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New Ruskin College Lecture  Hall:

History’s judgment rendered today!  





Lecture Notes:  08-30-05    

Betrayal V 


Brian Lamb interviewed George Bush (41) one last time, (one hopes), a few months ago.  It was only an hour long interview but it seemed, as with all Mr. Lamb’s interviews, to last much, much longer.  (Mr. Lamb learned his interviewing technique from years of taking depositions.  (But he never seemed to realize that though people have to sit through depositions, they do not have to endure Mr. Lamb’s interviews.  Where did you go to school?  What was your major? What was your grade point average?  Do you have any letters of recommendation from your professors?  Which ones?))    


However Vietnam did not come up for discussion until just a few minutes before the merciful end.  Mr. Bush put it out that he thought the second most important lesson of the Vietnam War, for America, was that when we go to war we should never stop short of victory.  And what was the most important lesson?, Mr. Lamb asked. 


When we go to war we should support the government, the troops and the war, Mr. Bush declaimed with resolute finality.


And it was indeed final for then Mr. Lamb brought the interview to an end, along with, one hopes, Mr. Lamb’s career as an interviewer.   


Here you have in a nutshell the absurdity, the full moronic nature of American public life. 


Isn’t that just the point?  What are we supposed to do if our ruling elites decide to administer a war, not trying to win, just administering it, year after year, grinding down the conscript army, simply to protect themselves?  Not protect themselves from the enemy! No,  not at all.  Just administering the war to protect themselves politically!


What if we had an elite so alienated from the people, pursuing its own interests after 20,000 of our young men were killed, and then continued on  to administer the war for political cover, so they could not be said to have “lost Vietnam,” as another 20,000 died?  And then still thinking only of itself, following out its own political logic heedless of the consequences which befall those “others,” the people, in the flyover territories, as another 20,000 of our brothers the conscripts were killed? 


Can you imagine such a bastard elite running a  nation?  Can you imagine an elite so removed, so alienated from its own country that it could go on year after year pursuing its own selfish  interests?  Can you imagine that? 


Can you imagine a duller, dumber, more mind numbing interviewer than Mr. Lamb?  Well, no.  But he typifies the American public discourse.


For Mr. Lamb did not ask George Bush (41)  what then should we do if our government were to fall into the hands of such a calloused elite, so indifferent to the people as our sons and brothers and fathers and uncles were sacrificed by the politicians in Washington? 


The whole point of the problem,  ‘What then should we do?’ is left unasked.  Un-thought even.   And this is absolutely typical of American public life, the George Bushes:   Things should be a certain way, and we should therefore act a certain way.


But what if the circumstances are not that way?  What if the assumptions are wrong?


‘Well, they should be.’ is the only answer the George Bushes have for us. 


And what makes America so devastatingly, so mind numbingly empty, is that we  have no one to ask such inconvenient questions for us.  (Yes. Good bye Mr. Lamb.)   


For example the current occupant of the Oval Office wants us to consider how to save the Social Security System.  We have previously described how the “system” is arranged: 


The top 20% of “recipients” have non Social Security incomes of over $75,000, control 50% of the national income, 60% of the financial assets, but all of this is not enough, we must add every month additional payments, which are taken from the wages of 3.3 workers, whose  “contributions” are taken from their  less than $35,000 (the national median) incomes, to buy the support of the elite 20%.


This transfer of income, from these lower class workers to these wealthy individuals we are told is the crowning achievement of the “New Deal.”  And if the unfairness of the “system” is pointed out, (assume the conversation is allowed to progress that far), if we strip away the lies about “contributions” and “trust funds” and “lock boxes,”  (just suppose the discussion is permitted to go that far),  we have it explained to us that we have to pay these rich people because if we did not transfer the incomes of these much poorer workers to these wealthy old bustards, then these rich people, the whole class of rich powerful people who control our country, would destroy the Social Security System.


We have been here before.  What land is this?  Vietnam.


In other words the argument will boil down to just this explanation, (assume a democracy in which open discussion is possible, (use your imagination)):  


This income transfer from the poor to the rich is a bribe paid to the elite.  It is a fee which we must pay to the elite so they will allow the Social Security System to continue.  For if the elite did not get its end it would destroy the Social Security System and no one, not even the 66% who would be in poverty without Social Security;  no one would get any assistance.


And if you are thinking no, no, our elite is not as cold hearted, as selfish, as cruel as this, then I say:   remember Vietnam.  The unexamined assumptions.  The unasked questions.  The elite pursuing its own interests at the expense of the people, or at least at the expense of the conscripts.   


(You can do such things with conscript armies.  Grind them down, throw them away, for the conscript is a kind of slave army.  (There is a difference.  One can be ground down and constantly refreshed.  One can be abused, sent on a fools mission for years, a decade. (But tell me, do you know how to command a professional army?  Ever done that before?  Or is your experience confined to slave armies?)))  


As a consequence of our success in arms in the Twentieth Century we created a global system of free trade.  And as a consequence of this free trade, (only made possible because of the People’s Navy),  American workers have increasingly come under competition.  (Victims of our success.)  First manufacturing labor came under pressure as the produce of the world began to spill into our ports.  And now as the process has continued more and more sectors have experienced this increasing competition. [Business Week  Outsourcing Innovation]  And many have complained about the dangers.  [Paul Craig Roberts]


But it is useless.  There is no discussion.  Nothing.


I had thought that some statistics speak for themselves.  3.3 workers for every  1 retiree.  What else need be said?  


But the discussion is brought to a quick end.  The Rush Limbaughs, as empty headed as can be imagined, pronouncing that “Social Security is not a welfare program” ends any possibility of honest discussion.  Yesterday he advocated the “savings accounts” as a replacement for Social Security which he decried as a “forced savings program.” 


In other words just backwards.  The proposed accounts are “forced savings.”  The state requires that you save the money.  It is forced on you.  The Social Security program is not now a savings program it is a welfare, income transfer, program.  (Not just a transfer to the poor but from young workers to the top 20% whose incomes are over $75,000 as just explained, for the hundredth time.)  Limbaugh does not know what he is talking about.  But like Mr. Lamb he is absolutely typical of American public discourse.




84% of Californians can not afford the median priced home in the state. 


10,000 applied for 400 jobs at Wal-Mart in Oakland.


$145,000 in debt for every citizen of the United States.


And what answers do we get? 


That when we go to war we should support the government.  That we should have “savings accounts” for Social Security, even though these will do nothing for the pending shortfall and the Democrats, in any case, are unwilling to discuss any reform.  The Marin Senators think savings is “risky”.


We are encourage to believe that open borders is the proper response to the 3 million (Time magazine) who cross our southern border.  (The number from other ports of entry is unknown.)


That exclusionary zoning is a necessity, even commendable.   That the national debt is  just numbers on paper”, . . . That racial quotas are good.  That High School graduation standards should be the same for the 50% of students whose IQ is less than 100,  as they are for students with over 115 IQs who are less than 17% of the population.  That a ‘college education’ is the solution to America’s labor problem, which is a lie for only 17% can succeed in college no matter how hard they “apply” themselves.  That we can not “impose” a government, even a caretaker government during the transition for the writing of a new new “Iraqi” constitution.  That we can only hold suspects for 72 hours in Iraq as in Kansas.  That the 40 hour week is a “thing of the past.”   That we must bribe the rich to pay the old age pensions to the poor.     


As I say useless.  No explanation. No reason. 


What planet have I been living on?  I saw the pictures of the famines and wars.  I saw the photos of America in the Great Depression, of lynching, saw but thought what? 


That we were all of us committed to doing something? 


I’ll write about laser disks and then . . . kill myself.  I will explain why self paced instruction, choice, is so important in education.  Explain why “one size fits all” is wrong . . .


There is just this emptiness . . . they do not speak for themselves.  They are mute.  It is impossible to reach out across this void . . .


I see the thousands of visitors to this site and wonder that though many must no the truth about what has been done to me . . .  nothing . . . but how could I have thought otherwise?  Did I not see the piles of corpses?  Did I not see the proud man’s contempt?  I saw them spit on the others but thought?  Not me?


Is this all not the same?   There is no one.






Lecture Notes:   CAT


A catastrophe is about to hit New Orleans,’ is what the headlines say.


But you do not know the half of it.


For example if there are $30 billion of insured losses how much money will be deposited into the accounts of the crooked underwriters and insurance company executives and their bag men, the corrupt insurance adjusters and their contractors?


Let’s see.  80% of the claims will be adjusted honestly so that amounts to what, $15 billion of the losses?  Most claims are small.  (This is true in health insurance also.  The president of Blue Cross said that 90% of his claims were under $2,000. (There are implications for our public policy discussion of health care which I will not be able to go over with you.))


So who will get the remaining 20%?  The other $15 billion?  Who do you think?  Many of the smaller companies will assign these files directly to the adjuster.  This is the first clue.


And the take?  10%?  $1.5 billion in fraud.  $750 million to corrupt underwriters and executives who assign the files, and the other $750 million to the adjusters who “document” the loss.  This is the second clue.  These adjusters will report work schedules which would require them to work 26 hours a day inspecting losses.  How do they do it?  


Their contractor “friends” “help out.”  In Los Angeles I was surprised to learn how many Canadian contractors had immigrated to the United States.  Then I realized that they had “come down from the North like wolves”  with their “friends” the Canadian adjusters.  Thereby the unpaid tax subsidized the claim operation, (resulted in an increase in the earnings of the adjusters).


The insurance companies used the Canadians because they did not have to take withholding taxes from their payments.  Independent contractors.  Nor did the Canadians report the income to the Canadian government either.  (see The IRS and the Illegals from the North at the Moynihan)


And soon they will all be meeting again in Louisiana.  GAB Robins, Crawford and Company, all the adjusting companies.  Recall for example that Frank Blaha when not harassing me had an adjuster who was given the wind damage claim for a hospital in the Marianas.  An adjuster in Concord California given a file in the Marianas Islands?  Don’t ask me, ask Mr. DeLay, or that colleague of his, the one that was just indicted.  


Now, some may say,  ‘well, see here if this is bad as you say surely there must be someone in the insurance companies looking out after things.’  Perhaps now is the time I should explain reinsurance to you?  You see if the claims total more than a sum certain, say $500 million for a company like Farmers for example, that means that after paying out its $500 million the reinsurance company pay everything else, including the corruption.  Not much of an incentive to be watchful is it?


(Even in normal claims handling the companies have not done their due diligence.  Have you never wondered at the body shops being raided by the police?  The charge?  They were defrauding the companies.  Where were the adjusters?  That is just the point.  The companies now simply pay the body shops without adjusters at all.  They have turned it all over to the police, i.e. cost transfer to society, for again, the premiums have all been adjusted, upward, to protect the companies. (And please don’t think the insurance departments are looking out for your interests.  They are not.))


Then you might reasonably suppose that the Names at Lloyds will then look into the loss of $1.5 billion.  Ah, the Names.  They are not what they used to be.  Many are in over their heads.  Then too just think about our previous lessons.  Class, what have we learned here at New Ruskin about market allocation of costs?  Yes, Yvonne.


Counselor:  The market redistributes all costs through the price mechanism.


So this corruption, this is not the first time is it?  The corruption it turns out like taxes, and energy, etc. is just another cost of doing business.  The corruption tax has already been collected in the premium.  The Names are protected already.


Yet still, they could save $1.5 billion  if only  . . . if some how . . . but how?   That is the question.  Possibly some Names might try and band together to demand that Lloyds or  . . . or . . . well who?  That is the question.  The State of Louisiana?  They could teach the adjusters a thing or to.  Oh, oh, wait a minute, I know,  the IRS!


