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Lecture Notes:  05-28-2004


Sergio De Mello--- in memoriam





Iyad Allawi selected by Governing Council.  Mr. Allawi, who in 1990 formed the Iraqi National Accord, (a party backed by the CIA and British intelligence), now to be Iraqi Prime Minister, (sucker).

Now that the CIA has their man in office hopefully there will be no more gun play with poor Mr. Chalabi.  Hopefully this will be an end to  all the photos they had their  men  taking in Abu Ghraib Prison.

Another day another Coup d’etat

OK Washington -- New York elites, listen up, this is a Jump Ball!


Let’s see how long it takes you to destabilize this new interim government.


Not enough for us to over throw a tyrant, establish an interim government under the “rule of law” and withdraw to military reservations, what fun would that be for us?  How many newspapers could you sell just doing that? 


If it bleeds it leads, baby.  Time to pump those ratings! Let’s kick this poor bastard till he bleeds.


Let’s bring down this government just like we brought down the last one. 


Bob Woodward, you and Hirsh,  contact your friends in the CIA and State Department, (who did not want us to go into Iraq in the first place), and get the dirt on Allawi.  (See if you can get some more of those photos they took of the naked pyramids.)  CNN, lets interview some Iraqis, man on the street stuff, “no confidence in exile who ran away,” etc., that sort of thing, interview your hotel manager, taxi driver, you know what to do.  Dan Rather, he is CIA, see if you can find an old general who wants to sell a book, get something on “the agenda” of the Jews, you know, we are all going over “Niagara Falls,”  you know what we need.


[General Zinni, (USMC-Retired), the reason “agenda” is anti-Semitic is because it is intellectually dishonest.  Do I have an “agenda?”  I advised Mr. Bush (41) that he should not leave a wounded animal, they are, (as we have seen), very dangerous. 


When you speak of “everyone knows they have an agenda” you are misrepresenting the case.  Mr. Hussein’s attempt to assassinate Mr. Bush (41), is a cause for war.  Is this an “agenda” or just a reason?  You may not agree.  If I claim your failure to agree is proof of your “agenda,”  I am implying that you are complicit, or at least a supporter of the attempted assassination, i.e. you have some reason for not caring if Mr. Bush is killed. 


Am I going to fast for you General?  Dismissing our reasons as merely part of an “agenda” implies an ulterior motive.  When in the same paragraph much less the same interview you refer to your opponents as only “neo cons” you suggest what that ulterior motive might be:  Israel.  And I think you knew this before your read this note General Zinni, (USMC-Retired).  I believe “everyone knows they have an agenda” was understood by you to have a specific interpretation. 


As it happens Israel is another of my 12 million reasons.  I make no apologies  to you or Pat Buchanan.  A complicating factor is that neither Mr. Bush nor Israel wants to be listed as reasons for the war for just the reason we are now examining: cheap shots. 


I have 11,999,998 other reasons.  Glad to go over them with you any time you old bastard, Mr. General sir.  In fact why don’t we take a CBS camera to Iraq and I will show you some of my reasons.  They are digging them up out of the desert all the time.


By the way my paternal grandfather used to say, “lose the office lose the title.”  I think you should take the advise, especially as you are no longer bringing it any honor. ]



Come on people there are three news cycles before the Sunday papers are put to bed.  Don’t forget to get the Kerry Campaign on this, I want, “failure of leadership,”  CIA imposed puppet,”  all of that. 


Let’s get to work we have a new government to bring down. The last one took almost a year, lets get this one out before November.  If we are lucky there will be some assassinations too!


“Batter's up . . ."

------- Barbara Simpson, KSFO, 5-8-04


"Think about how America looked in 1967 or 1968 . . . there were riots . . .crime . . .”

-------  David Gold, KSFO, 5-1-04

Lecture Notes:  05-23-04

The Growing Gap
Bremer has alienated Iraqis.

Michael Rubin, a former Coalition Provisional Authority political adviser, is a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute.

"The situation in Iraq today is dire. Bremer has embarked on a policy which is as damaging in the region as the Abu Ghraib scandal. Across the region, Arabs and Iranians point to the raid on Chalabi's house to show that friendship with America is futile; the United States cannot be an ally and should never be trusted. Democracy is not about crushing peaceful dissent. . . .

"Chalabi may be a controversial figure . . .but . . .Unlike Dawa, he has never resorted to a car bomb. Unlike Jalal Talabani and Masud Barzani, he has never kissed the hand of Saddam Hussein nor entered into business partnerships with Saddam's sons. Unlike Adnan Pachachi, he has never called for the elimination of a neighboring Arab state or condemned the United States.

"It may be time for Ambassador John Negroponte to accelerate his stewardship in Iraq. By signing an order for the raid on Chalabi, Bremer undermined his own authority among a wide-array of Iraqis. . .  . . The raid on Chalabi's house was political in motivation and a serious abuse of power. Bremer is playing the politics of personal vendetta. Iraqi Sunni, Shia, and Kurds — including many Governing Council members — often joke that living in Saddam's palace has rubbed off a little too much on Bremer.

