Paul Duke:  “We are no relations.  Not that Clan. Not that Clan!”


I was not amused. 




venicecarnivalstudy01.jpg photo_8525...

Muslim scholars: Terrorists not martyrs

Items compiled from Tribune news services
Published July 29, 2005

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- American Muslim scholars on Thursday carried out their plan to issue an edict condemning religious extremism and calling terrorists "criminals, not `martyrs.'"

The 18-member Fiqh Council of North America said Muslims were barred from helping "any individual or group that is involved in any act of terrorism or violence."

"There is no justification in Islam for extremism or terrorism," the scholars wrote in the edict, called a fatwa. "Targeting civilians' life and property through suicide bombings or any other method of attack is haram--or forbidden."

The fatwa states that Muslims are obligated to help "protect the lives of all civilians."

Islam has no central authority, and the council serves an advisory role for U.S. Muslims.

Copyright 2005, Chicago Tribune

Stop Terror Sheikhs, Muslim Academics Demand
Staff Writer

JEDDAH/NEW YORK, 30 October 2004 — Over 2,500 Muslim intellectuals from 23 countries have signed a petition to the United Nations calling for an international treaty to ban the use of religion for incitement to violence.

It also calls on the Security Council to set up a tribunal to try “the theologians of terror.” The petition is addressed to Secretary-General Kofi Annan, and to all members of the Security Council and its current chairman.

“There are individuals in the Muslim world who pose as clerics and issue death sentences against those they disagree with,” says Shakir Al-Nablusi, a Jordanian academic and one of the signatories. “These individuals give Islam a bad name and foster hatred among civilizations.”

Nablusi said hundreds of Arab writers and academics were collecting more signatures and hope to have “tens of thousands” by next month. Among those collecting signatures are Jawad Hashem, a former Iraqi minister of planning, and Alafif Al-Akdhar, a leading Tunisian writer and academic. Most of the signatories are from Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states plus Iraq, Jordan and Palestine.

The signatories describe those who use religion for inciting violence as “the sheikhs of death”. Among those mentioned by name is Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, an Egyptian preacher working in Qatar. The signatories accuse him of “providing a religious cover for terrorism.”

Last year Qaradawi raised a storm when he issued a fatwa allowing the killing of Israeli pregnant women and their unborn babies on the ground that the babies could grow up to join the Israeli Army. Last September, Qaradawi in a fatwa in response to a question from the Egyptian Union of Journalists said killing “all Americans, civilian or military” in Iraq was allowed.

“We cannot let such dangerous nonsense to pass as Islam,” Nablusi says.

The petition also names the late Egyptian preacher Muhammad Al-Ghazzali who, in 1992, issued a fatwa for the murder of Farag Foda, an anti-clerical writer in Cairo. Within weeks of the fatwa, zealots murdered Foda in his home.

Other “sheikhs of death” mentioned include the Yemeni Abdul-Majid Al-Zendani, and the Saudis Ali bin Khudhair Al-Khudhair and Safar Al-Hawali. The two Saudis have described the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks against the United States as “retaliations”, and thus justified under Islamic law.

Issuing murder fatwas has a long story.

In 1947 the late Ayatollah Khomeini issued a fatwa against Ahmad Kasravi, one of Iran’s most prominent lawyers. A few weeks later, six men stabbed Kasravi to death in a court of law. In 1951 a group of mullas issued a fatwa for the murder of Iran’s Prime Minister Haji-Ali Razmara. He was shot dead a few days later. In 1989 Khomeini issued a fatwa for the murder of the British novelist Salman Rushdie.

The signatories of the petition also want the UN to order its member states to stop broadcasting the “mad musings of the theologians of terror.”

Report: Justice Department Probing Durbin, Rockefeller CIA Leak The Justice Department has launched a criminal investigation into whether Democratic Senators Dick Durbin, Jay Rockefeller and Ron Wyden leaked details about a secret "black ops" CIA satellite program last December in a move that may have seriously compromised national security, former Deputy Undersecretary of Defense Jed Babbin said on Saturday.



Lecture Notes:  07-21-05


Hannity Responds:


Sean Hannity 07-21-05 went on the air and announced that he was “married” to his show and his audience.


I think he has been cheating on us.


For example, when introducing Dr. Hammesfahr as a “Noble Prize Nominee.”  Didn’t Sean Hannity first consider that his audience would be able to see how dishonest he was?  He did not care about our opinion of him or his credibility.  We do not count in his estimation of the power situation.


Or when discussing the Bush open borders policy he said to an irate caller, “they are introducing technology to police the border. . . .”  a line right out of the White House briefing instructions to stooges.   Even Rush Limbaugh will criticize the Bush open border policy.  But not Sean.


Or in discussing the Kelo decision he repeatedly claimed that the Supreme Court was taking, or seizing property, etc., instead of telling  the truth that the court had permitted, or deferred to the elected officials, allowed that they should first decide what is a public purpose.  Does he want only judges to decide what is a public purpose?  Of course he was not himself proposing anything he has no ideas of his own. 


Sean Hannity has recommended Michael Weiner’s books (“a great read”) and had him on his TV show.  Weiner for his part now refers to Hannity as “that Irishman” or “Pawn Hannity” or “Mr.” --- well you get the idea.


Hannity is a suck up.  He sucks up and kicks down. 


He knows that Weiner and Mrs. Jack Swanson have used their influence to ruin my life. He knows about the burglary, about the stalking me from place to place, job to job . . . he knows and does not care.


He goes out of his way to show that he does not care, or even to let it be known that he enjoys the spectacle of his radio colleagues destroying another.


He delights in cruelty.


Sham Hannity.


And consider Al Franken recently going out of his way to show his enjoyment in another’s suffering, even suicide.


This is our society.



“Not bad for a homeless guy.”

---- Sean Hannity, 07-20-05, at the end of an “interview” with Senator McCain ( McCain see 4-28-05, Lecture Notes: 5-18-05,  Lecture Notes:  07-18-05  Protest)


You see Sean, when you do things like this your business partners just  don’t understand.


They are thinking: “We give him payola every week to mention Ruth's Chris Steakhouse, on the air,  (how much do they give you Sean? all reported to the IRS is it Sean?), and now we have an IPO about to come out, an IPO for Christ sake! . . . and dis radio c___ s___ing dick is going ta screws it all up so he can f___ wit’  some guy in California?  What a Long Island sack of s___.”


See Sean, your business partners have been working this scam for some time now.  And you were just a part of it.  To help with the buzz.   Mention those delicious steaks, talk it up, get  . . . what $10,000 a mention?  Oh, $1,000? . . . cheap radio advertising . . . and this would help with the IPO, and God knows they need help with the IPO.


This pig needs a lot a lipstick:  “debt load, which came in at $116 million as of March 27.”


They have not only cooked Sean Hannity some free steaks, they have cooked the books.  They had to:  “Revenue, which fell in 2001 and 2002, rose 14.6 percent last year and operating income climbed 50.6 percent from the year earlier.”


Sound impressive?  How do you like that “.6%”?  Not just “14%” but see that little something extra?  Sean helped with that did you Sean?


Impressive?  It is not until the end of the article that you will read:  “Ruth's Chris didn't open any new restaurants last year and closed two locations, including one in Manhattan, as it overhauled its management, including hiring a new chief executive in March 2004.”  (New chief executive?  Gee I wonder why?  Some problem with the books?  Or . . .?)


Does ya sees?  If you do not open any restaurants you do not have any of those “expenses.”  Helps with the “balance sheet.”  (Never mind that the business plan is to open 80 new restaurants with all those expenses.)   


But the business “reporters” are all over the “trend in eating out” and how Sean’s favorite restaurant is free from any risk of a turn down in the economy.  How so?  Because it is so expensive!   See?  That is where the rich go to eat so, yas knows, the rich’s gota eat.  Rich men like Sean, does ya sees?


But the reported did tell us who the players are, Sean Hannity’s business partners and why the IPO is so important to them:  “Madison Dearborn could receive an additional payment from selling 1.7 million shares covered by the underwriters' over allotment option. . . . Other holders of junior and senior preferred stock are set to be paid a total of $20.6 million by Ruth's Chris.”


I wondered why Sean Hannity didn’t talk about how the IRS was auditing him.  They even came to his studio to search for records.  “I just never talk about it”  is all he would  say, on the air.


When I was targeted by the IRS (see The IRS and the Illegals from the North),  I felt it was my duty to tell how, during the Clinton administration, the IRS revealed my name to the very people that they had asked me to help investigate, Crawford and Company, and told them that I had cooperated in the investigation.  But not Sean Hannity:   “I just never talk about it”.  (Sees ya?  Yas just gota dummy up.  See?  When das police are – ya know – questionings ya, you just gota dummy up.  Right Sean?)


And for those of you who think the economy is an evenly rotating system of objective fixed relations here is an interesting example.  Here at New Ruskin we have argued that, for example, the IRS tax tables do not accurately explain who actually pays the tax.


We have argued that the rich, (those who are making goods and services which are in high demand), pass on their taxes to their consumers in higher prices, (the price mechanism of tax transfer).  This is why the poor have such a high “propensity to spend” they end up paying their own taxes, and all the other taxes, and all other expenses in the price of the goods they purchase.  We have explained that both Democrats and Republicans misrepresent the situation, each for their own political calculation.


But let us now consider the true value of the payola paid by Ruth's Chris to Sean Hannity every time Sean mentions the steakhouse chain.  How much is the under the table payment, (the tax free payment), worth to Sean given Sean’s tax bracket?  For extra credit, Class, How much income must Ruth's Chris hide in order to pay Sean? 


But now with the IPO, Sean, the stakes are much higher.  How much is Sean getting out of the IPO?  How much extra commission must the underwriters charge to pay Sean?  (All reported is it, Sean?)


This is why yas “business partners” doesn’t understands yas Sean.  Why would you mess with some guy in California right now, right when the IPO is coming out?


Now it is not just the IRS, and the FCC, but Sean wants to add the SEC!


See Sean?  It is things like this that give good old boys from Long Island a bad reputation.


And “not bad for a homeless guy” didn’t even fit in the conversation with Senator McCain.  You are supposed to at least try and work it into the conversation.  See?  That is what makes them covert.