Oh, no, remember I tried that and the IRS gave my name to the very company they had asked me to assist them in “investigating”? 


We could tell the President!  That some illegals from the North are coming into the country illegally . . . ah, no, I don’t suppose he would care about that or for that matter about the $1.5 billion either.


And if he did what could he do?  Direct the IRS to  . . . what?  Consider that for years billions of dollars are being taken year after year and the IRS has never been able to find the money.  Now, in the middle of a storm they are going to go after the very criminals they have helped protect? 


No.  I do not think the Names are going to find it any easier this time than in any of the other thousands of times that over a billion dollars has been taken from their pockets.  Just who do you think is making the assignments?  Do you suppose that the honest adjusters are feeding each other files, or does it not sound more likely that the corrupt adjusters will work together?  Of course, the corrupt have a common interest, their share of the spoils $750 million.


There will be thousands of jobs created by this catastrophe but do you suppose my phone will ring?  Don’t talk to me about free markets, let me instead tell you some truths about your society, and you.  For has this corruption not also sprung from the same silence with which you have greeted everything else?


So while this adjuster in San Francisco will be sitting down in front of the KQED building, the corrupt adjusters will be descending on the storm victims. 


Ironic.  No?


And you?  Let me guess.  You will say nothing.


You do not want what has been done to me, done to you.






Lecture Notes: 

     No Safety Net


I previously explained that I have a psychological “glitch,” a tendency to stay too long with things, situations, watching, waiting to see what happens, collecting data, analyzing, hypothesizing possible explanations. 


For example I stayed with Marlene for 19 years when arguably we should never have been together in the first place.


Or, for example, I went back to see Yvonne a second time, (a 2nd time!), after she had conspired with her “friends” at KQED, had betrayed Marlene and me, had continued to lie to me for months afterwards,  how stupid is that, encouraging me to listen to Garrison Keillor’s program and his little messages . . .


And after the Red Comedian made his little witticism I continued, about my sister Susan and what . . .?  Something about Zen.  Zen?  Allan Watts lived in Marin . . . what could that mean?  Analyze, analyze,


Counselor:  (Anal.)


How is that?  Yvonne!  Please you are not allowed . . .


Counselor:  Oh,  . . . I forgot.


It is your parentheticals that caused all of this ----


Counselor:  Yes, yes it is all my fault.


I am too patient. 


You see I have to be very careful.  Mustn’t jump to conclusions  . . .


Being an insurance adjuster was very agreeable.  Collecting information, analyzing the data, preparing reports, offering considered judgments . . .  and I got to meet people.  And I met people under the most extraordinary  circumstances.  I would often check them into a motel ---


Counselor:   . . .


Ah, after their homes burned down, or something . . . or in the hospital . . .


I met people from all walks of life.  The doctor who had just rear ended someone----


Counselor:  See!


Please Yvonne.   People hit crossing the street.  Or people who had just hit someone crossing the street.  In Oakland.  At 2 am.  Drunk.


I met people all across the country . . . but I digress . . . so I thought to go to a Zen center in Marin where I thought Allan Watts may have visited, Green Gulch Farm.  After I went back to see Yvonne the second time after a year, one Sunday morning five different people came up to me and made some reference to something I had said to Yvonne.


I wrote a letter to Reb Anderson the Abbot.  Then a few days later attending a class at Green Gulch it occurred to me that the class was strangely quiet.  Reb Anderson entered the room and sat down, a moment of silent meditation, then looking around, commented:  “I sense some tension in the room . . .?”


Oh, no, I didn’t jump to any conclusions!  I never do!   Collected more data,  test the hypothesis.


In the letter I quoted Yvonne’s comment about Green Gulch during its period of “trouble.”  Mr. Baker the then “Abbot” had in Yvonne’s words been “fucking all his dominant females.”  Monkey consciousness.  I also pointed out the stories about Green Gulch as described in Zen in America.  For example, there was the story about Jerry Brown, then the Governor of California having drinking parties at Green Gulch and the “Head of Practice” being tasked to pick up the Mumm’s  champagne bottles that were strewn  about the place.


This was my thinking:  Some of the inmates of Green Gulch seemed to know what I had said to Yvonne, yet they were not willing to come forward.  Why?  I know, I’ll write to Reb Anderson, the Abbot, and see what happens.  Collect more data.  . . . Sounds like a good idea?


There was dead silence in the class.  Reb Anderson looked around.


This was before, years before, David Horowitz wrote his biography where he mentions the Bay Area and Green Gulch Farm, and describes  how Mr. Brown the “Abbot” “gave refuge” to Huey P. Newton and aided his flight to Cuba to avoid drug charges.  Horowitz reveals in Radical Son that Newton, in route to Green Gulch Farm, stopped on the Bay Bridge and dropped a revolver into the bay which he had just used to kill an 17 year old prostitute, the same gun which had earlier been used to kill a police officer.


In other words the Green Gulch Farm inmates gave “refuge” to a cop killer, who ‘ran’ prostitutes, and had recently killed one, just a few hours before, dropping the gun in the bay before joining them in his flight to Cuba; they also had sponsored Jerry’s drinking parties; they covered up Mr. Browns sexual troupe, his malfeasance, betrayal of the Dharma; and thus his betrayal was their betrayal for they kept silent, covered up, acquiesced in the abuse.  (Rule one of all cults:  never criticize the cult.)


And Reb Anderson looked around the stony silence of the room, left right, (he also has a photographic memory, (memorizes everyone’s name so he can call on any of the 50 or 100 students, by name)),  “ . . .  what’s going on . . .? . . .  is there some tension . . . ?”




And Reb Anderson had himself made some references to what I had said to Yvonne; which I had made supposedly in private to her alone.  For example, months earlier two inmates had been talking to each other but in my presence, for me to hear (?), “I think it is so pathetic to have to pay someone to listen to you . . .”


Next I saw Yvonne I related their conversation and admitted the truth, it is pathetic isn’t it?


Then the next week Reb Anderson speaking to the group at Green Gulch commented that “every relationship costs something.”


I was very enthusiastic.  Ah!  We have a relationship, Yvonne and I!  A “relationship.”   


But this is what I mean.  I collect data.  I watch.  Don’t want to jump to conclusions.


Everyone was silent.  No one had anything to say. 


How could I have supposed that anyone would come forward?  The first time I visited Green Gulch I attended a “meeting” of the ‘Alan Watts Society’ with two Zen “priests” or a “priest” and his butt boy.  (see Lecture Notes: 07-06-05 Mill Valley  )  They were from the “Hartford Street Zen Center” in “the Castro” of San Francisco.


Because they are “Gay” they have a right to lie, organize harassment, torment, destroy another’s life.  Or if one is “radical” or if one has seen the “truth” or Dharma, or if one is a member of any other subject class, Jew, Woman, Black, or Green, Third World, any of the aggrieved, one has the privilege, permission, “right” to twist justice to his aims, his ego’s satisfaction.


Indeed, all you really have to do is get angry.  Consider for example the anger against AIDS and the demand that the scientific method of double blind experiments be abandoned and the “treatments” be given directly to those in need.  This policy, enacted in anger and frustration, has now been dropped.


Why?  Has the anger all gone?


Some day we will return to “contact tracing” for contagious diseases, or rather for AIDS, the only contagious disease we do not use contact tracing to fight.  Why the only disease?  Oh, righteous anger.


Next consider, dear reader, how many have died for want of a scientifically tested treatment, in want of contact tracing?  How many have you killed?  What?  Oh, you object to that pronoun?  Your silence does not make you complicit in those deaths either.  Oh.  How very lucky you are.  It seems you can never be held to account for anything.  How I envy you your rationalizations,  . . .  of course, I mean I envy your reasons!  Yes, yes of course.  Have it your way.


So yes I have this glitch.  I spent too much time collecting data, making sure, I didn’t want to accuse Yvonne wrongly.  Or Marlene.  Or any of you, sitting there in stony silence.


Then too I was mistaken from the first.  I thought this was just happening to me.  I imagined that there was some justice elsewhere.  That you were treating each other differently, possibly when I was out of the room. 


There was “refuge” for Huey P. Newton, who had, just hours before killed a 17 year old prostitute in Oakland, the place where I had helped people whose houses had just burned down or who had just been in a car accident, but there was no refuge for me.  Huey P. Newton was aided by the Zen Center, the cop killer was helped to escape justice, but not one person came forward to tell me what they knew about Yvonne or the others.


They let me know that they knew.  Not unlike so many in the media who have over the years let it be known that they knew about the burglary, the many times my employers were persuaded to let me go.  I concluded that at Green Gulch the motivation may have been to tell me that they thought it was ok, that they had considered it and did not think it wrong for Yvonne to betray me, or for Michael Weiner to burgle my notebook (see Stolen Notebook at the Moynihan). 


They had considered it all and they thought it was fine.  (And this may also have been my sister’s motivation.  The San Francisco painter wanted me to know she too thought it just.)  And the class at Green Gulch, the stony silence,  they too thought it just.


No one came forward.  And even then I hypothesized that it was still just me!  I conjectured that I was caught between the Leftists, like the friends of Huey P., on the one side and the Rush Limbaughs on the Right.  But this too has been shown to be false.  Null.   No, not just me.


This is the world.  There is no net. 





Lecture Notes:  Why did they jump?


Better to ask:  Why didn’t they jump sooner?  What kept them hanging on so long?


No doubt they had some story they were telling themselves.  The firemen will come.  A long ladder?  Helicopter. 


As I look back at my life there is an astonishing since of release.


Oh!  God!  It wasn’t just me . . . after all?


I too had a series of stories which served to explain the world for me.  All this must be because when I was nine years old my teacher told my mother that I am retarded.  This explained why the students made fun of me at school.  “You were held over?  Are you a retard?” 


And this also explained my brothers and sisters.  It explained everything.  The universal explanation.  I got my first pair of glasses when I was fourteen.  My brothers and sisters regarded this as a great embarrassment.  What’s wrong with him?  And my parents?  It must be me again, I let them down early on.


When things started going badly with Marlene, and though we had been together 19 years,  for years I thought, this must be because of me.  I assumed it was just me.


That is how life is for me.  What can you expect?  You are retarded!


Whenever things get difficult my mind always wonders back to my earliest memory of trouble.  ‘Your teacher says you are retarded.’  All life was judged against this fundamental fact.  This was the explanation for everything.


Of course, it is clear now that if the other children had not ridiculed me for being a year older they would have ridiculed me for something else.  My brothers and sisters would have been the same no matter what.


Marlene was following her own course quite independent of me.


It is as though the world had been veiled from me by my explanations.


I created  this constant excuse for it.  They appear harsh, cruel, obnoxious,  but it must be because I am retarded or something? 


Now the veil is drawn away.  This is how they really are.  It has nothing to do with me.


For example, I always felt that there must have been something in my letters which caused Yvonne to betray me, for the people at KQED to inveigle Yvonne to bring us down to their studio.  Something that I had written with which they disagreed.  Or the way I wrote?


It must be me.  Something I said.


NO, fool.  Nor the Last Letter neither.  Nothing.  Nothing I did, nothing I said caused these cretins to harasse me.


Whew, what a relief.


I simply attracted their attention.  One person heard something, said something to someone else.  They had no arguments.  There was no reason.  Nothing.  Word got around.  And then when I criticized Yvonne in the Last Letter it was not the criticism, it was just the additional attention which it had created.


One thing led to another and fifteen years later  . . .  Michael Weiner, Don Imus . . .


There is nothing that I did.  This is just how life is.  People are like that.


From the beginning to the end. 


Cruel. Stupid. Vulgar.


I had always thought of some explanation.  I always looked for some reason.  Something about me.  Something that I did.  The way I relate, or don’t, with people.  Searching for some clue to explain what is going on.  And if your own thought process is brought into doubt, as mine was at the age of nine, you always have to search yourself, double check what you are doing, what you are thinking. 


Watching yourself once, twice, even three times.  For how do you know that after you have double checked yourself you should not check again?  Remember you are retarded.   It must be me. Always searching for some reason, some story to explain what is happening.  Why are things going badly?  For it is when things are going badly that we search for explanations.  When things are going well we tend not to inquire very deeply into the causes.  Will except good fortune if only due to luck. 


Now I see the world for what it is;  without explanation or reason or theory.




But I will not strike out at the world.  I will demonstrate how not to strike out blindly, for how would you know when to stop?  When would you have done enough killing?  3,000 in the WTC?  Is that enough? 


This is one of the problems with the President’s “kill them over there so we do not have to fight them over here.”  If you have no strategic goal in mind, no professional military plan,  no aim other than just to “kill”, how will you know when you have  killed enough?


Killing people is not a very effective way to create social change.  (That is not what the military, war, is all about.)  Killing just confuses the dumb bastards even more than they are, makes them even more emotional, irrational,  moves them even further away from reason.  


I will kill just one person to show you that I have seen through the veil, this  is not me.  I have been singled out, Weiner followed me, obsessing on me,  harassed me for years, Imus, Mrs. Jack Swanson joined in, and thought they were tormenting someone.  What fun!  They thought I existed.


When Michael Krasney called me at the AAA Auto Club he thought I was on the other phone.  Ron Owens rejoiced in humiliating someone he thought was me.


And they have all been mistaken.  And all the rest looking on, adding their jibes, they thought they were taunting someone, or not, thought that they were letting someone be destroyed . . .


I will show you all that you have been confused.  There is nothing here.  Watch.


For years I was like you are now.  I thought that there was some reason or  explanation.  There is nothing. Watch.




Look  . . . geese!






Lecture Notes:  August


“Well . . . enjoy your failure . . .”  --- Armstrong and Getty, the morning morons on KNEW, 08-24-05


Statements like this sound homosexual to me.  Because snide, glib, superficial . . . feminine. 


Counselor: . . .


. . . Women are . . . said to be more verbal, to have greater “social skills”, greater range in their ability to deal with competing social demands, etc. (vain, susceptible to flattery). . .


And homosexuals are said to be more “female” for some of these very same reasons.


But the morning morons on KNEW are not homosexuals.  At least they do not trade on it if they are.  Ron Owens is another example whose snippy put downs have always made me think Queen.  Perhaps he will come “out of the closet” and leave his wife and daughters. 


That has become a pattern.  The “closet Queen” walks out when they become teenagers.  Become an Episcopal Bishop, the son joins the Taliban, or;  I’m confusing stories. 


I suppose that it is unfair to homosexuals. ??  Or not.  Some I think would appreciate their reputation for being able to “dish it” with the best of them.  But what does it say about our culture that heterosexuals now compete to “dish it”?


“Well . . . enjoy your failure . . .  Don’t you just hate those people who always have some excuse,  I’m failing but let me explain why . . . they have a whole explanation for how ‘the system’ is set against them . . .?  well . . .  enjoy your failure.”


It is like the weatherman on KSFO.  It is embarrassing to even  acknowledge them.  Which is why for years I tried to ignore them.  Even after the burglary.  I thought someone will come forward and give evidence.  You can not cover this up. 


Anyway what can you do?  The police are part of it.  They were following me for months after the burglary, referring to me as the “Colonial Motel Suspect.”  And as the years went by they escalated.  Michael Weiner, and Ron Owens used Scott “now he probably thinks that I work for the JDL” Bobro at Farmers.  Michael Krasney used Rose Guilbault, VP,  at the AAA Auto Club.  Mrs. Jack Swanson apparently knew the owners of CENCAL, and of course Don Imus had Frank Blaha at GAB Robins.   


But Armstrong and Getty  do not want to be left out the day I kill myself in front of the KQED building.  They will high five each other on air the next morning.    


Yesterday, Lee Rodgers was condemning the management of ABC’s WMAL  for  the firing of Michael Graham.  “I would never work there.”  Yet not four days before Mrs. Jack Swanson explained on the air that she would use her influence to have Christine Craft taken off the air.  (Using her influence.  Her husband the station manager.)  Why?  Craft had called her an “idiot.” 


You can get taken off KGO for telling the truth?  Mrs. Jack Swanson is an idiot.


What was Lee Rodgers’ point?  Was he not by implication asking ‘Who would work for KGO?’  He was expressing his contempt for the cowards, Rosie Allen, Ed Baxter, Gene Burns, Bernie Ward, etc. who knew about the burglary, the years of harassment, and said nothing out of fear of retaliation by management? 


Yes.  Lee Rodgers and Mrs. Jack Swanson are contemptuous of their cowering colleagues.  In other words Rodgers is a hypocrite. He enjoys the protection of Mr. Jack Swanson, even as Swanson keeps Rodgers’ colleagues in fear of their jobs.


Champions “free speech” for the hate filled Graham but does not want the truth spoken about Weiner, Mrs. Jack Swanson, Imus et al.


But we are passing hypocrisy. 


Michael Weiner, Lee Rodgers, Mrs. Jack Swanson will daily advocate nuclear genocide of the Moslem people, the destruction of whole cities.  Rush Limbaugh only asked why we were not considering “carpet bombing Iraqi cities.”  Mrs. Jack Swanson advocated “bombing them back into the stone age.”


And then they claim that the Moslems are violent.


Weiner advocated “random acts of violence” against Moslems.  Recommended that “random acts of violence” be perpetrated anonymously.  


And so it goes.  Is that not what was done to me?  Random acts of violence?   Anonymously?


But of course they were all indignation that Michael Graham  was dropped for his repeated assertion that all Moslems are terrorists, that “Islam is a terrorist organization”, failing to make any distinctions.  (We kill terrorists don’t we?)


Indignation about the loss of “free speech?”  Glorying in triumph over how these rich powerful people have used their influence for fifteen years to destroy me.  Glory?  For example in Michael Weiner’s twisted neurotic view it has been a fair fight.  How fair?  Well, come on, I am Gentile!  I am 6’2”.  A WASP!  Don’t you see that makes it fair.


Don’t you know what those Gentiles did to the Jewish people?  And I have blue eyes too.  Remember that?  Blue eyes!  A NAZI!  See?  And Mrs. Jack Swanson also thinks it has been fair.  Why I am a MAN!  She is just a weak struggling female.  She was raised a feminist.  Get EVEN!  Before she used her influence at CENCAL she had tried to get Rush Limbaugh taken off the air back in the 1980s.  And now Christine Craft. 


But of course Rush Limbaugh raised Mrs. Jack Swanson’s fist in a victory pose at a recent event.  He will go on for hours, three hours a day, putting it out, ‘Go on do your worst  liberals, you can never do anything to us, you know why? Because we are White Males and we can take anything you can dish out, go on do your worst.  Because we are stronger, better, smarter, than you, you can never hold us down, you know why because we are White Males.  That is right we will just work harder, faster, smarter than you and you will never be able to keep us down , you know why, because . . .’


Shut up Rush.  I am just begging you.  Please, just shut up.


There is something beyond hypocrisy.





Christian cleric issues a fatwa calling for the killing of the Venezuelan head of state. (Drudge)




Lecture Notes:  Suicide Research


Suggestion for suicide research:  Correlation between cop suicide and corruption.   Cop suicides may be an indicator of corruption in their jurisdiction.  What do you do when the “good guys” are the bad guys?  Who do you report to?  Not everyone is a Frank Serpico.


In my case the President of the United States has taken notice of this web site.  Senators have taken notice, some Senators have even taken the side of my oppressors, (Hatch and McCain).  Senator Kerry repeatedly went on the Imus show during his campaign.  After I applied for a job with the new Governor of California, Mrs. Jack Swanson made a reference to my application.  Even the new Governor has someone on his staff who leaks to her.


So where do you go from there? 


This is why we should research police suicides.  They join to help, to do good, and then they discover what I have discovered, the utter degradation, corruption, of society.


They find that the world is Empty.  No truth or justice, just ego, greed, delusion, hate.


Where do you go from there?




ONE DOWN: Michael Grahams termination appears to come from his repeatedly calling Islam a terrorist organization and for not distinguishing between the practices and beliefs of Islam and the acts of terrorists and radicals. (R&R-Drudge) But what about the burglary? The fifteen years of oppression?



Separated at birth?


Lecture Notes:  Popcorn


After Michael Weiner began reading from my stolen notebook, and then Mrs. Jack Swanson and Brian Wilson, and Ed Baxter, and the morning guys at KGO, Wigand and Dunbar, I wrote a note to Yvonne about the burglary.


At that time I didn’t appreciate how hopeless my position.  I had no chance.  This was January 2000.  I thought Yvonne would share the note and then as the burglary became public, people would talk, someone would come forward and Weiner would be arrested.  Justice would be done.


Now I understand that I am in another class.  It does not matter that everyone “knows” that Michael Weiner is a burglar.  The rich and powerful are protected.   Ordinary schlubs like me have no rights. But I came to realize all of this only later.


Then Garrison Keillor did a thing about popcorn on one of his broadcasts.  He had made many comments, references to my letters, and seemingly to Yvonne, (Yvonne had encouraged me to listen to Keillor’s broadcasts),   so I wondered if this  too was not a reference to the stolen notebook.  (see Yvonne’s story at the Stolen Notebook Archive at the Moynihan.)  So I included this question in my note to Yvonne:  why did Keillor reference popcorn in his broadcast?


A few days later Christine Craft on KGO coughed and apologized that she had choked on a piece of popcorn.  But, of course, she never came forward.


Recently she called Mrs. Jack Swanson an “idiot” and encouraged listeners to attend a counter counter protest, (Mrs. Jack Swanson was staging the counter protest,  (yes, I know, Northern California politics)).  Mrs. Jack Swanson immediately, as soon as her next turn at the microphone, went on the air and condemned Christine Craft for calling her an “idiot” and for encouraging protesters to the counter counter protest and further, she, Mrs. Jack Swanson, would speak to Mr. Jack Swanson, the station manager, and have Christine Craft taken off the air. 


And so it goes.  Other than that one reference to “popcorn” Christine Craft never came forward.  She must have known about the burglary from the other employees of KGO and Mrs. Jack Swanson and Brian Wilson had been talking about it the first Monday following that week Michael Weiner had first begun reading from the stolen notebook, which was less than 24 hours after the burglary.


Craft is an attorney.  An officer of the court.  And she has helped cover up a felony.


After Yvonne betrayed Marlene and me, after the Last Letter, I wanted nothing more to do with politics.  If your life could be destroyed, your privacy violated, complete strangers could organize themselves to oppress you, and for nothing, for writing some letters about laser disks in education, then I chose not to participate.


But that was not enough for Michael Weiner.  For years following the Last Letter in 1991, he was following, harassing me.  Making covert references.  Stalking me. I once caught him in Berkeley.  He had followed me from Marin.  Weiner is a lunatic.  But then Ron Owens and Michael Krasney joined in.  Then Imus.  Then Mrs. Jack Swanson. Then Imus again.  For years this went on, fifteen years.


Soon I will be dead.  I tried to get out after the Last Letter.  And then even after Weiner and Owens and Krasney, after years and years I tried to go on, to make a life.  Now and then I marvel at how optimistic I had been in 1992, trying to start a new life for myself after Marlene.  How did I have hope?  I have no idea.


And after I am dead no one will know about the time Christine Craft mentioned “popcorn” on the air.