Otherwise you just look like a dick. 


ps Secrets and secrets.  So many secrets.  And this is the whole society.  Top to bottom.  Why didn’t socialism work.  The economist say because it did not allow for “economic calculation” but really because people are so dishonest.  My tormenters have stalked me for these fifteen years, brought me to the end, and Sean Hannity interviewing Senator McCain wanted to take a little poke.  (In the middle of an IPO!)  But this is just one small example.  A world of hate, cruelty,  . . .


Do but seriously consider how much more insupportable and painful an immortal life would be to man than what I have already given him.  If you had not death, you would eternally curse me for having deprived you of it; I have mixed a little bitterness with it, to the end, that seeing of what convenience it is, you might not too greedily and indiscreetly seek and embrace it: and that you might be so established in this moderation, as neither to nauseate life, nor have any antipathy for dying, which I have decreed you shall once do, I have tempered the one and the other betwixt pleasure and pain. ---- MONTAIGNE




Lecture Notes:  August
. . .  continued . . .(see Lecture Notes:  07-21-05)  . . . Oh, and hey buddy, yeah, yous guys, reporters, yeah sures yous too can get a quick $50.  You want?  Just try to work Ruth’s Chris into yous’s “news” stories.  Sees?  Just work it in and we’ll make it right wid yas. 

Adding sizzle to city dining
Baltimore Sun, United States - Aug 1, 2005
... into a steakhouse. It just seems that way. I was sorry to see
Eurasian Harbor go, to be replaced by a Ruth's Chris. I liked the ...

Holiday party booking is hot
Richmond Times Dispatch, VA - Jul 31, 2005
... quickest, Cohen said. At Ruth's Chris Steakhouse, Fridays and Saturdays in December are reserved nearly a year in advance. "You've ...


Cooper to launch west Mobile restaurant
Mobile Register, AL - Jul 31, 2005
... history. Cooper also owns Ruth's Chris Steak House in Midtown and Felix's Fish Camp Restaurant on the Causeway in Spanish Fort. ...


Adding sizzle to city dining
Baltimore Sun, United States - Jul 31, 2005
... I was sorry to see
Eurasian Harbor go, to be replaced by a Ruth's Chris. ... And this Ruth's Chris - Steve de Castro's fourth in the Baltimore-Annapolis area - is. ...

Dunn powers Reds to third straight road win
Dayton Daily News (subscription), OH - Jul 29, 2005
SAN DIEGO | Adam Dunn, a thoughtful and providing teammate even at the dinner table, shared his Ruth's Chris Steak House filet mignon with Cincinnati Reds ...


Ruth's Chris wins Prep East
Newington Town Crier, CT - Jul 28, 2005
... The Ruth's Chris team is Managed by Peter Hepple. ... Ruth's Chris began the post season tournament on Monday, July 25 as the top seed in the Prep divison.

PHOTO CALL: Bernadette Peters Serenades Sondheim, Others at Album ..., NY - Jul 27, 2005
... At left, Peters is seen before taking center stage, while below, she gets a hug from Sondheim after the performance at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse on West 51st ...



Online Extra | Building Permits
Charlotte Observer, NC - Jul 27, 2005
... 201 Queens Road, Urology Specialists expansion, Myers & Chapman Inc., $710,000.
6000 Fairview Road, Ruth's Chris Steakhouse, Doerre Construction Co. ...


How To Boost Your Bottom Line With Just Two Little Words
WebProNews, KY - Jul 26, 2005
... dollars to your bottom line. I was in
Kansas City recently and stopped in at a Ruth's Chris Steakhouse for dinner. When I asked for ...


MHI Hospitality Corporation Closes Acquisition of Hilton ...
Hotels Magazine, IL - Jul 26, 2005
... The Hilton Jacksonville overlooks the
St. John's River and is highlighted by a Ruth's Chris steak house and 12,000 square feet of meeting space. ...



Outback expands into pricy seafood
St. Petersburg Times, FL - Jul 26, 2005
... of Outback's other concepts. Paul Fleming began his restaurant career as a Ruth's Chris Steakhouse franchisee. Among other chain ...

Mixology course stirs the spirits
New York Daily News, NY - Jul 25, 2005
... Last week, with the temperature and humidity both oozing past the 90 mark, a group of 27 people gathered at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse in midtown to learn how to ...





Lecture Notes:  07-20-05


What is a bubble?


It occurs to me that despite my best efforts you still think that “housing bubble” is an objective question.  That is why you consult  economists, real estate experts, and the like.


Once again you fall back on the easy: “objective”.  And again my sad friends you are wrong.  A bubble is a subjective decision, an opinion.


When we say real estate prices are in a bubble what we mean is that we do not believe the prices are sustainable. 


But what do we mean:  sustainable?


For example, as only 16% of Californian households can afford the median priced home, (see WSJ) then we might think that this is not sustainable.  However, and to demonstrate the supremacy of the subjective, suppose now it is argued that in a world of 6 billion people, even if we focus only on the wealthiest   of 1 percent, that still leaves us  30 million people, 30 million potential customers, buyers, and  many of these potential customers might consider purchasing a home in California?


Consider that in all of the United States we sell each year approximately 7.5 million homes.


That is less than   of the top of one percent of the world’s wealthiest!  And what percent of the 7.5 sales need be bought to influence the price and keep it ever upward?  If only a fraction of the world’s potential buyers were to decide to purchase a home in the USA, if only as a hedge against the world economy, all homes sold in that year could conceivably be sold to foreign buyers.


So this means that though only 16% of Californians can afford the median priced home, there were tens of millions of potential buyers around the world who could.  As we have just seen if only a fraction of this small group were to buy  in America not only could all California homes sales be bought up, but all homes sold for the entire year throughout America could be bought!


But now see the point, even though the price of homes could thereby be maintained one might nonetheless conclude that prices are still in a bubble.




Because one might conclude that the situation is not sustainable.  One might consider what effect shutting out the bottom 84% of Californians from purchasing the median priced home would have on the California Republic? (see SFGate )  Consider the China bid for Unocal.


Do you need a degree in Economics to see a bubble?  No!  Indeed the economist is more likely to think that the bubble is an objective question rather than seeing the deeper issues.


We might say the price is not sustainable because a society which excludes 84% of its members is not sustainable!


There is more to say.  I want to go on about the oligarchy.  I want to describe how the oligarchy hides its venality behind liberalism.  I want to hold Ms. Warner up to ridicule as an example . . . The rats and the sinking ship . . . leaving the people in the dark . . . and Mr. Bush’s open borders policy, and his support of racial quotas as another example . . . how left and right, Democrat and Republican join together . . . the easy answers, the avoidance of the real issues . . .  


And here I want to talk about all of this as examples of our failure to respond to changing situations because of our dishonesty in our appraisal, our unwillingness to be intellectually challenged, our preference for the easy answers which our politicians are all too willing to provide us . . .


And quote Thomas Friedmen: “You can not make it as a B+ student in Brooklyn anymore.”  (I think quoting Bill Gates approvingly.)  That the reader can not see in Friedmen’s words the same dishonesty proves the point.  This intolerance for the B+ barely conceals the utter disdain for the B, and the C, and what of the others?  To say, almost joyfully, “can not make it,”  is dishonest because it is easy, because it avoids the really serious questions.  Like the Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck, Michael Weiner, pap, and mental popcorn . . . with its focus on “excellence” and “success” and its repeated “this is what makes America great . . .” pomposity.


For example, California accepts the top 12% of its high school graduates into the UC system and the top 25% into the CSU system.  Yet in a world of 6 billion people accepting only the top 3% would produce a potential entering freshman class of over 45 million students of college age, more than the total population of California.  (There are a little over 2 million students in California colleges.)  Why reach all the way down to the twelfth percentile?  Why not just the top 3%?  Why not the best?  (From around the world?  Don’t you believe in meritocracy?)  Indeed, due to Mr. Bush’s open border policy, and California’s rule never to ask the legal status of students at its universities, the only thing preventing the rush on the colleges is the cost of the air faire to get to California. 


And I wanted to describe  how all of this is part of the bubble economy, for the bubble  is not just the price,  it is all of  this subjective evaluation, critical thinking,  of what is and is not sustainable . . .  You could be expanding opportunities, using laser disks in education, world wide, you could be building more houses, using modular construction, building nuclear power plants . . .


I used to think that racial and gender quotas caused the deterioration in relations, encouraged the VICTIMs to act out, confirmed them in their false belief of moral superiority,  encouraged their hatred and arrogance, etc. , but now I see that a society capable of enacting such a spoils system already had so ruined its human relations, so objectified its prejudices . . .


But as I say, I had a great deal more to say about this and much else . . .  here are some links  . . .


July 18, 2005 ,  House prices drop 1%, says Rightmove,,9064-1698783,00.html

International investors play big role in
S. Florida's housing boom,0,1483602.story?coll=sfla-home-headlines


Condo crazy at the heart of a boom


Europe buys more Florida homes


As the last hours unfold it all seems pointless  . . ., keeps checking waiting for the end, and, and, and,  . . . 


And it changes nothing for me to point out that Farmers Insurance was about to fall to BBB rating.  (Only AAA rated insurance companies can write insurance for mortgaged homes.)  Only the transfer of $10 billion from the parent company, Zurich Financial, kept the rating.  It means nothing to point out that they have made one bad decision after another. (Previously I reported the $130 million judgment for overtime pay for 2,000 adjusters in California.)  But the failure to use computers to track the claims inventory in part resulted from their pushing work off onto their adjusters . . .  why invest in computers when you can simply make your staff work an extra 15 hours a week?  Free labor drives out technology.  See also farming. Building trades.  Do you not see this as another example?   Don’t you see . . .


Well  . . . it changes nothing. 



Lecture Note:  07-19-05  Confirmation of Message


Al!  Come on.  You left out “brain matter.”  That was the punch line wasn’t it?


What do you think folks?  Al Franken?  Comic genius?


You could try the vomiting into the metal trashcan.  I think Glenn Beck podcasts . . . you could download it?


So there you are Dr. Pearson, Al Franken has given you the confirmation.  What?  Still not sure?


I know Al, you could do the Imus thing for Dr. Pearson.  You know the one:  “If you say you are going to do something you should do it.”  That one.


O’Reilly used that line.  Go ahead do the “if you say you are going to . . .”


Just a minute Dr. Pearson . . . . Go ahead Al . . .


Al? . . .


Al . . . go ahead do the Imus line for Dr. Pearson. 










Lecture Notes:  07-18-05  Protest


Suicide can be funny!  You think?


At least Al Franken thinks suicide is funny.  Today he began his show with a skit of a character putting a gun to his head and killing himself on air.  Franken after the gun shot asks,  “What is this?  . . . brain matter?”  See?    Brain matter! Oi!  That’s funny!  What a funny guy.


KQED staff has also started joking about “bullet proof glass” at their studio.


Several months ago Imus and Mrs. Jack Swanson, Beck, McGurk, also tried joking about suicide.


Previously I advised them that they were only confusing their audience. (Lecture Notes: 03-07-05 Suicide Club, Lecture Notes: 03-04-05 Landmines of Injustice?)


In fact Imus’ ratings have declined and some have suggested that  he has seemed “distracted”.  It is difficult to see how Beck’s ratings could go much lower.  (And his vomiting into a trash can sound effect just does not seem to be working for him.  His ridicule of convenience market clerks hasn’t worked either.)


You see the problem is, Al, that most listeners are not in on the “inside joke.”   They don’t get the joke.  They don’t think suicide is funny.  See? 


Most listeners think suicide is a serious problem:  “Specifically, 10.6 out of every 100,000 persons died by suicide. The total number of suicides was 29,350, or 1.2 percent of all deaths. Suicide deaths outnumber homicide deaths by five to three. It has been estimated that there may be from 8 to 25 attempted suicides per every suicide death.”  (see NIMH)


And Al don’t try auto accident fatality humor either.  Most listeners think that auto accident deaths also are a serious issue where  42,443 are killed each year.  (see Auto Accidents  (I have previously explained how government control of our highways and roads has retarded development of electronic traffic controls.  Tens of thousands die needlessly because government bureaucrats have not applied digital electronic technology to traffic controls.))


Most listeners think murder is a serious problem, however the number of people murdered each year, 16,889, is a little more than half the number of suicides every year.  ( see Murder)   So Al, see,  murder is less than half as funny as suicide.  (Or is murder twice as funny as suicide?  How does one calculate humor?)   In other words it is more likely that I will be killed by suicide than an employee of KQED will be killed by murder.  Or put differently, I am at greater risk than are they.  (However because they are VICTIMs and I am just one of their victims my death will count for less than their fear.) 


When Senator McCain went on the Imus show and made a reference to this web site he did so because, he also wanted me to know he took no account of my suicide.  (see 4-28-05, Lecture Notes: 5-18-05)  Nothing like having been a P.O.W. to give one a sense of entitlement,  (“who has suffered more than me?!”),  but even McCain would not think of joking about the plight of Blacks, or Women, or  . . . any of the socially approved victims, the VICTIMS;  for, ironically, even though he is  a P.O.W. survivor, suffering due to military service counts for little in determining VICTIM status with the other contending VICTIMs.


So when I kill myself in front of the KQED building I will be protesting those who have harassed me these last fifteen years, and also in part my protest will be of Al Franken and his fellow gas bags in the media.  And I will be protesting Senator McCain also.


And no, Al, I do not suppose that you or Weiner, Imus, or Owens, or any of them, and not Senator McCain either, will be changed by my death.  Or rather if you will be changed is unknowable.  Probably the same inflated egos which  carry you and the others through your lives will continue to carry you over my bleeding corpse.


You are all thickly wadded with your ignorance.   And therefore you will be protected.  Or perhaps you will be driven insane.  It is unknowable.  


I protest you. 


I have noticed how often Al makes reference to his Jewishness, or his loving wife and children, or to his two houses, i.e. to qualities of his person or being or status when he should be making  his arguments.  When he should be presenting his facts and reasons in support of his positions he is describing how he is loved by his wife, or his children, growing up in Minnesota, what he did last weekend, etc.


Then I realized that in the absence of reason how else are disputes to be resolved but by such qualities?  If you have given up on rational argument then what else is to be done, how else to proceed but by comparing status?  Since you have no rational basis upon which to persuade, the best that can be done is to assure your audience that you are a kind Jew, a loving father and husband, etc. etc.  and hope that these qualities will win the audience to your side, due to admiration if not reason.


Who is the bigger VICTIM?  Or, and this is apparently less convincing, who has the most or best things?  Ron Owens once concluded an argument with Bernie Ward by pointing out that he, Ron Owens, had bigger ratings.  That sealed the debate. 


In the Bay Area arguments will begin with, “As a Jew . . .”  or “As an African-American Female, I . . .”  or “As a Gay, I think . . .” and so forth, with the debater apparently unaware that nothing logically follows from these opening statements.  I have even heard the preamble, “As someone who has meditated every day for the last 30 years . . .”  But again, without reason, how else to proceed?


Like military officers comparing records to establish seniority, the gay African-American with AIDS must be compared to his opponent not based on the arguments and facts he can marshal but on the quality of his being, his VICTIM status, and VICTIM ribbons have even been added to the VICTIM’s lapel in the military manner of campaign ribbons.


So just now Al Franken is introducing Hertzberg “ ‘the Jew’ from the New Yorker” to his audience in the complete confidence that his winning manner will propel is show into the next ratings book, which is all that counts, right?  Because we are not going to judge Franken or Hertzberg on the merits of their facts and arguments right?  This is only partisan radio.  If you do not already agree --- then to hell with you . . . you . . . you NAZI bastard!


But do not try to reason with them.


Twelve years after I first urged the nation to overthrow Saddam Hussein, America finally did so in the Second Gulf War.  Do you suppose that Franken and Imus and Weiner and McCain now say, ‘Gee, he was right about that . . .’?  No.


After the death of Freda Wright-Sorce do you suppose that her husband, radio personality, Don Geronimo, will reflect on how advanced electronic traffic controls could have saved his wife’s life?  No. 


(The death occurred after a ten car pile up in the opposite direction.  The eleventh car swerved into Freda’s lane.  Had the cars been equipped with a twenty five dollar transponder, connected to  the car’s sensors, red lights and audible warnings could have sounded in all the cars on the road (or even if in only 50% of them, the newer ones):  “Warning, Warning, slow down! Slow Down!, There is an accident ahead.” 


This warning could have been sounded after the first car in the chain reaction accident.  The cars would have slowed and Freda Wright-Sorce would be alive.  But none of these things happened because the government bureaucrats who run our roads are not paid to introduce safety  electronics on our highways.  So every year hundreds of thousands are injured 43,000 killed, year after year, and nothing is done even though the means are at hand and have been for 30 years.)


After the 9-11 attack did heads role at the FAA?  No.  Not withstanding the fact that the FAA had been specifically warned of the risk.  And then, in March 2004, foreign jet liners were still flying US skies with the cockpit door open.  And this was not corrected by the FAA, but rather only a passenger’s complaint made the FAA issue the order to foreign air lines to close the cockpit door.


Just now Franken has said to Pete Peterson, “I don’t know what that means.”  Mr. Peterson had just suggested we establish “forced savings accounts” as an add on to Social Security.  “Forced Savings Accounts”,  this is a mysterious idea to the Harvard graduate Al Franken.  He has been going on the air for over a year, has been putting out his idiotic ideas, (e.g. we will cash in the bonds to pay Social Security), and he has difficulty with the idea of forced savings accounts.


And it just goes on and on in big issues and small.  $8 trillion national deficit.  $35 trillion Medicare deficit. $11 trillion Social Security deficit.  No one cares.  Make us care.  We do not care.  We do not care about your suicide either.  OK, then I guess that means you win!


The average home in California requires an income five times higher than the average income and yet this stark statistic seems to be unknown.  ( I hear on air personalities talking about real estate as if they were barkers for a carnival game.  They too, let it be known that they are the proud owners of one or more homes.  Their whole real estate history is discussed.  But that there are social, political, may I say moral? issues? goes un-remarked.


So when I put the muzzle in my mouth and squeeze the trigger part of my protest will be against the housing policies, the FAA, the budget, the absence of traffic safety electronics, nuclear power reactors, modular construction, laser disks, . . . you . . . and your uncaring.


In Judgment Day I related how after watching the twin towers fall I went into the office and told the claims supervisor, Dean Sotos what I had just watched.  “Was it an accident?”  was the reply.  When I explained that the Pentagon was on fire from a third plane he said, “Well, they will figure out what happened.”


Who is they?  The masters, the owners of the Republic.  You have put these little men in charge.  From top to bottom.  Are you serious?


Do you suppose that the man who had so little comprehension of the destruction of the  World Trade Center   and the Pentagon does a better job understanding  auto accidents?  You think he missed the big issue but he does better on the small?


Believe me he does not. 


I will kill myself in a few days.  I now know that if I had a job I would not.  I would try and make a go of it again as I have all these years.


I have held out, and held out, hope against hope and now I have come to the end. 


And the desperate thing is that I know . . . I know that there are jobs available.  There is work that needs to be done.   House fires.  Auto accidents.  Etc. etc. 


To know that they are there that I could be working only confirms me in my decision to end my life now. is a regular visitor to this site. 


They check in every now and then to see if I am still alive.  Dean Sotos or Scott Bobro I do not know.  The irony that these two should be employed seems a joke . . . but you are serious?


It does not matter.  Al Franken or Michael Weiner.  McCain.  Imus . . .


What the difference?


When I see all the mistakes you are making.  Mistakes that cost you sometimes more dearly than they have cost me . . . I have gained this little perspective on you . . . not forgiveness so much as understanding. 


There is a Buddhist expression, “one continuous mistake.”  Like a tear in a scroll, that races along . . . one continuous mistake.


That is life.


I do not protest the tear.


I protest your misunderstanding.


I die to show you, Al Franken, Michael Weiner, all of you,  . . . you have focused on me, targeted me, thought of new ways to get at me, at work at Farmers Insurance, break into my room and steal my notebook then read it on air, and today  . . . a new comedy skit . . .


I protest this mistaken notion of yours. 