Mrs. Jack Swanson will have Craft taken off the air. 


Weiner will harasse and oppress some other target.


People will say of me, ‘He had some kind of problem with Jews, didn’t he?  I hear he was anti Semitic.  And then there was something about the Bell Curve, wasn’t he a racist too . . . and then he complained he couldn’t find work . . .  well who would hire him?  He had a web site for Christ sake!  All he did was complain.  Oh, yeah, I know people like that!  Who would want to hire someone like that?’


And the unfairness is galling.


And the hypocrisy.


And the class system that protects my enemies.


And the hypocrisy.


I am grateful I can escape this human wasteland.   




Lecture Notes:   Lynch Mob


What’s the big deal?  Don Imus and Michael Weiner just call it street justice.


Ron Owens and Michael Krasney don’t have a problem with it.


Didn’t employees of KQED and KGO join in.  And others too, Scott Bobro of Farmers and Frank Blaha of GAB Robins?  The mob.


Is that Rosie Allen?  And Ed Baxter kicking?


And see over there?  That is Mrs. Jack Swanson pulling the hair?  What?  Oh, she calls that "caboossing."  You know from the rear.


No, there is no surprise here.


Oh, and look, Senators Hatch and McCain cheering the mob on.


What you thought the “good citizens” would come forward?


What are you . . .an idealist?  Haven’t you ever watched a mob kill someone before? 


Yes you have.  Kill him . . . kill him . . .


using a variant of the 107mm Katyusha rocket, fired from a lightweight tripod, in pairs. This is bel

Haaretz reports that the militant Islamic terrorist organization Hezbollah has 12,000 Katyusha rockets deployed in Lebanon capable of striking all of northern Israel. (Claremont Institute)

The autism epidemic that never was New Scientist | August 13, 2005 | Graham Lawton There is evidence, for example, that as the California autism numbers have risen, diagnoses of mental retardation have fallen. Researchers at Boston University School of Medicine in Massachusetts have found a similar pattern in the UK. This effect, dubbed "diagnostic substitution", cannot explain all the increase but is one example of how diagnostic fashions can skew the data.

Is there an autism epidemic? Doesn't look like it 30 Jun 2005, First, it is important to appreciate the history of autism and how autism has been diagnosed suggest authors Morton Ann Gernsbacher, Michelle Dawson, and H. Hill Goldsmith.One purpose of the report is to make the public aware of these less restrictive diagnostic criteria. Second, although a California study claimed to show that these diagnostic expansions didn't contribute to the increased number of diagnosed California cases from the 1980s to the 1990s, the authors of the Current Directions in Psychological Science article identified a serious flaw in the unpublished California study's reasoning.Finally, according to the authors, a third reason not to believe in an autism epidemic involves the U.S., Department of Education's annual "child count" data . . . Medical News



Lecture Notes:  08-19-05


The Ugly American


Senator McCain, (McCain see 4-28-05, Lecture Notes: 5-18-05,  Lecture Notes:  07-18-05  Protest,  Lecture Notes: 07-21-05),  was on the television, (of course), explaining that America’s involvement in Iraq will not be complete, a “success”,  until he can land at Baghdad airport and drive to the city center in a “ordinary car, you know not armored.”


In other words Americans will just have to go on dying until we remake Baghdad into Phoenix.  Again McCain called for more troops.


What an ass.


At the center of the Middle East,  a region where political assassination, terror, civil war,  are more common than elections, America must go on fighting remaking an entire civilization by force of arms, until that glorious day when Mr. McCain can pick up his rental car at the Baghdad airport and motor into town.   He would suffer our young people to go on dying for this, his limited, idiotic vision:  the Phoenix Airport.


What an ass.


Yet no one challenged him.  He was a POW, did you know?  His every pronouncement is treated as if it were issued from his cell in the Hanoi Hilton.  Our great leader has spoken.  He suffered so much for us!  In prison so long!  And all for us!  Tortured.  For us!  We owe him so very, very, and very much!  Therefore every utterance, no matter how superficial, or incoherent, ridiculously absurd, is assented to because HE was a prisoner of war.


Recently Tom DeLay when asked if a Congressman, (Duke Cunningham),  who was discovered living on a government contractor’s yacht, the very same contractor who had recently purchased the Congressman’s home for $700,000 over the market price, might be in breach of “Congressional Ethics”, replied that the Congressman was a “hero,” as if this were proof, an answer, as if Mr. DeLay were making an argument, engaged in moral reasoning, instead of being merely another example of Emptiness.


There was a poem by a Russian dissident that went:  “Heroes, heroes, heroes,  heroes, heroes, heroes, heroes,  heroes, heroes, heroes, heroes,  heroes, heroes, heroes, heroes,  heroes, heroes, heroes, heroes,  heroes, heroes, heroes, heroes,  heroes, heroes, . . .” 


So the gadfly McCain is allowed to set the goal for America’s involvement in Iraq, to define “success,”  and there is nothing that can be done to challenge him.  For he is a hero.  He was a POW, did you know?  There is no reason.


We have a President who has said that he does not want to “impose” a government on Iraq, and instead negotiated  this weak political process, where the parliament must be disbanded if “The Constitution” is not approved, to be replaced by another, and another, in an empty desultory plan extending far out over the political horizon into a political wasteland.  The President will not even try and speak about the war, discuss the reasons for it, review the facts.  Even he has given up, appears to want to ‘distance’ himself.


And our young people in Iraq are abandoned.  Led by their Commander In Chief who refused to take responsibility for bringing the conflict to a resolution; BY OUR ACTS ALONE.  Says he did not want to “impose.”  Now the resolution to the conflict is entirely in the hands of the Iraqi parliament which is to be dissolved.  Possibly “The Constitution” will be approved, possibly it will not be approved.  No one knows.  Its fate is to be decided by “the voters” of any three of the 18 provinces.  


Did I say its fate?  Well, yes, and the fate of our young people.  Though I suppose better by them, whoever they are than by McCain.   And we have gadflies like McCain setting our goal as one of turning Baghdad into Phoenix.  And no one objects.  He was a POW, did you know?


And when I sit down on the sidewalk in front of the KQED building in a few days, to complete my protest, there will be before me this uniform blur of liars, fools, idiots.


Top to bottom.


Crawling around on the bottom the likes of Scott (“now he probably thinks that I work for the J.D.L.”) Bobro, or that  clerk at who visited this site several times before calling me and asking about my “status.”  And above them the people who manipulated Scott Bobro, and Frank Blaha, and  Dean Sotos;   the Don Imus’ and Michael Weiners;  the rich and powerful.


And above them, at the top of the social pyramid of folly, George Bush and John McCain.


I had thought we were in this together.  All citizens of the Republic.  McCain’s grandfather and my grandfather had fought together.  We are both Republicans. 


Then came his betrayal:  McCain, appearing on the Imus show, thought it a good joke to reference this web site.  A wink at Don Imus.  As if to say, ‘Good for you Don . . . good work . . . you destroyed that man. Congradulations.’   One egotist to another. This was after Senator Hatch appeared on the Imus show and said:  “I have heard what you do to some of your listeners.”  Another egotist to another.  (see also William Bennett’s butt boy:  “I think they called it  . . . Operation Spear . . . or something like that.”  see Army Navy Club Number 43 )


And that McCain and Don Imus and I are all three of us “White males” and that because of this fact we are all supposed to be part of the same ‘club’ only adds a little irony to the farce.


A uniform blur of idiocy.  And that I have held out this long on hope, what is that but more idiocy?  I had believed in the goodness of ordinary people.  Then I had still thought that Senators, The President of the United States, they will not abide injustice!  A fool.  But I can not stand alone.  If Presidents and Senators will join in then how can anyone stand?


How can any of you stand?  If you will deny me justice how can you claim justice?  When the next bio-attack comes, and you are murdered in your millions, tens of millions, how will you demand justice, you who have lived so unjustly, rejoiced in your injustice, gloated and smirked in your “viciousness”?  (“Why do they hate us?”)


Marlene, Susan, and Yvonne.  Betrayal after betrayal. 


No I can not live without reason, without justice.  How can you?   


Yes, The Ugly American.   



What is your Diagnoses?

WASHINGTON, Aug. 17 - The chairman of the Sept. 11 commission called on the Pentagon on Wednesday to move quickly to evaluate the credibility of military officers who have said that a highly classified intelligence program managed to identify the Sept. 11 ringleader more than a year before the 2001 attacks. He said the information was not shared in a reliable form with the panel. (NYT)
Atta (?) and al-ani in Prague (Note camera)

A military intelligence team repeatedly contacted the F.B.I. in 2000 to warn about the existence of an American-based terrorist cell that included the ringleader of the Sept. 11 attacks, according to a veteran Army intelligence officer who said he had now decided to risk his career by discussing the information publicly. . . The account from Colonel Shaffer, a reservist who is also working part time for the Pentagon, corroborates much of the information that the Sept. 11 commission has acknowledged it received about Able Danger last July from a Navy captain who was also involved with the program but whose name has not been made public. In a statement issued last week, the leaders of the commission said the panel had concluded that the intelligence program "did not turn out to be historically significant." (NYT Drudge)


Among items that received significant attention in the past was the CIA's failure to put two known operatives, Khalid al-Midhar and Nawaf Alhazmi, on government watchlists and to let the FBI know that the future Sept. 11 hijackers had entered the United States. (LA Times)

. . . and to inform the FBI that the other September 11 hijackers had entered the US. Officials told the New York Times that Mr Tenet was censured in the new report for failing to develop and carry out a strategic plan against al-Qaida before 2001, despite writing in a 1998 memo that "we are at war" with the group. An earlier draft of the report is understood to have attacked the management of the counterterrorist centre and CIA directorate of operations for focusing on al-Qaida's leaders rather than the organisation's lower-level operatives, preventing the intelligence agencies from recruiting agents on the fringes of the group.(Guardian)

He also said the report took top officials to task for allowing thousands of pages of Arabic intercepts to go untranslated. (NY Times)



Lecture Notes:   08-17-05


What is the measure of inflation?


You might suppose that there is an objective standard.  This is not true.  A generally recognized measure of inflation is one that is generally recognized.  This is why Economics is a tautology. 


Inflation is not a natural force.  It is what economists say it is.  The “measures” of inflation are meaningful only if they are meaningful to you. There is no objective standard. As an alternative, consider:  What would be a moral definition of  inflation?


NEW YORK, Aug 17 (Reuters) - U.S. Treasury debt prices retreated on Wednesday after a report showing July producer prices grew at double the rate forecast, suggesting the Federal Reserve will keep raising interest rates. (See News Exhibit Hall at the Moynihan )


WASHINGTON, Aug 16 (Reuters) - Surging energy costs drove U.S. consumer prices up in July at the sharpest rate in three months . . .


The Consumer Price Index,  . . . climbed 0.5 percent last  . . .  The monthly rise in consumer prices was the biggest since a matching 0.5 percent jump in April and topped Wall Street economists' forecasts . . . Energy prices rose 3.8 percent in July,  . . . Gasoline prices jumped 6.1 percent. . . .  (See News Exhibit Hall at the Moynihan )


LONDON (Reuters) - Soaring petrol prices pushed inflation above its target in July to the highest level since comparable records began in 1997, dousing expectations of further interest rate cuts.


The Office for National Statistics said the consumer price index rose 0.1 percent on the month, taking the annual rate up to 2.3 percent   . . .  “July's UK consumer prices are significantly worse than expected and will no doubt dampen hopes of further near-term cuts in interest rates,” said Jonathan Loynes, chief UK economist at Capital Economics. (See News Exhibit Hall at the Moynihan )


In Secrets of the Temple, the Left author, William Greider claims that a little inflation is a good thing for the poor.  Possibly on the theory that borrowers are advantaged by inflation many might agree.  Yet this is mistaken.