All around you the real work that needs doing, the transponders mounted on the dash, the laser disks, the houses . . . you have been fixated on me instead of the work that needs to be done . . . this is my protest . . . I protest your mistaken understanding.





This just in: 1941:


Blithering House (formerly the Royal Institute of Foreign Relations) has determined that Mr. Churchill’s opposition to the Wehrmacht’s entry into France has caused the air raids London is now experiencing.


The geniuses at Blithering  found  that German recruitment has increased as  young Germans are joining the Wehrmacht in far greater numbers today than before because of Britain’s opposition to Germany’s foreign policy.


The Blithering Report continued that there is a direct relationship between the current spat of London bombings and Mr. Churchill’s failure to come to terms with Mr. Hitler.  “The Prime Minister is just making peaceful relations more difficult for all of us,”  says Blithering contributing author,  Nigel Silverspoon, who added, “and the bombings are harder on our working class and minority party members, much harder on our . . . lower class . . . members . . .”


The Blithering Report also noted that the Jewish problem was a contributing factor and urged Mr. Churchill to adopt a policy of accommodation and reconciliation.



Iraq and al Qaeda: Saddam Hussein attempted to use his own intelligence service and terrorist surrogates against the United States during the first Gulf war. He assisted a fugitive from the 1993 World Trade Center attacks. He attempted to assassinate George H.W. Bush. He sought to blow up the U.S. government's Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty headquarters. He openly supported terrorist activity in the region. "From 1996 to 2003," according to the Senate Intelligence Committee report, "the IIS focused its terrorist activities on western interests, particularly against the U.S. and Israel." We know that in the context of a decade-long confrontation with the United States, Saddam reached out to al Qaeda on numerous occasions. We know that the leadership of al Qaeda reciprocated, requesting assistance in its endeavors. We know that reports of meetings, offers of safe haven, and collaboration persisted.

Secret Agent? Linda Chavez reported in Oct. 8, 2003: All political contributions require the donor to list his or her employer's name, which then becomes a matter of public record accessible instantly on the Internet. Plame listed her "employer's" name, all right. It just happened to be a company that apparently operated as a CIA front, which Plame's political contribution has now exposed to the world.

Turning plants such as corn, soybeans and sunflowers into fuel uses much more energy than the resulting ethanol or biodiesel generates, according to a new Cornell University and University of California-Berkeley study.In terms of energy output compared with energy input for ethanol production, the study found that: corn requires 29 percent more fossil energy than the fuel produced; switch grass requires 45 percent more fossil energy than the fuel produced; and wood biomass requires 57 percent more fossil energy than the fuel produced. soybean plants requires 27 percent more fossil energy than the fuel produced, and sunflower plants requires 118 percent more fossil energy than the fuel produced.

Overall, just 16% of households in California can afford the median-priced home, according to the California Association of Realtors, the lowest level since 1989, when the average rate on a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage was 10.33%. Rates on 30-year fixed-rate loans currently average just 5.81%, according to HSH Associates in Pompton Plains, N.J. --------- I dont know why I bother . . . these are just numbers on paper . . . just statistics. That there are real people whose lives are really diminished by Post Liberal policy, exclusionary policy, does not register . . . just numbers . . . not even people anymore . . . were we ever? (RUTH SIMON Staff Reporter of The Wall Street Journal)


Very gratifying.  Someone is burning the midnight oil, . . . suppose better late than never . . . every day I think I have accepted my fate and then some thing like this and my heart is back in my throat tears in my eyes . . . but then it came to me without a word just the thought . . . no one dies . .  .







Viacom’s second string grifters have arrived . . .






Study up . . .






Maybe someone will remember .  .  .




Lecture Notes:  07-14-05


Psychological Manipulation


Surprised?   The Prime Minister is surprised?


Surprised that a group of people can manipulate the psychology of a target to cause him to kill himself?  Or is it only because they can manipulate him to kill others along with himself which causes the surprise?


How can the British Prime Minister be surprised?  It has been in all the newspapers.  Doesn’t he read the newspapers?   Stories about cults.  Stories about cons.  Stories about government agencies which carry out programs of deception.  (Britain and the USA were themselves targets of Iraq’s deception campaign about its own support for terrorism.)


The British Prime Minister could probably tell us a story or two.


Every time one of hate radio’s gas bags releases steam about “Muslims”, speaking about Islam as if it were a hierarchical religion, as if it were similar to Catholicism, what are they doing but attempting to manipulate their targets otherwise known as the audience?


For of course Islam is more like Judaism than Catholicism.  Each Imam, like a rabbi, is free to interpret, teach, preach as he likes.  There are branches of thought, even schools, but no central hierarchy as with Catholicism.


But if you wanted to create hatred you would not report that this Imam said this, and that Imam did something else, no, you would say only that Islam preaches hate, and Islam manipulates the psychology of its adherents to murder etc. etc.  For example, when the Peoples Temple group ended in murder and suicide you did not hear the condemnation of Christianity even though they espoused Christianity and used Christianity as a justification and explanation of their murders.


Indeed even after the Hutus, Catholics, murdered a million Tutsi victims, Protestants, and even now after many Catholic priests have  been convicted of genocide, and incitement to genocide, even now, the “religious” aspect is not reported, the Catholics and Protestants are not identified, let alone using their religions as a way of explaining the genocide. Christianity is blameless while daily Imus, Weiner, O’Reilly, and locally Rodgers identify Islam as being responsible for every murder.  The most obscure Imams are cited as if they were definitive sources while the sermons of the Catholic priests of Rwanda are never even mentioned. 


And again at Waco Texas and the so called Branch Davidians, nothing about the murderous Christians and Christian extremists. 


I recall that both my sister and Yvonne (another connection? Or coincidence, or cosmic consciousness?) quoted the Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh whose group carried out the first bio-attack in the United States.  Though cults were fingered in that attack Hinduism was not singled out as a cause. Ironically the local media did refer to the Aum Shinri Kyo cult as a “Buddhist cult” but later “Buddhist” was mysteriously dropped as an identifier.  (There are a lot of powerful Buddhist in the Bay Area.  It pays to have influential friends.)  


Regular College Visitors have themselves seen how I was the target of a wide ranging conspiracy of fanatics who sought to manipulate my psychology.  (See Psy Ops and Intel Operations)


The difference is that when employees of KQED used their influence with the counselor Yvonne to betray her client they did not have a very well worked out scheme. 


The radical Imams on the other hand do.  They know exactly what they want, and how to achieve it.  They do not always succeed.  Israel has a whole cell block of a prison filled with suicide bombers whose psychological programming was not perfected in their death. 


In my case there was a great deal of randomness.  Indeed this is why it is so difficult to know all that was done to me.  Mrs. Jack Swanson had no clear aim other than to inflict suffering.  Don Imus had no program beyond simply “fucking with your head.”  Michael Weiner thought he was, lost in his hallucinations, defending the Jewish race. 


But the network of radical Imams, (Robert Baer talks in his books not about al Qaeda so much as the Islamic Brotherhood, most of whom thought OBL was a showboater a PR man not a serious terrorist), do not waste their time as have my oppressors.


They identify vulnerable people, (mostly young men), manipulate them to become more vulnerable, religion here is a powerful tool, but not the only one, offer them a means of resolving their conflict, then strap on the bomb and  done.


One, two, three . . . no wasted effort preening on the radio the way Ron Owens does, know hysterical attempts at self justification the way Michael Weiner does.


Yes, regular College Visitors can readily see how a network of rich powerful people can select a target, psychologically manipulate him to his suicidal death.  We have been studying this for a number of years now.


We are not surprised. 


Nor are we surprised that others cover up the truth.  We are not surprised that many do not come forward and give evidence.  Not surprised to hear others offer excuses.  No.  We are not surprised. 






Lecture Notes:  07-13-05


Oh, well . . . we can not shame them.


Catholic Hutus kill one million Protestant Tutsis but these are not reported as Christian killings  . . .  we hear nothing about Christian  extremists.


No long hysterical haranguing   about Christianity,  the supposed religion of peace,  . . . etc. etc.


The fact that the Hutus were Catholic and  their victims Protestant is not even reported let alone used as a way of condemning Christianity.


But you can believe we do hear about how “those Moslems” do not turn in their neighbors, their presumed disloyalty, how they “breed” terrorists is daily, hourly contended by our networked hate radio shills.


I have only a few hundred hours left to live.  I have to accept that the world will go on without me . . . I am not responsible for the work left undone.


It is galling though that the very same hypocrites who daily declaim on the dishonesty and lack of courage of “those Moslems” to speak out against “their” terrorist brethren are some of them the very same  . . .  who know what has been done to me, know about the burglary, the harassment, the oppression, and who have not themselves come forward . . . indeed some of them are themselves in fact my tormenters,  these very same sons of bitches, these very same whores, these disgusting pieces of human garbage . . .


But I have to let go.   We live in a floating world.  Emptiness.  


There is no reason . . .


They go on for hours about the Supreme Court, and how “those judges” took private property . . . seizure . . .  “from A to B” . . . etc.


Just a series of the most flagrant lies.  But have these half pints ever complained about the maze of zoning regulation?  For what is exclusionary zoning but a taking?  Not once.  Never.   And note that there is no question of just compensation when a city is down zoned. 


They have nothing to say about the mass of regulation on housing, the litigation, the years delay in obtaining building permits.  Nothing to say about how school districts are used in combination with zoning by the elite to exclude.  Nothing to say about how building codes are similarly used to block innovation, e.g. modular building technology.


Hours of mindless yammering about the patient Schiavo yet not a mention of the CAT scan.  Governor Bush will soon order an investigation of Mrs. Kennedy’s delay in reporting the death of the President.  And Mrs. Lincoln?  How is it she was not harmed?  Seems suspicious. 


Note that in both Schiavo and Kelo (KELO V. NEW LONDON (04-108) 268 Conn. 1, 843 A. 2d 500, affirmed) hate radio halfwits start out arguing from  a pretended moral absolutism.  They present the case, at first, (until challenged), as if it were their position that life support (feeding tubes) should never be removed, or that private property should never be taken. 