It is true that the expansion of the money supply is a good sign, especially for the poor.  But the expansion of the money supply is not the same thing as inflation.


If money expands at the same rate that the people mutually promise to engage in further economic activity there is not inflation.  Inflation occurs when the money supply increases at a rate faster than do the mutual promises to engage in future economic activity.


These mutual promises are wealth.  The money symbolizes, represents, these mutual promises.  This is why the often heard complaint that the rich of the world are stealing the “wealth” of the people is mistaken, sense the wealth is the mutual promise. 


Lots of cash is just lots and lots of promises to participate in future economic activity.  These promises can not be stolen as they arise from our mutual interactions. The cash is merely a token of our promises, and everyone else’s promise to engage in further economic activity.  For the poor the problem is to create an environment in which this future agreement or planning can take place; establishing trust in the future, and in the tokens of these promises.


Though the promises can not be “stolen” they  can be watered down.  That is what inflation is, a devaluing, a falsity.  You say you are going to participate in future economic activity but not really.  In the future you will only participate in 90% of the activity you promised, 10% inflation, or 80%, 20% inflation.  This is our moral definition of inflation:  it is a fraud. The token of our promise are not to be honored.  It is a lie.


I suppose if you are not sure, how much to expand the money supply, it is better too error on the side of too many promises than too few, (i.e. more money than economic activity would justify), as the alternative, insufficient money, would prevent or starve economic activity.  Perhaps this is what Greider was thinking. (But why error?)  However, the important point is to see the distinction between money supply increasing and inflation increasing.


Money supply increases when you and I mutually promise to participate in future economic activity.  We promise and thereby create money.  Because we nationalized the banking system (Federal Reserve) we are mislead into thinking that the government increases the money supply.  They do officially, but only in response to us, our activity.


If they get ahead of us:  inflation.  If Ludwig von Mises had his way we would be using Bank of America dollars, and/or American Express dollars, Citi Bank dollars etc.  Contracts would specify the currency.  These institutions would create money, responding to us, our promises, (as backed by, secured by, their loan portfolios), increasing the money supply as required by our mutual promises.  In theory the nationalized  bank can follow along, estimating our activity, approximating the traditional banking practice.


In theory.  There is always the ownership problem.  Is Dr. Greenspan as  “efficient” as the bankers?  After all he does not have an ownership interest.  In other words what if Dr. Greenspan simply goes along with the oligarchy?  If it were his own money he might have a different view, but since it is the government . . .


Of course this is just what was argued in favor of nationalization of the currency:  That now the central banker will be inefficient!  That is, disinterested.


And that is the problem.  Without the historic, traditional, connection between the money supply and the economy, Ludwig von Mises argued, how will the central banker know what to do?  What if Dr. Greenspan goes along with the rich? (And as we have seen so many times here at New Ruskin, isn’t this the tendency?  To go along?  Even if some one is killed?)


For the rich a little inflation, as Mr. Greider argued, is a good thing.  Inflation might wipe out a small capitalist, like you or me, but for the rich better to keep things rolling, churning, deal after deal: ‘there will always be more economic activity tomorrow to bail us out!’ Or so they hope.  Irrational exuberance.


Isn’t this why we nationalized the central bank in the first place?  Because we feared that the rich would over supply themselves and us, the economy, with money, faster than the underlying economic activity, (the mutual promises)?  Inflation?


The best way to get people to agree to some scheme is to wave a fist full of cash at them.  Excess supply of money greases the wheels.  A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.  A sober banker may look to future profits but it is much faster to book the profits today instead of waiting for the promise of tomorrow.  Push, push, push for profit today and forget about tomorrow.


And so the bubble economy.  (Bubble means unsustainable.  Promises un-kept.)


So then too debt, and the deficits.  Yes, $8 trillion national debt; but what about your personal debt?  Saved for retirement have you?  Medical care?  Nursing homes are what, $4,000, $6,000 . . .  a month?  Got all that tucked away have you?  And that is if everything goes right.  What might go wrong? 


Not even movie stars can afford medical care after the policy runs out, as Christopher Reeve discovered.  Half of all bankruptcies are the result of medical problems and the bills and loss of income which follow. 


66% of Social Security recipients would be in poverty without the income transfer from young workers to the retired.  Insufficient money was saved to support them in retirement. What is this but a deficit?  Call it:  The middle class deficit. (Middle Class Inflation Index.)


“Just numbers on  paper.” (Peter Peterson, Running on Empty,  Foreign Affairs) That is what President Bush called the national debt.   


But you will not even put a number on this deficit.  Elizabeth Warren has put some numbers on it. (Two Income Trap)  But for the most part you will not even admit the question let alone but a number on it.


William Bennett spends his time patting America on the back ignoring these problems.  (This is not social policy discussion.  To participate one must  focus on what is wrong, how to fix it.  Ignoring Elizabeth Warren is the social policy equivalent of ignoring the Schiavo CAT scan. Then too, Rush Limbaugh will not even admit that Social Security is a welfare program and O’Reilly will never accept “income transfer,” (hissed in a deep Long Island sneer), but apparently has yet to learn how Social Security gets the money to issue the checks.)


So this is the political environment  in which Dr. Greenspan, the political banker must operate.  $8 trillion national debt?  Just numbers on paper.  Collapsing private and eventually public pensions.  Just numbers on paper?  Two incomes to support the family, and falling, where thirty years ago one income supported the family?  Just numbers on paper.    


Zero savings rate? 


Highest debt levels in history?


The bubble economy.  The elite profits today from the housing bubble as it profited yesterday from the dot com bubble.  Push, push, push.  Plunder?  Get what you can grab. Loot?


And all of this, what is it, but promises to engage in future economic activity, which will not be kept?  The money supply has lost its value?


Social Security?  These promises represent an increase in the Money Supply.  (We will pay you . . . in the future.)


Pensions?  National debt?


Debt of all kinds?


Promises, promises.


And if the promises can not be fulfilled?  What if people entered into a mutual promise and then later, when “the future”, arrived, it turned out that the promise was only to be 80% kept, or 50% honored?


What if the money does not buy the medical care?  Pay for the retirement?  What if you end up in the 66% who would fall into poverty without the (hold your ears O’Reilly) income transfer?


Or what if you are in the bottom 84% of Californians who can not afford to buy the median priced home?  (For example Economists do not include house price rises in “inflation” on the theory that the gains in “homeowner equity” balance out the ledger books for the increases.  (Now that is a happy thought! (Academics live their whole lives in such misty thoughts.))  But what about the renters?  Or the homeowners whose homes have not increased?  What is their “rate of inflation?”


(For example, at one time the Red state homeowner or renter could move to California or Massachusetts and purchase a home.  Now after several years of 20% increases in California and Massachusetts the homes have doubled or trebled.  Someone has a balanced ledger but many, most, do not.  There is here a loss of freedom, opportunity.  At one time the Red staters could move to California, and now they can not.  At one time their money was “backed” by the opportunity to buy a home, and now it is not, they can not buy a home.  The value of their money has gone down in value by this measure.   This loss of opportunity, what is it called?)


What if the promises are not kept?


This is what Economists call inflation.  Not keeping promises is called inflation.  It takes more and more money to buy the same things.  Yesterday we promised to engage in future economic activity but today when you come to the market, Surprise! 


For those of you who think money is like “gold” or some “thing” this is paradoxical.  But the mistake was made in thinking of money as some fixed thing.  It is a token of the promises you make.  The market is not fixed, static, it is ever changing, and it includes everything, the totality of all the relationships.  The value of money comes from this totality.  You can use it for anything, to participate as you like. 


The dollar represents not just gold, but houses, shoes, etc.  Everything is in the market, this network of relationships, promises.  Money is “backed” by the whole network, all of it.  And as you fail to meet your promises, as your society declines, when the bubble collapses, we can see that there was  inflation. 


Dr. Greenspan can not control inflation by himself.  His little national bank is only a tiny part of this vast economy. In any case he is part of this oligarchic elite.  The ones who think that debt is :“Just numbers on  paper.”


The ones who make policy for the day, or at most until the next election.  They have manipulated the money supply, the promises that they made.  That home you thought you could buy with your money, guess what, you have been “zoned out.”  You thought you could afford the school to educate your children,  “zoned out.”  That pension, that health policy, they will not buy what you were told they would buy.  They have failed to keep their promises.  They have defrauded you.


But none of this is called “inflation.”  It is not even measured by the Economists.  They will not even admit what they are doing ----  those who profit from one bubble or another while letting the likes of you and me die? 


I know.  This wont happen to you.  That is what I used to think.



At issue is whether financial innovations that have made it easier for Americans to buy homes have also made the system less stable and more vulnerable to shocks that could drive many of them from their homes, having lost all they invested in them. Traditionally, home mortgages, unlike loans to buy stock, had a calming influence when times were tough.. . . Now, however, mortgages that were unknown in years past have become common in some areas . . .The real key to a housing bubble Floyd Norris International Herald Tribune

Another Federal Reserve study found that 16 percent of the money taken out in refinancings was simply consumed. According to Freddie Mac, people are taking more and more money out of their homes. Cash-out refinancings have risen to 18.1 percent of all refinancings from 7.2 percent in 2003. In the last four years, homeowners have taken $559 billion in equity out of their homes. (Consumer Affairs)


TO HELL OR CONNAUGHT:. . .it emerged that the premier's financial affairs are in an increasingly perilous state. His dream home has crashed in value by £700,000 in just seven months and he and Cherie have to find £13,000 a month for the mortgage. The £3million loan the couple took out to buy the house in London's Connaught Square is 17 times Mr Blair's current salary (Sunday Mirror)

Headed for a crash? Experts warn that heavy debt threatens American economy NEW YORK -- You owe $145,000. And the bill is rising every day. That's how much it would cost every American man, woman and child to pay the tab for the long-term promises the U.S. government has made to creditors, retirees, veterans and the poor. And it's not even taking into account credit card bills, mortgages -- all the debt Americans have racked up personally. Savings? The average American puts away barely $1 of every $100 earned (msn- Mainichi)

Region's home sales signal softer market 'For Sale' signs mushroom, stay up longer . . .his crew planted a one-day record of 225 signs . . . inventory of resale homes shot up to 7,263 - the highest for any month since September 1998. As of Thursday morning, the inventory had risen another 26 percent to 9,141 homes . . A separate report on sales activity shows the number of existing homes that were sold in July fell 11 percent .

Volcker: U.S. Economic Crisis Imminent Wires Friday, June 10, 2005 Former Fed Chairman Paul Volcker said he doesn't see how the U.S. can keep borrowing and consuming while letting foreign countries do all the producing. It's a recipe for American economic disaster. On Thursday the Wall Street Journal reported bluntly that "Mr. Volcker thinks a crisis is likely." Volcker believes that investor confidence could fade "at some point," he said, with "damaging volatility in both exchange markets and interest rates."




Lecture Notes:  August


I have dreamt so many happy endings.   Yvonne places another peace sign of rocks on another tra

Lecture Notes:  August


I have dreamt so many happy endings.   Yvonne places another peace sign of rocks on another trail for me.  I look up and there she is.  Smiling.


I turn a corner, my sister, she  embraces me.  She explains.  Only wanted to show me that Yvonne’s betrayal was not so wrong . . . had wanted me to see that she too had . . .  or something, some explanation.


Or the President arranges for me to go to Iraq.  Takes me up on my offer.  Sees now that my advise was right . . .  So many happy endings.  The insurance company that had wanted me to low ball the former mayor of Mill Valley now sees how wrong they were . . . apologizes . . .  thanks me for my sound advise . . . would I please come back to work?


There have been so many happy endings.  But now I have come to the end.


An unhappy ending.  But I am grateful that there is a way out.  What if there were no way out?  A nightmare!


My enemies have not changed.  Crazy neurotics.  Mrs. Jack Swanson was talking about “caboossing”, and her co-host, embarrassed for her, let it go.  Michael Weiner, crazed, ruminating over Gaza, denouncing the Prime Minister of Israel, the betrayal of the Jews!  Imus the degenerate . . . but then what is the point?  Everyone knows them for what they are.


How many times someone would make some reference and I would catch my breath, They know!  Oh, someone knows!   Hope. Hope.


So many happy endings that never were, never will be. 


I might have run away.  Changed my name.  Hid from them.  But there is something about my personality.  Some glitch.  When I was told at the age of nine that the teachers had determined that I was retarded, there was this aspect of my psychology, an ‘Ok, well, let’s see.’


And that is why I wrote those letters fifteen years ago.  I had promised to “do something.”   


And in the decades since I have watched myself, and the world.  ‘And you say I’m retarded?’  A kind of glitch.  A grim determination.  To persevere. To see.  Show me.  But it is  a kind of glitch or hang up.  My mind always circles back.  I am certain that it is something  wrong with me.


 For example I think about Marlene and how that was to be a happy ending, then I remember, Marlene was to be a happy ending because she proved that they had been wrong, ‘See, Marlene loves me! And you said I was retarded!’  You call it an affirmation.  I called her Marlene.  Another happy ending that was not to be.


Marlene, Yvonne, my sister, they have hurt me the most, because lost happy endings.  I watched them.  Waiting to see.  What? Hope. Hope.  But what can you do?  Yvonne bent her head down, and took a long breath, then looked up . . . “So, it is agreed . . . ?” 


I watch my enemies.  I always  watch.  They say I’m retarded.  Let’s see.  I have stayed put and watched them.  I could have done something else . . . but I always wait and see, watch.  Yes it is wrong with me.


The founder of Green Gulch said, “Sometimes, if you want to control people, the best way to control them is just to watch them.”  I read that line in college, thirty five years ago.  There was for me an immediate understanding, sympathy.


He died before I could meet him but I tried to see if there was anything left at Green Gulch.    I had imagined a happy ending there too.


Now all that is left for me is to watch myself at the end, in front of the KQED building.


I am grateful to be able to get away.  I am tired of waiting for a happy ending.


Tired of waiting and watching.  Tired of hope.

il for me.  I look up and there she is.  Smiling.


I turn a corner, my sister, she  embraces me.  She explains.  Only wanted to show me that Yvonne’s betrayal was not so wrong . . . had wanted me to see that she too had . . .  or something, some explanation.


Or the President arranges for me to go to Iraq.  Takes me up on my offer.  Sees now that my advise was right . . .  So many happy endings.  The insurance company that had wanted me to low ball the former mayor of Mill Valley now sees how wrong they were . . . apologizes . . .  thanks me for my sound advise . . . would I please come back to work?


There have been so many happy endings.  But now I have come to the end.


An unhappy ending.  But I am grateful that there is a way out.  What if there were no way out?  A nightmare!


My enemies have not changed.  Crazy neurotics.  Mrs. Jack Swanson was talking about “caboossing”, and her co-host, embarrassed for her, let it go.  Michael Weiner, crazed, ruminating over Gaza, denouncing the Prime Minister of Israel, the betrayal of the Jews!  Imus the degenerate . . . but then what is the point?  Everyone knows them for what they are.


How many times someone would make some reference and I would catch my breath, They know!  Oh, someone knows!   Hope. Hope.


So many happy endings that never were, never will be. 


I might have run away.  Changed my name.  Hid from them.  But there is something about my personality.  Some glitch.  When I was told at the age of nine that the teachers had determined that I was retarded, there was this aspect of my psychology, an ‘Ok, well, let’s see.’ 


And in the decades since I have watched myself, and the world.  ‘And you say I’m retarded?’  A kind of glitch.  A grim determination.  To persevere. To see.  Show me.  But it is  a kind of glitch or hang up.  My mind always circles back.  I am certain that it is something  wrong with me.


 For example I think about Marlene and how that was to be a happy ending, then I remember, Marlene was to be a happy ending because she proved that they had been wrong, ‘See, Marlene loves me! And you said I was retarded!’  You call it an affirmation.  I called her Marlene.  Another happy ending that was not to be.


Marlene, Yvonne, my sister, they have hurt me the most, because lost happy endings.  I watched them.  Waiting to see.  What? Hope. Hope.  But what can you do?  Yvonne bent her head down, and took a long breath, then looked up . . . “So, it is agreed . . . ?” 


I watch my enemies.  I always  watch.  They say I’m retarded.  Let’s see.  I have stayed put and watched them.  I could have done something else . . . but I always wait and see, watch.  Yes it is wrong with me.


The founder of Green Gulch said, “Sometimes, if you want to control people, the best way to control them is just to watch them.”  I read that line in college, thirty five years ago.  There was for me an immediate understanding, sympathy.


He died before I could meet him but I tried to see if there was anything left at Green Gulch.    I had imagined a happy ending there too.


Now all that is left for me is to watch myself at the end, in front of the KQED building.


I am grateful to be able to get away.  I am tired of waiting for a happy ending.


Tired of waiting and watching.  Tired of hope.





Lecture Notes:  08-13-05


Dishonesty to the bitter end.


The camera moves in on the anchor woman with the slightly panicked expression:  “Oil prices continue to climb.”


If I hear one more interviewer say, “but these higher prices do not seem to have changed demand . . .?” I will . . . I will . . . stop listening.


See how this willful ignorance is no different than anywhere else.


That today’s price is $14 (a barrel) under the price in 1980, adjusted for inflation, is simply ignored.  Willful ignorance.  It must be willful, a way of jazzing up an otherwise boring news cast, for the information is available:


*The first point to note is that, when adjusted for inflation, crude prices are actually only around a third of the level they reached in the late 1970s. In today's prices, the 1980 price was equivalent to $60 a barrel. (Independent)


*Economists point out that when adjusted for inflation, gas prices are not at their peak. The American Petroleum Institute said that today's fuel costs are actually 44 percent lower than in 1981. Gas then was $1.35 per gallon, which would equal $2.69 in today's dollars. (AZ-Central)


*However, adjusted for inflation, they remain below levels reached in the wake of the 1979 Iranian revolution when prices surged to upwards of $80 a barrel in today’s money. (Sify-India)


And even here the relevant facts are not included in the lead, which should be:  “and in oil trading today . . . prices continued their long run up . . . starting to return to levels not seen in twenty five years . . .”


And isn’t this why the prices are not reducing demand?  And doesn’t this also explain why consumers have shown less interest in fuel economy?


But this is itself only half of the story.  For our economy is less dependent on oil than it was in the 1980s:


In the 15 countries of the European Union, for instance, the IEA estimates that oil's share of total energy consumption has fallen from 60 per cent in 1973 to some 40 per cent by 2001. In Britain, spending on oil used to be equivalent to 6 per cent of GDP; it is now just 2 per cent.

Even the US is less dependent on oil. William Poole, the president of the Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis,  . . . estimates that, as a percentage of overall US output, the amount of oil the US uses has fallen by half over the past 30 years. (Independent)


So this ignorance, this distortion and misrepresentation is deliberate.  The dishonesty in the mass media is only partly for ratings.


Note that the failure here to see oil prices in “adjusted” or “constant” dollars is very similar to the failure to see how the price mechanism is used to transfer taxes and other costs to the consumer in the dynamics of the market economy.


Previously we have noted that the maniacal focus on income taxes by the simple minded conservatives was a deliberate political tactic to take advantage of the ignorance of the people.  We pointed out that “liberal” (really Post liberal) Democrats are willing partners for they too seek political advantage from the public’s ignorance.


The simple minded conservatives want the people to believe that the rich pay most of the taxes, and the Democrats also play off this falsity claiming that it is possible to tax the rich to pay for needed services.


As has been previously explained, in the absence of wage and price controls attempts to raise taxes on those whose products are services are in high demand will only result in higher prices for those needed goods or services, as the producers, (“the rich”, (this is why they are rich, their goods and services are in high demand), will simply raise their prices to offset the increasing taxes, as they will for any other increase in costs.


And these costs include the price of energy.  The continuous rounds of price increases over the decades have not only offset taxes but they have offset the cost of Middle East oil.  Year after year “the rich” have raised their prices, as did everyone who could, they have all raised their prices, and the relative cost of oil, and taxes, have fallen.


But to admit this, that the economy is a dynamic process where the price mechanism is continually adjusting these ever changing relationships would require the simple minded conservatives to admit that “the rich” are merely collecting the taxes for the state, (they can collect the taxes because their goods and services are in high demand), and the  Democrats would also have to admit that their taxes on “the rich” are actually being transferred onto the people generally, (there is no free lunch).


So all parties are for political reasons locked into this lie, which the media can then use to sell advertising as it pumps up the lie that “oil is at a record high.”  It is not.


Demand continues despite these price rises because the demand is responding to the real price, inflation adjusted price, not the hyped, false, price.


Supply has not increased in response to these prices because the “real” price has been low, below the cost of bringing on additional supply.  The Tar Sands of Canada have more oil, energy, than does the Middle East.  However the cost of extraction has been higher than the real price of oil until recently.


The danger for investors in Tar Sands is that because the real cost of extraction of Middle East oil is less than the cost to recover Tar Sands oil, if OPEC manipulated their price, dropping it down again, they could ruin the Tar Sands investor’s position. (Wall Street Journal) (Which is why I recommended an “oil floor proposal” price to prevent OPEC manipulation.  see Lecture Notes: 03-03-05, Oil Floor Proposal)


But none of this is of the slightest interest to the TV and radio news readers who only want to hype the “record high price” of oil, the truth be damned.


And this is true as has been seen not just about oil prices but about taxes as well. 


We live in a society in which we are continually being lied to by the powerful, the oligarchy which controls our society.


I will soon be dead.  I will kill myself in protest of how society has allowed a few rich powerful people to harasse and ruin me.  And some of the very same people who are now lying about oil prices, know the truth about what has been done to me, and some have actually encouraged my oppressors.


There is this invincible ignorance.  A willful refusal to admit the truth.  A betrayal of the truth and justice.  Not just a betrayal of truth in the way they cover “news” stories but a betrayal of truth in all the rest of their lives.  It corrupts our whole society.      


So I go to my death, am forced to my death, by the very same willful oligarchy which uses  its power to confound the people and keep them in ignorance.  


How many have been betrayed?  How many more will be betrayed?  In everything . . .





Lecture Notes:  08-10-05 


Slaves --- Don’t speak just die.


I still check my phone twice a day. 


I could get a call back to work and I could be at work tomorrow morning.


The other day ClaimNet called.  “We have an immediate opening at State Farm . . . I’ll submit your resume . . . and call you back,” they said.


Counselor:  State Farm?  Wasn’t Ed Rust the CEO?


Yeah . . .


Counselor:  Didn’t you write about State Farm?  When they were sued and lost?  They appealed all the way to the Illinois Supreme Court?  There was a  $1.2 billion judgment against them? (Avery v. State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Co., 321 Ill. App. 3d 269, 746 N.E.2d 1242, 254 Ill. Dec. 194 (2001), appeal allowed, 201 Ill. 2d 560, 786 N.E.2d 180, 271 Ill. Dec. 922 (2002),)


Yeah, yeah, yeah .  . .