Then upon examination when shown that this claimed “absolute” rule is contradicted by their own conduct, (sometimes they do agree to discontinue treatment in hopeless cases, they do agree that private property can be taken for a public university, but not a private one?, for a public utility but not a private one?), and so on, they back off their idiotic claims of “absolutism.”   This reliance on absolutism is not conservatism.


Conservatism is a careful weighing of rights.  Unlike liberals we do not automatically assume the rights of 15 homeowners outweigh the rights of the rest of the community.  Should one hold out block the rail line, or the power line, or the highway (publicly owned or not)?  Nor are we stupidly to favor “public” bureaucracies over private institutions.  (Of course when confronted in this manner the gas bags say only, but we have to condemn property for a railroad line or a power line, how else will we be able to build?  Not realizing how empty their argument.  They claim necessity not realizing that they have just contradicted themselves.  It turns out that their “absolute” “moral” position is highly malleable when confronted with “necessity.”)  No, this method of argumentation is not Conservatism it is laziness, stupidity,  it is Voinovichism.  


None of these points interested the media gas bags, but taxes!  They will yammer on about their taxes like drunks  --- for they are drunk, drunk on their incomes, their power.


And all of this is but proof of the preeminence of the subjective and the ultimate alienation of the narrow intellect, the isolated ego from the world.


For they are mislead by the narrow way they perceive the world, bit by bit, idea by idea, they move by degrees further and further from the path.


Because they have a word Moslem and a word Christian they separate the people.  A half degree off course.  Then they think that Christian killings are one thing, “tribalism,” or just “foreigners,”  or some other explanation, not seeing any of these excuses  as pure rationalizations.  More degrees off course.


Then their alienation from the Moslems leads them further away, into blind hatred.  And then of course there are more rationalizations.  Soon they are upon the rocks, and mystified how they came to such a bad end.


The West has been convulsed by wars, civil wars, revolutions, stock piles of weapons to destroy the world, yet the Moslem world is labeled:  violent!


These hypocrites and liars refused to secure their cockpit doors, actually refused repeated requests, then are taken by surprise when four of  these 50,000 gallon, 600 mph, gas tanks, they have had orbiting their cities is, in exactly the manner foreseen, hijacked and flown into an office block.  They are mystified.


San Francisco is down zoned five times in 20 years.  Not a word about private property rights.   No compensation paid.  But the former mayor, (and now Marin Senator Feinstein), bought up all the multi story buildings she could finance.  (Would the owners have sold so low if they too knew that the City of San Francisco would continue to down zone?)  


However, when the Supreme Court  rules that the States are allowed,  I will repeat that, “allowed”, to judge for themselves what is and what is not a public use, or public purpose, suddenly there is hysteria.  For a hundred years the land was taken from A and sold to B, the railroads, and not so much as a whimper.  Taken from A and sold to B, the coal companies, nothing.  But from A to an office park, outrage!


For these rich, and all media gas bags are rich, bastards the State’s sovereignty is only theoretical.  They really do not want to trust their fellow citizens with real sovereignty.  They would leave the States as only toy republics, while holding all real powers in the Federal government where their control is greater, i.e. where their money can purchase control more easily.


Their dishonesty is here fundamental.  They are literally blind to the world.  They see it only in narrow little slices of rationalizations.  The CAT scan reveals the brain is gone, literally gone, but they do not comprehend.  Later it is reported that “she was blind.”  Wrong!  She was not blind.  True the part of the brain that processes images was missing, but so was everything else.  She was not blind she was gone had been gone for years but they kept her body animated because they can not see what they are doing. 


They can turn on the switch and get power to their lights but how the energy was transported, how many ranchers and farmers were required by sovereign authority to sell their property, for just compensation, to allow the power line to transit to the city is all mysterious to them.  They find the transportation system agreeable, but how it was built is unknown, they are inheritors not builders.


Then layered over this fundamental blindness of these gas bags, dishonesty.    There is the daily dishonesty of their asserting limited egos, their bellies, their wallets.   Yes, of course they know about the burglary but if they reported what they know their supervisor, Jack Swanson, would fire them, or he and his powerful friends who control the media would exert their influence to make sure “you never work in this industry again.”  So they say nothing.


But this fact, in their minds, has nothing to do with their condemnation of Moslems for their supposed dishonesty . . . that they have concealed crimes, continue to conceal crimes right through the day of my death, that they are themselves liars and hypocrites . . . that is . . . is . . . different in their minds.


And I suspect that the manufactured outrage over the Schiavo and Kelo decisions was just more propaganda serving the interests of the political operatives who hope to influence the next Supreme Court vacancy.  The mass manipulation of symbols in bad faith for the purpose of gaining state control and for no other purpose.  Fascism.  And so we end up again at our starting point for this was exactly the point I made in the Last Letter (see Last Letter at the Moynihan) and which made me the target of Weiner and Owens and then the others who joined in, Krasney, Imus, Mrs. Jack Swanson . . . and on and on . . .    


I have to let go.  Go on your own way now, bouncing along the stream of life, liars, killers, monsters, and lovers . . . go on . . . and on, and on, lost . . . God bless you too . . .



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Reply To:
To:  Dr. Dr. Howard Allen Pearson
Subject:   Information about Don Imu
Date:  Mon, 11 July 2005 18:26:55 -0400
CC:  <senate


Date:  07-11-05


To:    Dr. Howard Allen Pearson

          Professor Emeritus Pediatrics

          Yale University   


From:  Plinio Designori, Magistor




Re.   Imus Watch:  07-11-05


Dear Dr. Howard Allen Pearson;


You do not know me but for a number of years I have been targeted by Don Imus.  Whenever I read how Don Imus has hurt someone else I write to them and offer what information I have about Don Imus in the hopes that his other victims will benefit from knowledge about my experience.


Therefore, I invite you to visit my web site, , where I have described how Imus has harassed and oppressed me for these many years.   


My troubles began when I inadvertently came to the attention of Don Imus and a number of other figures in the mass media.  Starting in 1988 I wrote some letters to the U. S. Senate about the importance of technology in education.  (These letters are available for review at my web site just follow the links to the Math Project Archives and the New Ruskin College Project Archives which are located in the Moynihan Memorial Library 


My letter writing campaign was a success only in the sense that I did manage to attract public notice.  Unfortunately not for or in the way I had intended.  Rather than focusing on the use of laser disk technology in education many people, including Don Imus, focused their attention on me.  On me as an individual.


I will not here bore you with the details but is suffices to say that over the following fifteen years, even though I stopped my letter writing campaign, years ago, these people, including Don Imus, have followed me from place to place, job to job, harassing me, oppressing me, in short they have driven me to ruin and despair.


In 2003 I set up my web site in the hopes that they would leave me alone.  They have not. 


My hope was that by making their actions public people would come forward and testify against them.  No one ever came forward.  I am all alone.


I wish you good luck with your law suit against Don Imus.  





Lecture Notes:  07-11-05




Do you recall how moving, how prophetic Don Imus was in the months leading up to the massacre at Srebrenica?  Remember?  Day after day one man and his microphone as he used all his powers of persuasion to get the Clinton administration to move.  And Michael Weiner?  Remember how he rallied the nation?




That is because it never happened.  Neither of them cared.


I remember seeing Yvonne (I had gone back to seeing her after the Last Letter) and telling her what a disgrace the Clintons were.  Recall that at first they had claimed they could do nothing because they did not want to interfere with the Russian election.  “But now the Russian elections have come and gone,” I said, almost shouting, “and still they do nothing!”  


That was a day after a rocket exploded in a market killing 75 people.


No, Don Imus and Michael Weiner did not care about the people of  Srebrenica.  Surprise!


For the next ten years these two would harasse me from job to job, place to place.  Burglary.  Electronic eavesdropping. Vandalism.  Sabotage. Public humiliation. Oppression for me.


But nothing for Srebrenica.  (Later during the idiotic Kosovo campaign, (Clinton would not allow ground troops so the killing continued for months), Weiner championed the cause of the killers, the Serbs, such is his hatred for the Moslems.  (The VICTIM rejoiced in the killing of the innocent.  (And what is this but another denial of the Holocaust?)))


And Sedge Thomson and the Red Comedian?  All these creeps who worked so hard to torment and oppress me?  Do you think these Post Liberals at KQED pushed the Clintons to do something about Srebrenica?




They did their best to destroy me, but they did not themselves have anything to offer.  No recommendations.  No insights.  No thoughts at all.


Nothing to say about the first World Trade Center attack.


Nothing to say about the attempted assassination of Mr. Bush.


Nothing to say about Srebrenica.  Nor would they have anything to say about Kosovo, or Somalia, or Rwanda, . . . or Iraq . . .


But do you not believe that they feel morally superior?  Of course they do.  They let a million die, be hacked to death in Rwanda, just as they let them die in Srebrenica . . . but hey, they are liberals, of course they feel morally superior.


And Weiner?  He is a VICTIM it goes without saying that he is morally superior no matter what he does.


And Imus?  Yes of course, the egotist, never a moments doubt because never a moments thought, never a moment of reflection . . . Imus, Imus, Imus is the only thought in his soulless emptiness.


Ironically Ron Owens did support the action in Kosovo, from the air, at 30,000 feet, of course.  Many callers called to complain.  One caller kept saying “you are a warmonger, you are a warmonger, you are a warmonger . . .;” this is what passes for discussion of the “issues” in the Bay Area.  They are liberals so they are not expected to argue, reason, persuade.


Finally after another round of “you are a warmonger” Owens hung up the phone and said, “What next, the anti-Semites?”  See?  Ron Owens is a VICTIM.  His grand parents were killed in the Holocaust so anyone who disagrees with him is an anti-Semite, or very nearly.


A lot of American families lost family members in World War II but they are only victims of the war, they are not VICTIMS in Owens’ or Weiner’s eyes.


And the people of Srebrenica?  I mean the survivors?  According to Michael Weiner “only the survivors of the Holocaust can be called survivors.”  See?  No?  Because only those survivors are VICTIMS.


Ten years on the survivors of Srebrenica are still only Moslems they do not count they can not be VICTIMS.


And for Imus they do not count because they do not summer in the Hamptons, they do not negotiate his next contract, they do not even select the items for page six;  they are nobodies.