Counselor:  Remember you wrote about all that . . . because Mr. Bush supported abolishing class action suits like that one in the State Courts?  Ed Rust worked on the Bush Administration transition team . . .  And you wrote about all that, asking why Mr. Bush listened to Ed Rust instead of ordinary American workers like you?


What is your point?


Counselor:  Well,  . . . have you heard back from ClaimNet?




Counselor:  . . .


Look  . . . First of all . . . the $1.1 billion judgment was in the newspapers.  It was on TV.  Secondly class action lawsuits are an important public policy issue and the Federal usurpation of State’s rights is not Republicanism.  It isn't Federalism. (   


The point here is that all of this was widely reported elsewhere. (“For example, some aftermarket hood latches have been known to spontaneously release or fail while you are driving down the road, causing the hood to whip up into (sic) windshield and block your vision. (Oh, you can't see? But that hood was cheaper!) The decision found that SF was breaching the insurance contract in that the aftermarket parts were inferior to OEMs, and, therefore, SF could not claim to be restoring insureds' vehicles to "pre-loss condition" as promised in the policy.”( ))


Secondly, that was not posted here until . . .  until . . . eh?


Counselor:  See Lecture Notes 12-22-04 (British Prime Minister:  We are taking advise on this question. (An essay on who has a right to speak on public issues and whose advise is heard.))   


Yes, thank you Yvonne.


Counselor:  You are welcome.


At that point, I had not been called for over a year and a half, by ClaimNet, or Insure Staff, or Mengus, or Kelly Financial, Placement Pros. etc., etc.  Indeed I only started making regular postings here after  April of 2004,  which by then was a full year of unemployment and it had become clear that I was not going to be called.


In the last months Kelly Financial .com and State Farm .com have been visiting as has Farmers .com and others.  They have not been visiting to learn my views, but to watch me starve, and rather enjoying the sight no doubt.


ClaimNet apparently just wanted to have a go at me too.


And all of this was known, or should have been known from the beginning.  Yvonne knew, or should have known that when she first betrayed her client, and sold me out to her “friends” at KQED, that I would become the target of the hateful people of the Bay Area.  She put me in “play”.


She may not have known, could not have known, all the details of who and how, but surely it was foreseeable that someone would follow on the attack.  Weiner’s burglary with the help of the ADL (see Intel Operations) and the ADL contacts at the San Rafael Police was unusual in itself, so though the exact details might not have been foreseeable, but that someone, would join in the harassment should have been obvious.


Ron Owens was a “friend” of hers,  Michael Krasney worked at KQED, and so on.  “Vicious” people are foreseeable; such as Mrs. Jack Swanson. (see Psy Ops)


So now as the last day draws nearer I find my last hope fading, and I find some comfort in this loss of all hope.


The very fact that ClaimNet called to taunt me is itself comforting.  Even “ordinary” people are brutally vicious.


That all these rich powerful people, even the crazy hysterics like Michael Weiner, or that degenerate Don Imus, and that self described “vicious” obsessive compulsive Mrs. Jack Swanson, are themselves fading away into the background.  They are just part of the cruelty and emptiness of the world.


And people like that clerk at ClaimNet, or Rick Alber (who appears on the KSFO radio program about computers on Saturdays), Jim Lehrer, Ms. Warner, Rosie Allen, have moved into the foreground.


Rick Alber was the one who talked about “blood labs” just after I used the computer at Kinkos to do some research on biotechnology. (see end of Lecture Notes:  12-07-2004, just above  12-02-04)  Apparently the card I used to pay for the computer time had been matched to me so Kinkos’ system administrator could track me.  (This would have required someone to physically identify me when I used their “cash card” to pay for the computer time.” (see How Don and Mike Removed the Evil One, and Public Appeal to Governor Davis, this site, for more on Kinkos spying on its customers. (Alber works in system design.)))


Alber is an utter nonentity.  But he had this information and he just wanted to join in the “fun,” at KGO and KSFO and KQED, and make his covert reference to me during his few minutes of air time. There is a web page (   with a photo of him and his wife and child.  A family man!  But this piece of shit just wanted to harasse a stranger.  Why?  Like Scott Bobro was he told that I was “anti Semitic?  Did it matter?


Or someone like Ms. Warner of the Newshour.  In her million dollar mansion.  She knows that Jim Lehrer jokes with Don Imus about what Imus did to me.  Thinks it a good joke that a “Republican” was destroyed.  Or was it because I had criticized the takeover of “Public Broadcasting” by the careerists, (careerists like Ms. Warner), who turned it, perverted it from its original mission of “National Educational Television,” I say turned it, perverted it, into just another organ of the elite.  A mirror held up to flatter the rich and powerful.  (‘Let’s talk about the media, . . . in Washington and New York . . . that is what is really important.’ Oh yes please do! We just don’t get enough of the elite media anywhere else.)    


Or someone like Rosie Allen.  (“Well  . . . I don’t want to get shot.” See Public Letter to Rosie Allen this site) 


All these people who have known about what was being done and said nothing.  These are the ones who have come to the fore in my mind as my last hours pass by.


As bad as Imus and Weiner are, Lehrer, sitting there smiling that complacent smile, the “good” man, but utterly immoral.


In 1990 leading up to the First Gulf War he had a lot of sleepless nights.  The night the war began the bags under his eyes were so large that they had to ratchet the

camera down to the floor to try and  avoid the shadows under his eyes.  Like all the “good” liberals he was against the war.


And because of his Party’s party line vote in the Senate the Administration did not have the support to remove Saddam Hussein.  So the troops stopped.  50,000 Iraqis were killed by Hussein after the war.


And now, all these years later we had to go back and do what I had recommended we do then.  And the “good” man Lehrer had opposed.  And now, this time tens of thousands of young Americans have been wounded, and 2,000 killed in the Second Gulf War doing what could have been done in the First Gulf War.


But these bench sitters, Alber, Warner, Allen, Lehrer, they sit in their silence amid this world of suffering.  Alternately self righteous, egotistical, “offended,” indignant, and like the clerk at ClaimNet, enjoying the spectacle of a man being driven to his death.


I still check my phone for messages twice a day.


And each time I do I can now count the number of times left, the number of days left.  And each time I realize a little more clearly just what a nightmare my life is, has become, after decades of harassment,  and in this strange way I have become grateful that I have this way out, this way to escape from the “good” people, who now seem even worse, if that is possible, than the Michael Weiners, and Don Imuses of this world.  It is that little admixture of earnest hypocrisy . . . yes it is the earnestness with which Alber poses with his baby,  this proud “good” man, an utter shit, . . .  or the way Jim Lehrer ignores how his, and his Party’s opposition to the First Gulf War, which necessitates the Second and all that follows.  Completely ignorant of his responsibility.   


Their willful ignorance of their own culpability.  That is what drives out that last lingering hope.   Not just the evil people but the “good” ones too, in particular, drive me to despair.    


Go your ways: behold, I send you forth as lambs among wolves. Luke 10:3




Lecture Notes:  08-09-05  Two Secrets


Why they are called CENCAL Letters:


The CENCAL letters were typed on a smart keyboard, i.e. a keyboard with its own memory.  That keyboard was plugged into the office keyboard during lunch break and the letter was typed in to the system,  and printed on the networked printer, but without being saved. 


However, the printed letters were not then mailed or faxed at that time.  They were held.  When Mrs. Jack Swanson started making references to them I knew that she could only have received them from the company: CENCAL.  (And they could only have located the document after a search due to the volume of letters being printed on the work group printer.) 


How I came to see Yvonne the second time:


After the Last Letter I waited to see if anyone would show any interest.  No one did.  Many Senators acknowledged receipt, Senator Biden appeared to carry his copy down onto the Senate floor.  But the fact that KQED had used its influence to interfere in my life was of no interest.


I never wrote to the Senate again.


I started going on long hikes in Marin on a certain trail.  Everyday.


Then one day I missed the hike.  And the following day I found at the trail head a peace sign made of rocks in the center of the trail.  It had been scuffed once or twice, so it appeared to have been placed on the trail the day before. (It was not a heavily used trail.)


Who had put it there?


Then the image of Yvonne going to the trail before my usual time, collecting the rocks, arranging them in the peace sign, came to me. 


And I had missed the day!  Had she waited to see me go to the trail? 


Later I went back to see her and demanded that she promise not to talk to anyone about me, to keep my confidence.  I told her I would not pay until she promised.  She got up and walked out of the room.  Finally she came back.  “Do you want to be my counselor or not?” I demanded.  She would think about it.


Then months later I found a large peace sign up the coast.  Made of rocks but eight feet in diameter and several feet high.  A kind of rubble monument.  It is hidden in a grove and is overgrown with weeds.  Secret.


One day I mentioned that I had found a peace sign made of rocks . . . I paused for a reaction . . . silence . . . wary? Then I described the large one I had just found.  Relief?


But the image of Yvonne doubled over on the trail head placing the rocks on the trail.


And I almost missed it!


This is how I choose to remember Yvonne.  Peace.   



Lecture Notes:  08-08-05


"This isn't a free speech issue," said Thorp of the AAA. "You can't just go on and say anything about anybody — and keep your job."


Auto club fires 27 workers over blog posts - Tech News & Reviews ...
Auto club fires 27 workers over blog posts. Employees used MySpace site to ...
Thorp declined to go into details about the association's investigation into
... - 51k -
Aug 7, 2005 - Cached


Am I the only one who sees some unfairness here?


Rose Guilbolt,  vice president of public affairs for  the Auto Club of Northern California, had arranged for Michael Krasney to call and harasse me just before they let me go.


It is true that I had written some letters to the Senate ten years before.  I am sure some disagreed with my views.  Michael Krasney of KQED for example?  (Rose Guilbolt and Michael Krasney had both worked at KGO.)


What was it Michael?  Did not think that I, as a WASP, should have discussed Weimar in the Last Letter?  Or was it the criticism of Yvonne, the daughter of survivors?  Was that it?  Not a Gentile?  Or did not like a Republican’s criticism of schools?  State direction?  Bureaucracy?  Was that it?


Or was it just that I was not part of the same class as you and Rose?  Was that it?


When they let me go I estimated the thousands of unanswered phone calls, the millions in unpaid medical bills, the un-contacted victims of auto accidents.  There was plenty of work.  But not for me.


Even then I did not fully realize what was being done to me,  that I had fallen into the lower class.  At that time I still believed in the Republic.  We are all of us citizens of the Republic, I had imagined.


But it was a lie.


There is one set of rules for the Rose Guilbolts and Michael Krasneys of this world and another for the workers like me. 


There are many other themes and melodies, cross currents, but Class is I think the ground.


And what is Class but your perception.  You think, ‘Oh, yes, Class, of course there are differences  . . .” and it is that which they are counting on.  Your credulity.  Your acceptance . . . of injustice.


A few years the Gays mustered out of their ghetto and were demanding protection on the job from “discrimination” based on “sexual orientation.”


But at the time I observed the occasion as yet another decline in society.


For it would have been no more difficult to obtain a statute which prohibited all forms of “irrational” discrimination. Why not challenge the “at will” rule of employment in California?  (Employees can be terminated “at will” i.e. without cause.)


Was this not also a question of Class.  The Gay activists did not want to change the Class structure, or even just the terms and conditions of employment.  Their political activity was purposefully confined to their exclusive benefit.  They had no interest in making common cause with the people of California.


For ultimately Class structure arises out of our individual relations, perceptions.  We construct the world.  AND SEE:


This is YOUR WORLD!  Do you see injustice?  Are you not unjust?  Do you see cruelty?  Are you not cruel? 


 . . .  but excuse me . . . that little creep is on the phone . . .


Operator:  Michael Krasney is on line three . . . .