Imus, Weiner, Thomson, the Red Comedian, Ron Owens, and the Post Liberal Bay Area, the egotistical, selfish, . . . these are the people who have harassed and oppressed me, driven me to my death.


I go to join the people of Srebrenica, Rwanda, Iraq who were abandoned to their graves by the Post Liberals. The lefties continue to report the terror strikes in London and Iraq as if they were the result of Mr. Bush’s policy and not the result of their own decades of selfishness and cowardice. 


The Iraqis have now been saved from their oppression no thanks to Imus or Weiner or the Post Liberals. 

The hysteric Weiner and the egotist Imus and the
Post Liberal Bay Area would have abandoned them too, but they have been saved.  (Of course the cowardly and  hysterical Imus and Weiner are all for cutting and running. Cowards!)  


But the people of Iraq have been saved from their oppression no thanks to the egotists and cowards and hysterics.  Good for them.  I do not begrudge them their good fortune.  God Bless them.    





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Reply To:
To:  Senator Voinovich
Subject:   Death at KQED
Date:  Sat, 09 July 2005 10:16:35 -0400
CC:  <senate

Date:  07-08-05


To:  Senator Voinovich                                    

        U. S. Senate

        Washington, D.C.            


Note:    This is your copy.

            Please send Senator Voinovich

a copy his email is not working.


From:  Plinio Designori                                     




Subject:  I protest Voinovichism



“I have heard what you do to some of your listeners.”

---  Senator Hatch, on the Don Imus radio show.


Dear Senator Voinovich;


 . . . (continued at the E-Mail Archives, The Out Box, at The Moynihan Memorial Library)


From:  <
Reply To:
To:  Senator Hatch
Subject:   My Death
Date:  Fri, 08 July 2005 13:27:37 -0400
CC:  <senate

Date:  07-08-05


To:  Senator Hatch                Note:    This is your copy.

        U. S. Senate

        Washington, D.C.          Please send Senator Hatch

                                                a copy  his email

                                                 is not working.

From:  Plinio Designori                                     




Subject:  My death



“We'll all have to trust each other," said U. S. Senator Richard Lugar, R-Ind., the committee chairman.


Dear Senator Hatch;


If you are reading this then I am already dead.


I would guess that you were not shown this email until after the coroner’s inquest.   . . . (continued at the E-Mail Archives, The Out Box, at The Moynihan Memorial Library)












Lecture Notes:  07-07-05


Codicil to the Will.


I will post a photo of cherry blossoms with a black border.  When you see this you will know I am dead.


I ask  if you should investigate my death, and determine that things are as I have alleged,  that you take action against those who have wronged me.


Distinguish between those who merely commented upon these events, (Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, George Will, Sam Donaldson, Chris Matthews, John Roberts, Tim Russert, Al Franken,  etc. etc.), and those who took an active part in instigating the actions against me:  Michael Weiner, Don Imus, Mrs. Jack Swanson, Ron Owens, Michael Krasney, Sedge Thomson, The Red Comedian, (he would want me to use his name), and all those who worked directly with them at the same stations and networks, Bryan Wilson, Rosie Allen, Dunbar, Weygand, Rodgers, Baxter, McGurk, McCord, etc.,  and the management of these villains, Mr. Jack Swanson, for one, and the others who allowed their licenses to be so misused, to hector and vex, and oppress a man to his death. 


From the grave, in the name of justice, in the name of our common humanity,  I ask that if you agree that they have used their broadcasting licenses perfidiously, maliciously, unjustly that you take their broadcasting licenses away from them.


I ask that you resell the licenses and give the money to a foundation, The Murdoch-Watts Foundation, for the promotion of health and human decency, justice and wisdom.  (To the extent that my death itself may induce others to choose this path a portion should also be devoted to suicide prevention.) 


Make Public Broadcasting and ABC and Viacom and the others pay for their wrongful conduct, and in justice devote the money raised to helping humanity.  Taking guidance from the writings of Murdoch and Watts I am sure The Foundation’s board of directors will know better than I how the money should be spent.  (I recommend that Jack Kornfield and Yvonne, and George Will and William F. Buckley, Jr.,  jointly decide on the board of directors.)     


It is difficult to know what arguments should be made but my time has now run out.  I beg for justice. 


Note that in life they did not dare contradict me.  I have previously offered into evidence the keywords  recorded here at this site, but you may also check the logs of domains:  NBC and CNBC have visited.  The FCC.Gov has visited.  By inference the domains from Parsippany New Jersey can be checked against GAB Robins where it is headquartered.  (Like Farmers, State Farm, CENCAL, Dean Sodos, Scott Bobro, GAB Robins name appears on the search log.)


In life Michael Weiner, Don Imus, Mrs. Jack Swanson, Ron Owens, Michael Krasney did not challenge one word they read here though they have often made covert references.


They impudently and cowardly hid behind our unjust and twisted society knowing perfectly well that the rich and powerful are safe from justice.


What they have not fully considered is that justice might still be done even after my death.  They conceitedly thought that upon my death that they would be safe.


Show them that they are wrong.  Show them that justice may still be done.


I pray from the grave for justice. 


--- The Colonial Motel Suspect






Lecture Notes:   07-06-05


Mill Valley


There is a police officer in Mill Valley who has been asking local children to hit my car as they walk by.


Apparently the plan is that I will react to the provocation and then he hopes to step in and arrest me for abusing the children.


One question.  What if the man in the car gets out and shoots several of the children before shooting himself?


Using children?  How could anyone with an ounce of sanity think this a good idea?


The policeman hides near by when the children pass by.  Of course he is armed.  But why take any risk? 


Then too, there is the question of entrapment.  You think the man is suspicious, so you set up an altercation to try and arrest him.  What a plan!  Create a potentially dangerous situation with several children then pounce, gun drawn . . . your tax dollars at work.  (Counter Strategy:  Strategy?  What strategy?  I am going to be dead in a few days.  What do I care what the little brats do to the car?  Key it for all I care.  I am dead already.  I do not respond.)


I used to like to think about all the people I have helped over the last 25 years.  I used to imagine them hearing my name and saying, “Hey,  that’s our insurance adjuster!  Remember . . .  after the fire . . .”  or  “. . . after the accident . . .”  or  “. . .  remember he drove us down to the motel after the fire  . . .”


For example, I worked on the earth movement claim for a former mayor of Mill Valley.  The elderly couple had built a second story on their hill side home, (all homes in Mill Valley are hill side homes), and they had for a number of years been adding concrete pillars, steel cables, huge anchor blocks, all in an effort to keep their home from falling down the side of their hill.


These are exactly the people that Alan Watts used to criticize.  “They build these geometric grids of streets, all perfectly straight and regular, and they insist on imposing this geometry everywhere, even here in Mill Valley where it is very hilly;  there is an 800 meter mountain here.  But hills are not straight and geometrical, they are curvy. And things on a hill naturally want to go down the hill.  So all their homes are sliding down the curvy hills.”


But these  are just the kind of people  who have been elected mayor.  These are the kind of people who control the power.  And their home is sliding off its foundation.  I got the assignment because VIP, (former mayor), and because earlier that day the City of Mill Valley had red tagged the home;  meaning that they had to leave at once; an emergency; but the elderly couple refused to leave.  The City Manager asked us to help persuade them to leave.  So I was given the task. 


I met with them and explained the legal situation, (this was after Garvey but I do not remember which Garvey was in effect, (there were three Garvey decisions from the California Supreme Court, (Mr. Garvey being a U. C. law professor, (of course it is just this multiplicity of rulings which causes the law to be regarded as unreliable by the layman, including laymen who run insurance companies.))))


I took their statement after obtaining their signatures on a Non Waiver Form.  Obtained engineering reports.  Searched the building records.  Took inventory.  Wrote and obtained estimates . . .  came to know the former mayor and her husband, their children, the contents of their home, the history of the building and their lives in that building, . . . we established a good working relationship.  I helped. 


And yet . . . now I am looking at a Mill Valley policeman crouched down behind some parked cars, watching, and some children are walking past my car hitting it as they pass . . .  and I do not respond . . . perhaps I should?


When Ron Owens was laughing on the radio about people not bathing the same day, my dispatcher called me into the office so he could smell me . . . that bitch (Owens’ wife?, mistress?) at Gymboree had complained.  The night before she had had me waiting at a bar for 45 minutes at 8:00 pm, this an ending to what was at that point a 12 hour day, and I do not think it was an accident.  I think she and Ron Owens deliberately kept me waiting that night;  and then worked up the idea to complain to the dispatcher: ‘He smells’. (You know?  “Stinking Jew!”(How do you like that Gentile?  How do you like being called . . . etc. etc. (Ah, revenge.)))  I did not respond.


That idea probably originated in Ron Owens’ mind when a few days before I had stopped going to a local health club after a homosexual harassed me in the locker room.  The previous day Michael Weiner (a.k.a. Savage) had gone on at some length during his program describing how he had taken the Larkspur ferry and wondered up to the windows of the health club and looked in at the people working out inside . . . .  Then the next day after the incident with the homosexual, (I had said nothing but indicated by my manner that I was not interested and the man said, “Hi!” and wondered off), but apparently he, or someone watching had reported back to Ron Owens, for that morning Ron Owens was on the air advising the proper way to deal with homosexuals in a gym locker room . . . I did not respond.


When Michael Weiner stole my notebook from the Colonial Motel, and the San Rafael Police were following the “Colonial Motel Suspect,” and Michael Weiner was reading from the notebook on his program, and then Mrs. Jack Swanson, and Bryan Wilson started talking about it, and then all the other on air “personalities” joked about what I had written in my notebook, . . . and when the three men followed me into the theater, and one of them started walking back and forth in the isle behind me . . . I did not respond . . .


When Frank Blaha  at GAB Robins gave me  assignments in Clear Lake and others in San Francisco;  gave me twice as many assignments as the other adjuster, (the gentleman from Fiji, who had no prior experience as a property adjuster), and when the GAB secretary went through my briefcase, and even when Don Imus started reading my emails that I had sent Frank Blaha . . . I did not respond . . .  


Surrounded by my enemies . . . when two weeks ago Mengus advertised for the insurance adjusters and ignored my calls . . . I did not respond . . . But these are the people  who win at life . . . Are elected mayor. . .  The rich and powerful . . . they control all the levers . . .


What can we do?


After the Red Comedian (he would want me to use his name) started making references to my sister and a place near Mill Valley called Green Gulch Farm a Buddhist community I went there to investigate.  Alan Watts had had some connection and I was interested in seeing if there was anything left, an echo perhaps.


They had a group meeting called the Alan Watts Society or some such.  So I went and listened to a talk by a “street priest” who was accompanied by his associate, both homosexuals.   There were two English girls who were visiting the area, and studying Buddhism I suppose. And I made the company five.


After the talk about Alan Watts the “street priest’s”  associate, launched into a long and frankly bizarre monologue filled with innuendo and dull invective, hissing with contempt and only slightly disguised hate, and ended his performance with something to the effect . . . “Oh, sure, you can be a big businessman in  . . . in . . . insurance, drive a big fancy car, (I drove an old Thunderbird at that time), think you have everything . . . advise Presidents about war, and, and . . .  write a lot of letters to the Senate . . . but then you realize that you are nothing,  . . . and you come here to study Buddhism and atone for what you have done.”


There was a moment of silence then the English girls burst in to laughter.  Then recovering, one asked, “Are you serious?”


God bless English girls.


The “street priest” then said later that he was working on “laser disks” with Alan Watts’ lectures.  I did respond to him.  But he denied knowing anything about my letters discussing the role of laser disks in education.


I remember the night was foggy and cold.  Drizzly.  The smell of Eucalyptus. 


Later, years later, I one day decided to stop visiting Green Gulch Farm in Mill Valley.  It struck me all at once that from the very first night I visited the place to that very moment there had been this hissing dishonesty . . .


There is a story about a famous student going to visit his famous teacher.  He found the teacher “surrounded by a thousand angry barking female dogs.”  I told Yvonne that I finally understood the meaning of that phrase after visiting Green Gulch Farm.


Reb Anderson the one time abbot said mildly once, that he knew sometimes people misbehave but if one tries to intervene they will just be worse.  Doing by not doing.


So the kids pass by.  The policeman waits a few minutes then leaves.  Doing by not doing.


The former mayor of Mill Valley?


She ended up suing the insurance company.  The company called me to a big downtown law firm to meet with the company’s attorney and the “senior regional adjuster” from Los Angeles who had taken over the file.  They wanted me to call the former mayor and make a ridiculous low ball offer.  Just made up.


I called the insured and with the attorney and the “senior adjuster” listening in asked if they had obtained the estimates that we had previously agreed they would?  “No” was the answer.  “Why not?”  “We want you to make an offer,”  was the reply.  “But how would you know?” I challenged, “if you do not get an estimate?”  The attorney and the “senior regional adjuster”  looked at me like I was crazy.


The conversation ended  like that.  They would, as had been agreed before, obtain an estimate.


I was excused.


The attorney and the other adjuster, my “superior”, had wanted to take advantage of the good rapport I had established with the dear old couple and try to settle the claim for a low ball sum.


I did not.


Later I learned that they claimed that the other adjuster did make a low ball offer and sued for bad faith. I gave a deposition.   


Do you suppose the insurance company thanked me for keeping them out of trouble?  Did that attorney put in a good word for me?  I had a long career with the company after that?  Do you think so? 


But I thought this is how we had all agreed to work together?  No?




What amazes me now is how shameless you all are.  Chris Matthews actually wanted people to know that he knew about all of this.  As did Phil Matier at the SF Chronicle and that bald fat dope with the Sacramento Bee, and all the people at KQED, KGO, KCBS, KSFO, and now KNEW.  They actually want people to know that they know what Michael Weiner and Don Imus and Ron Owens and Mrs. Jack Swanson and Michael Krasney  . . .  what they and what all of the rest did to me over these years . . .


CENCAL and GAB Robins and Farmers have all visited.


Scott Bobro and Dean Sodos have actually entered their names along with McGurk and Imus. (Now that Imus has been taken off the local air he has stopped entering his name.) 


You want people to know how dishonest you are.  (Like that Mill Valley policeman crouched down behind the parked cars. )  You are proud of yourselves.  And more!  You justify yourselves with all those rationalizations:  your victim status, or because I misspelled a word, or that I am poor, or just that I have been targeted by others, that itself is enough for you.  Amazing. 


This is what amazes me.


That “street priest” is proud of his dishonesty too.  Street Buddhism.  The ‘street’ is his rationalization.  


“When will we say enough is enough?”--- Gene Burns


Soon Gene Burns, very soon. 


ps  Over a year later,  I explained to Yvonne that I had come to understand the meaning of “a thousand angry barking female dogs”; the following week I attended a talk at Green Gulch Farm by a young woman.  In her talk she quoted “the old Latin saying:  ‘Dogs bark at strangers.’”  I wondered . . . Yvonne? . . .  Yvonne!  --- but I wasn’t a ‘stranger.’  By that time I had been going there for over a year . . . but then perhaps I have always been a stranger  . . .  someone should study this:  failure to connect and suicide. 



In retrospect I now see that the Mill Valley Police already knew that the target of their ‘set up’ would not harm the children.  Of course!  They had already visited this site.  And now that their attempt has been exposed their following me, the stakeouts, the attempts at entrapment have all stopped.  Who set them up to it?  Michael Weiner?  Yvonne?  Peter Coyote?  Jack Swanson?  Members of the San Rafael Police or Marin Sheriff?  We will never know.  Obviously some very powerful people would like to discredit me.  Would like nothing better than for me to commit my “protest” under a cloud,  with a “criminal record”  involving “children” . . . etc.  What could be better!  “Oh, that fellow,”  they will arrogantly scoff, “He was caught by a Mill Valley Policeman!  Caught him red handed . . . they did . . . fortunately a Policeman was just happening by . . .  He was attacking children!  Can you imagine?  What a monster.  Deranged!  He was unemployed you know. Who will believe a word he has written? . . .” etc., etc.


But some of our visitors would have known the truth ---- but would you have told anyone?  Even in death will you still keep your silence?






don imus




imus in the morning




michael savage




duane garrett








lloyd lindsey young








rosie allen




don imus in the morning








gab robbins




history of don imus




kgo duane garrett




michael savage




don and mike




listen to imus in the morning




don imus




dean sodos








don imus bio








imus in the morning




duane garrett suicide








bernard mcgurk




imus in the morning .com




don imus hate




dwayne garrett kgo








scott bobro




imus bernard mcgurk




New Urbanism Link

This book will tell the story of how having children has become the dividing line between the solvent and the insolvent, and how todays parents are working harder than ever and falling desperately behind even with two incomes. It is also the story of how this state of affairs is not some unavoidable feature of the modern economy, or, for that matter, the inevitable by-product of womens entry into the workforce. Two Income Trap {And note how exclusionary zoning which restricts access to the good school districts, and opposition to school vouchers, work together to artificially raise real estate prices. And to think --- you still call yourselves Liberals. Liars. Cowards!}



Lecture Notes:  07-03-04


I got called back to a second interview.  As I left I thought to myself, “The last interview.”  I have been doing a lot of “the last”.


I was overjoyed to be called back for the second interview.  A great burden had been lifted.  There is a future!  I have a chance.  I was suspicious, of course, but there had been no sign in the first interview that I was being targeted again.


Hard to imagine someone out there does not know . . . but there were no  . . , there was no evidence . . .


I did not get the job.  But in the low I realized that this is what makes my death a protest and not just another suicide.  I want to live.  I choose to die.  I protest . . .


Last month I reported that the manager had made a witticism when I paid my rent.  I suppose the manager heard about this site from the same people who contacted her to rent the adjoining unit.  Michael Weiner would make comments on air about weight lifting just after I had worked out with the weights, or about people who pace just after I was pacing . . . or  . . . well you get the idea. 


When I confronted my sister, ten years ago, about how the things I had said to her were being repeated on KQED, (e.g. “well, like the man said, ‘The mass media is a hydra headed monster’ ”) ,  she assured me that this was just an example of “Cosmic Consciousness”.


Cosmic Consciousness may not sound like a very plausible explanation but then you should not be so pragmatic, so utilitarian.  You may think that the value of a lie is to be found in its believability.  Why should that be the standard? 


Why not evaluate the lie on its ‘artistic’ merits?  It may not be believed but is it not still a very beautiful thing, this:  Cosmic Consciousness?  Why can’t we judge a lie on its esthetics? has been visiting this site.  Then two weeks ago I got a call from the clerk who took my application.  This a year later.  “Just checking on your . . . . (cough) . . . status . . .”  was his explanation in the voice message.  I sent an email, “Thank you, . . . etc..  . . . good to hear from you.”


Then too Mengus has been running ads for “ property insurance adjusters,  many positions, field, telephone, supervisors . . . needed immediately.”  But not for me.  They will not return my calls or respond to email.  Shut out.


Oh, the injustice!  (But this is the part of the story you do not care about.)


I want to live.  But I will die to protest this.


When I finally recovered from the discovery of Yvonne’s betrayal, after those first two weeks,   sat and rocked back and forth in my rocking chair, on the back porch, what beautiful sunsets that year . . . It was spring, the days got longer, blue gray mornings then those sunsets, yellow and pink, reds, then purple to dark blue . . .


The VICTIMS banquet


I found Yvonnne’s resume on the internet from a college where she had lectured on Buddhism,  and I entered the key words.  Background check.   I was stunned to see the number of anti-Semitic web sites that it brought up.  Her whole life was caricatured  there in site after site.   The Foreign Jew.   And the “new age” alternative psychology,  well even psychology itself was on the enemies list, for those sites.  From foreign born, to studies abroad, group therapy,  on and on, for example one key word was Tavistock, . . .  amazing.  I had heard there were such places on the internet  . . . but here they were.


There were also a large number of Jewish hate sites.  Not anti-Semitic sites but sites expressing Jewish hatred.  One common refrain was something to the effect that ‘we forced your leader to commit suicide and we will force you too . . .’ 


At the time I was looking for information on Yvonne’s life and skipped over the hate sites and studied the sites associated with her.


But now, fifteen years later, the ‘we will force you to commit suicide’ seems more relevant.