I have to take this . . .   



The Canary in the Mine: Consumers, no longer buoyed by rising house prices, have cut back their spending, and so far nothing has come forward to take its place. The Bank of England has announced a rate cut in the hope of softening the landing, but will it be enough to keep the economy on track? More pressing are fears that lower interest rates could re-inflate Britains housing bubble. Since 1997, house prices have risen by over 150%, despite relatively low inflation in the rest of the economy. (Economist)

Personal insolvencies hit record high: The number of personal insolvencies in England and Wales has risen to its highest level in 45 years, official figures showed today. In the April to June period, the number of personal insolvencies rose to 15,394, the highest since comparable records began in 1960, the Department of Trade and Industry said. That was up 36.8% compared to a year ago and 11.7% on the quarter. The insolvencies were made up of 11,195 bankruptcies - also the highest on record - and 4,199 individual voluntary arrangements.(Guardian)

But what about the millions of Americans who make average incomes and cant afford a $260,000 house, now about the average price of an existing home?. . . Go stuff it! Put a sock in it! Whiner! Losers! --- Thus speaks the Post Liberal politician.

Losers! You can not come up with another $102,000 or $70,000 a year?! Losers! You are not trying hard enough! . . . This is not a failure of leadership . . . the political leaders (and in California this means blue-blue Democrats) are not responsible . . . not liberals . . . who encourage 3 million (Time) across the southern border and then enact No Growth policies . . . no contradiction here . . . never liberal Democrats . . . Losers!


Lecture Notes: August 


Sean Hannity: . . . hey . . . hey . . . buddy, want to buy some stock?    Sean Hannity sees no difference between touting stock, calling a quack a “Noble Prize Nominee” extolling Mr. Bush’s every utterance  . . . and taking a few honey bees under the table . . . just trying to get by . . . you know buddy.


So I was not  surprised to discover that he is contemptuous of my death.


And see Al Franken, Hannity is not even Harvard.   Yet he too can manage your sneer.


See Senator McCain?  This is the company you keep . . . Imus, Hannity, Franken, all your media “friends” share  your contempt . . . for truth,  justice . . . life.  For why else have all four gone out of their way to let it be known that they have visited this web site, except to show their contempt?


“I have heard what you do to some of your listeners.”--- Senator Hatch, on the Don Imus show;  yes, all five.

The company offers a solid brand name, but comes with uneven profits in a highly competitive sector known for swift and crushing change. Worse, most of the money raised in the deal goes to existing stockholders and won't be used to expand and grab market share. It's not immediately clear where the money for the company's ambitious expansion plan will come from, especially when a good chunk of the net proceeds raised in the IPO goes into the pockets of current stockholders. The restaurant sector has cooked up some classic flops in the IPO market, including Planet Hollywood and Boston Chicken. Both companies have been delisted after sizzling starts. (Forbes)

At last report, Ruth's net debt came to $117 million. Figuring generously that the chain still is worth 1.1 times sales suggests an equity value of, say, $95 million. It's a good bet the sellers want to get much more. If Ruth's tempts you, wait for the sizzle to fizzle.In 1999, a group led by Madison Dearborn Partners, an $8 billion Chicago private-equity firm, took over the chain. Results since have proved wobbly. (BusinessWeek)

It's frightful how being told that you are no good makes you hate yourself, and hate others. And it's frightful how quickly a whole country of self-loathers can be bred. After all, a lack of manners and politeness in a society can only be a reflection of what the society thinks of itself. Recently, I have concluded that London is no longer the 'seat of civilised society' that the world once considered it to be, and is certainly not the safe city I grew up in. BRITAIN DESTROYING ITSELF FROM WITHIN BY JOAN COLLINS UK DAILY MAIL THUS AUG 04, 2005 (Drudge)



Lecture Notes:  August


“An ideal is merely the projection, on an enormously enlarged scale, of some aspect of personality.”

--- Aldous Huxley, After Many a Summer Dies the Swan


I have nothing left to fight with except my life.  I have to make what little there is left count.  I sacrifice myself to protest you, your ignorance, your selfishness, your cruelty.  I can not fight all of you, all alone.  No one can.  We are each of us dependent on the community.  You have made your judgment known.  Yet I still have this one last thing that I can do to protest you.


Michael Weiner (aka “Savage”)  was repeating “after many a summer dies the swan, after many a summer dies the swan . . .”  yesterday as a kind of mantra to distract his mind.


Part of his chaotic fractured mind knows that he has driven a man to his death and yet he wants to go on with his life without feelings of guilt.


And this is what most torments him.  He knows his responsibility.  This same since of guilt can also be seen in Imus’ erratic behavior.  Mrs. Jack Swanson is perhaps too limited to feel guilt.  Perhaps? 


What will happen after I am turned to ash in the hospital incinerator after my organs have all been removed?  He does not know.


Will the feeling of guilt and shame increase or will they disappear he wonders?  But then . . . if they do disappear will that not itself be a sign of his further decline into insanity?


After many a summer dies the swan.  After many a summer dies the swan. . . . will it get worse?  And then if it doesn’t . . .?


He had an “irresistible impulse” to harasse, vex, torment another.  For over ten years he has made it his business to oppress me.  What will you do now Michael Weiner when I am gone.  Is that what has you worried?  Is that why you keep repeating your mantra:  After many a summer dies the swan . . .?


You could try one of your fits, drop back down into one of your neuroses which you have cultivated over the years . . . let’s see . . . the gentile bastard one?  You could try that one again: Getting even with them for all they have done to me and my people!   Yvonne’s avenger?  Play that role?  You could try that again.  (He plays these little games with his fragmented personality.)  Scream in hysterical outrage Michael, go on,   maybe that will work again . . .


 . . . or perhaps even these bouts with your  neuroses will no longer do . . . then what?


After many a summer dies the swan.  After many a summer dies the swan.  After many a summer dies the swan. 


The woods decay, the woods decay and fall,
The vapours weep their burthen to the ground,
Man comes and tills the field and lies beneath,
And after many a summer dies the swan.

---- Alfred Tennyson, Tithonus (l. 82–88)



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Counselor:   What is all of this?


A new student.


Counselor:  A new student?!  What kind of student visits from “xxx”  or “delicious” or ohmyGod!


My guess?  I’m guessing Richard ‘Rick’ Parasol.  Tiburon’s latest billionaire.  (see A Tale of Two Houses Lecture Notes 07-27-05)   But . . . but . . . his com . . . com . . .  company only does the bi . . . bi . .  billing.


Counselor:  Well you are not going to accept him as a student are you?


He seems a very stu . . . stu . . . studious student.  Very diligent.  And perhaps he will have a job for me?  God works in strange ways and that sort of thing.


Counselor:  Well you wouldn’t accept that would you?


 . . . well . . . well . . . I . . . I don’t want to die . . . he is perhaps our last hope . . . strange no?   Eh, besides, I’ve been thinking we should have . . . a sex education class----


Counselor:  This is pornography not sex education.


There is an interesting association between pornography and politics.  Paul Johnson traces the rise of the Left,  the “liberal” party, to the advent of pornography in the 1820’s.  The poet Shelly and his wife, they had an “open marriage” you know, well . . .


Counselor: . . .


 . . . no?  Well anyway he adds some color to the last hours.  The harlequin mask at the Venetian costume ball . . . death . . . and absurdity . . . we are all of us passing echoes in time . . . how can anything so insubstantial as life be taken seriously . . . but all the same there is some bitterness mixed in it. 



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Lecture Notes:  August


“If a day comes when the world of Islam is duly equipped with the arms Israel has in its possession, the strategy of colonialism would face a stalemate because application of an atomic bomb would not leave anything in Israel but the same thing would just produce damages in the Muslim world”, Former Iranian President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani told the crowd at the traditional Friday prayers in Tehran. Tuesday, December 18, 2001


“If the Americans, Europeans and Russians will not take Iran to the (U.N.) Security Council and put real pressure on them, they will produce nuclear capabilities,” said Yuval Steinitz, chairman of the parliamentary Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee.     “There is a growing understanding in the international community that the Iranian nuclear program is not benign,” said Foreign Ministry spokesman Mark Regev. Monday, August 1, 2005; 7:33 PM (WP-Drudge)


Yeah, you have decided to ignore me and let me go to my death.  But ignoring things is what you do . . . you are really good at that.  You let things go, you know that they are going wrong, but you just don’t want to get involved.  Hitler re-arms, Japan conquers Manchuria,  remember the  Mukden Incident?  Saddam Hussein’s contacts with the terrorists are still being denied even as we are holding the banked checks, we have the photos, the documents,  the remains . . .  Joe Wilson himself found confirmation of the British report, (he actually talked to the government representative who met with the Iraqi “trade” delegation. (That is the British report Al Franken, we are not talking about the Italian Intelligence report.  (Franken tried to confuse his listeners.  That is, Franken lied, again))). 


In all your partisan coverage of the “yellow cake” (which is only a raw material) did you even know that there is now a famine in Niger?  (Ever think to give out a phone number or a web site for famine relief? (OxFam))


You have this amazing technology and all you want to do is talk about some twit whose own report confirms what he publicly denies and you have not one word to say about the famine?  But this is what you do.  You ignore that Wilson reported the Iraqi “trade” contact and the famine too.  Because that is what you do.  You ignore things.


No there is nothing new here.  You have allowed millions to die before me.  You have not actually driven them to their deaths, worked for organizations that have sanctioned the oppression, murder.  You have only watched and gone on with your lives. 


I mentioned a few days ago that 84% have been excluded from the California Republic because of your exclusionary zoning laws and the Chronicle blissfully publishes an article that rents for a one bedroom apartment have been at $1,250 for two years.  Such a bargain!  So that takes a $60,000 income.  For a one bedroom apartment?  The average income in California is $35,000.  (Note that the author of the article on exclusionary zoning laws blames “government” not the people.   You see, it is “government” not us?  Not our selfishness.  Not our willful ignorance.  Someone else is to blame for the exclusionary zoning not us!  Always and forever someone else, the “government”, anything but us.)


How does the editor of the Chronicle square the circle?  He doesn’t.  He goes on with his life.  He ignores the issue.  


But he did  include an argument in one “news story” about down zoning in Berkeley that families moving to the “suburbs” “probably” wouldn’t “want” to live in a city flat or townhouse anyway;  i.e. even if builders were allowed to build to such “density.”   See?  They are just 'suburban breeders' they don’t really want to live here anyway.  They are actually arguing their antigrowth polemics in their news stories.


But this will be a first for most of you.  You haven’t actually participated in murder before.


Or have you and just never thought about it?


It is still not too late.  I check my messages every day.  If I had a job . . . I find myself thinking  . . . could use my credit cards . . . I could still . . .  until the first pay check . . . the same powerful people who have used their influence to destroy me could at any minute reverse the oppression . . . remove their foot from my neck . . .


Even now, down to the very last hours . . . I have no shame . . . I check the phone twice a day . . . we spend our whole lives looking to see how the story will come out?  What will happen? 


There is no glory only release.


And even for those of you who have worked for this, Thomson and the Red Comedian at KQED, Weiner, Imus, Mrs. Jack Swanson, Owens, Krasney, you have succeeded far better than anything you could have imagined; didn’t you.  Yes!, you wanted to destroy a man’s life;  ok sure.  But death? 


Did you think you could kill a man?   Is it everything you could have hoped for?  Do you feel powerful?   Are you proud of yourselves?  (I know Scot “now he probably thinks I work for the JDL” Bobro is proud of himself.  But how about the rest of you?  Beaming with satisfaction?)


But the order has been confirmed. No one ever came forward.  And the silence is an answer:  Drink the Hemlock.