Scott Bobro at Farmers smirking into the telephone, “Now he probably thinks I work for the J.D.L.” also seems more relevant.      


My point isn’t that there is no anti-Semitism, there is, I have seen it with my own eyes.


Not that there is no racism, or homophobia.


But this story is not about those wrongs.  This story is about a White man who has been harassed by Blacks.  The property manager is Black.  This is a story about a Straight who has been harassed by Gays.  The clerk at Kelly is Gay.


This is a story about how Scott Bobro was encouraged to harasse the Goy at Farmers.  How Michael Weiner followed me for years, burglarized my room at the Colonial Motel, used electronic eavesdropping equipment, (placed in a neighboring unit provided by that same property manager), how Ron Owens, and Michael Krasney, used their influence with the former Mrs. Dr. Dean Edel, among others, to harasse, to oppress . . .


And this story is about how Don Imus, hearing about all of this, found it all so “amusing” . . .  and somehow got Mrs. Jack Swanson to join in the feast . . . what influence? . . .  though I do not suppose it took much persuasion . . .  “Oh, I’m vicious,” ---


You like those other stories better.  How the innocent Gay is harassed by the Straights?   So the Gay harassing the Straight can even parade under the banner of “justice” or at least retribution.


Rosie Allen prefers  the stories about the innocent Blacks tormented by the Whites.  But put the other way around . . . well  . . . who cares?  (For example, for years the San Francisco Chronicle would not report on the beatings, the arson, the crimes committed against the Asians in the S. F. Public Housing.  The Asians testified but the media refused to report the racism.  (Not reverse racism.  It was just racism.  The racism of Blacks for Asians.))


And the Jews harassing and oppressing a Goy?   Don’t you see?  That was what was so “amusing” to Don Imus.  See?  The Jew oppressing a Gentile!  That is funny,  no?


And all of this is the story, my story, to which you say, (in the words of Gene Burns), “no” to. 


But that is what I say to you:   No!


For what is suicide but:  No!


I have reached my limit.


Go torment someone else now.






Lecture Notes:  07-02-05

Specimen of a showman,  whatever his true name.


Yesterday we published a list of common keywords.  Today we have:





Linds Lindsey young




See the Linds not Lloyd?  Someone else trying to get in on the interest?  


Of course there is no way of knowing for sure but as was noted earlier who else but Mr. Young would be entering  his name? 


For example Don Imus has stopped checking in every day with his name.  Has there been a sudden drop of interest in Don Imus or has he just gotten bored leaving his name in the “keywords” section?


Mr. Young presents himself as this jovial fellow, on the air, but then he has to doesn’t he?  He is the weatherman.  


Did he enjoy being mentioned so many months ago and has been checking in all this time hoping for another mention?  Or perhaps  he has found this little way to harasse a fellow human being, a suicide, and craves the pleasure of cruelty before my death?    


Recall that Al Franken learned of this web site and started making references.  Why?


A suicide has been harassed for fifteen years, driven into poverty and ruin, and Al Franken thinks it would be good fun to poke him one or two times before he is dead.  Why?


And in Mr. Young’s case he has none of the protective armoring of VICTIM status.  He can not excuse himself by claiming he is just “get’n even with the Man,” or Gentiles, or men in general, or straights . . . whatever class of resentments that can be found to shelter the guilty conscience.    


Recall Bill O’Reilly shouting back that we are “just lint . . .  no talent . . . . just lint,”   (this an apparent response to my comment that they could treat us so shamefully because we are not even human beings, we are just dust to the rich and powerful.  (See?  Lint not dust!))


But O’Reilly and Young, like Imus, can not make themselves out to be VICTIMS. 


No doubt they have stories they tell themselves to justify themselves. 


Or perhaps not.  Just plainly admit that they are SOBs?


And what was the “no talent” about?  Bill O’Reilly is a showman.   It is all about showmanship, talent.   Thoughtfulness?   Wisdom?  Insight?  What are these qualities to a showman? They can not be seen on camera?   Bluster, bravado, make up your “facts” it maters not to the showman.  Just continue the bellows until the next break.


So it does not really matter if Mr. Young is typing away at his keyboard or not.  He or someone else is busily engaged in one last harassment one last poke.  Certainly it would not surprise if the affable “weather guy” was just another ‘on air personality’ who tries to conceal a vicious sociopathic personality, consumed with superficial ‘on air talent’  while desperately trying to hide the dirty little secret that, as with  Weiner, Imus, O’Reilly, Franken,  the ego has drowned inside them in its own venom and left only hate and maliciousness. 


don imus


imus in the morning


don imus in the morning


rosie allen


lloyd lindsey young


russ weiner


don imus bio


Jim dunbar ted wygant kgo radi


i hate aaa




beau dietl lies


cencal insurance



The problem now, says Roach, is that the consequences of normalising interest rates become more and more severe as the property bubble gets ever worse. The resulting moral hazard dilemma -- the assumption that the Fed will not dare hike rates too high because of the dire consequences that would result -- reinforces the belief that low interest rates are here to stay, further fuelling the bubble until a random event triggers an implosion.




Lecture Notes:  07-01-05



Here is a very good article on global bubbles:


Global Analysis:  The Trouble with Bubbles is that the Economy Suffers When They Pop

By Allister Heath

The Business,



What is still missing in the analysis is the examination of the  influence of government on the bubbles.  The Fed is an arm of government but there are many other ways government has caused the bubble.


For example consider that the bubble is worst in the Blue States and weakest in the Red States where zoning and building  codes are less restrictive.  The Blue Cities of Boston, New York, Chicago and San Francisco  have artificially restricted supply and have therefore amplified the bubble.


These cities are the very same cities which were identified by the economists Glaeser and Gyourko as being the most restrictive on the housing market in their  study, (see paper no. 1948. Edward L. Glaeser and Joseph Gyourko  The Impact of Zoning on Housing Affordability, link:  )).


But even more fundamentally what is still missing in the analysis of the bubble is the basic market dynamic.  Everyone tries to escape the market.  Everyone seeks to place themselves outside the demands of the competitive market place.


However, only the powerful are able to extricate themselves.   Yes, the rich of course.  And the trade unions to the extent that they are able:  nowadays this means public employee unions and the few private companies which have large capital investments which are difficult to relocate overseas and are therefore vulnerable to union action.


Unfortunately it is impossible to gain anything more than a temporary respite from the market.  For the market tells us not what people say they want but what they really want what they really think.


For people are horrible liars.  Not that they do not lie well, they do, but that they lie all the time and often for no reason at all.  They will say they wish you well but really they would just as soon you burn in hell.


The rich for example know that the cost of housing should be no more than the cost of land, plus construction, plus interest on the capital.  But why settle for such banalities when, by controlling the state, one can then control the market, and then, exercising such sovereign control one can reap usurious profits,  ransoms such as once were paid by shipwrecked princes and sultans, profits such as weighed down Cortez’s men and sank them to the bottom of  lake  Texcoco?




And the gold is still there at the bottom of the lake, under the foundations of Mexico City, for in the end you can not after all take it with you.


This is why bubbles burst.


You can manipulate, distort, twist the market but in the end the truth will out. 


Gore Vidal likes to remind us that the Venetians maintained their corrupt brutal rule of Crete for 800 years.  True.  But not anymore!


You can manipulate the tax laws to favor owners at the expense of renters, (and do it in the name of Liberalism, for sure, claim you are trying to build a “kinder gentler America”,  yeah ,  yeah, sham on).


You can usurp  the People’s  sovereign power and down zone, and down zone, down zone five times in the last three decades, and drive up the price of housing beyond the reach of the People.  (The average home in the Bay Area is now four times higher than what an average worker in California can afford to pay.  (And this ! . . . was what the Liberals did to the People!!))


“ . . . In general, higher-income households that can easily afford to own a house without such subsidies get the bulk of the benefits.


  Last year the National Bureau of Economic Research published a paper by two Wharton School economists, Todd Sinai and Joseph Gyourko, who used data for the U.S. 2000 Census and other sources to compute the subsidy per owner-occupied unit in each state in 1999.


Unevenness Soars


  That subsidy ranged from a low of $2,240 in North Dakota to $12,759 in Hawaii. Among metropolitan areas the disparity was much greater: $26,385 in San Francisco-San Mateo-Redwood City, California, and a scant $1,541 in McAllen-Edinburg-Pharr along Texas's Mexican border. Some East Coast areas also had huge subsidies and many in states such as Tennessee, Ohio and Louisiana got little benefit.


  Given what has happened to home prices on the two coasts since 1999, the unevenness of the value of the combined tax breaks has soared.


  It's clear from the Wharton economists' study that the extremely rapid rise in home prices in some high-income markets and the subsidies, including the mortgage-interest deduction, feed on one another. Certainly the existence of the deduction encourages purchase of larger, more expensive homes.”  --- It's Time to Drop the Home Mortgage Deduction: John M. Berry   May 19 (Bloomberg)  (


You can block us at every turn.  Drive us into poverty.  . . . Oppress us . . . How long beyond my death your reign of insults and viciousness will last, how long I do not know.


But I know that in the end you can not take it with you. 


In the end you must sink down into the mud, and disappear under the reeds in the water, a bubble here and there, and then just the sunlight again on the surface, then only the  swaying of the reeds in the breeze . . .  the waves gently rocking them . . .  






*     *      *      *      *      *      *

Link to Human Action by Ludwig von Mises

Whereas the attacks on the United States of September 11, 2001 underscored the gravity of the threat posed by the acquisition of weapons of mass destruction by international terrorist organizations; Whereas members of al Qaida, an organization bearing responsibility for attacks on the United States, its citizens, and interests, including the attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001, are known to be in Iraq; Whereas Iraq continues to aid and harbor other international terrorist organizations, including organizations that threaten the lives and safety of American citizens; Whereas the current Iraqi regime has demonstrated its capability and willingness to use weapons of mass destruction against other nations and its own people; Whereas the current Iraqi regime has demonstrated its continuing hostility toward, and willingness to attack, the United States, including by attempting in 1993 to assassinate former President Bush and by firing on many thousands of occasions on United States and Coalition Armed Forces engaged in enforcing the resolutions of the United Nations Security Council;