"When Deputy National Security Advisor Robert Blackwell pushed through the decision to transfer responsibility to the United Nations, Bremer changed tact. He ordered the Governing Council to delay its investigation by re-tendering the audit. The Finance Committee did but then Bremer, by fiat, announced the creation of a new Supreme Board of Audit. For the purposes of U.S. policy, the delay caused by the start-up of the Supreme Board of Audit would diminish the risk of any disclosure regarding the culpability of senior U.N. officials in connection with the missing interest on Oil-for-Food accounts. Bremer had extra insurance because he could appoint the Supreme Board of Audit members; he need not risk independent Iraqis. The flaw in Bremer's approach, though, is that many Iraqis support the Finance Committee audit. The interim government will likely continue with the Finance Committee audit as soon as CPA ceases to exist on June 30, in all likelihood de-funding the Supreme Board of Audit. Eyewitnesses to the raid on Chalabi's house said that, while Iraqi police came armed with a warrant targeting someone not resident at Chalabi's house, they proceeded to search for U.N. documents. They found no documents, . . .

". . .By sending forces to break into Chalabi's house and then by holding a Governing Council member at gunpoint, Bremer sought to humiliate Chalabi. Bremer has not learned from the Abu Ghraib scandal. Humiliation backfires. . . . . "



Lecture Notes:  05-17-18-04

Warning! Warning!

Coup d’etat  is now in progress.

!Warning!  !Warning!

Coup d’etat is now in progress!


Danger Warning!

Pull up.   Pull up!

!Danger Warning!

Pull up.  Pu


Story developing . . .


"The Pentagon has halted its monthly payments to the Iraqi National Congress, the group led by Ahmed Chalabi, the man once viewed by U.S. defense officials as a potential post-war Iraqi leader. "  Voice of America 5-18-04 (Drudge)


"To overthrow the government of a major Arab country, occupy it, and establish a reasonable government there, is not an easy task.  So, inevitably, mistakes will be made.  But it is increasingly clear that there are more mistakes than there should be.  The White House has failed to properly discipline the bureaucracies.  It articulated a democratic vision for Iraq and then accepted the analysis of Iraqi politics provided by Arabists at the CIA and the State Department, who are hostile to implementing such a vision. The Arabists have a known bias toward accomodating the views of Arab states.  Before the war, the Arabists said that the Iraqi bureaucracies would continue to function after Saddam was overthrown, so there was no need to train Iraqis in exile for those functions, including police functions.


"But that assessment was wrong.  The Ba'thists were so detested that the bureaucracies shattered, when the apparatus of repression no longer existed to support them.  The U.S. lack of preparedness for that has led to a power vacuum and enduring problems. The clashes with Muqtada al-Sadr represent a similar problem. The Coalition Provisional Authority has let Tehran fund him, possibly arm him, while it has utterly failed to support Iraqi democrats. 


". . . and many others--need to reconsider the reasons why we fought this war.  If it was only about, or primarily about, bringing democracy to an Arab state, the question of whether it was worth the American lives lost, not to mention those with permanently debilitating injuries, would weigh heavily.  But the war was very much about the defense of this country.  Unfortunately, the same bureaucratic obstructionism that has made the task in Iraq more difficult than it should have been, has also been allowed to get in the way of George Bush's articulating why this war was fought.  Some significant number of those bureaucrats remain committed to the positions they adopted in the Clinton years, of which Clarke is a prime example. 


"The core of Clarke's position is essentially: I had it right and the Bush administration has it wrong.  Many such individuals remain in government (pensions are an important consideration, regarding whether people stay or quit).  They don't have the liberty of speaking out publicly as Clarke has done, but they wage a constant campaign of leaks against the president and the Iraq War for no better reason than they can't bring themselves to recognize that they were wrong and he was right."  ---Laurie Mylroie,  4-12-04 


Yes, campaign of leaks.  Hirsh at New Yorker.  Old memos at Newsweek. Campaign of leaks before the war, now,  during the war.  6 month old photos turn up after circulating around for months at 60 Minutes. 


"There it is in black and white in Bob Woodward's book, and we can be pretty sure that it's accurate, because we know that Colin Powell likes to talk to the composer of the first draft of blah. The secretary of state is quoted as saying that he often thinks our biggest problem in Iraq is Ahmad Chalabi. Just take a moment to roll that thought around your own cranium. Iraq … mass murder, looted economy, mass trauma, incipient warlordism, devastated ecology, foreign infiltrators, crazed mullahs … .you become a bit spoiled for choice when you select a main problem here. Picking Chalabi is presumably easier than picking a fight with Rumsfeld or Wolfowitz or even Bush.

"It's a change, though, from the authorized smear and jeer of last year, which was that Chalabi was an American puppet. Since then he has called for an earlier transfer of sovereignty, earlier elections, and a sterner line on de-Baathification than the patrons of Abu Ghraib would like. He's said and done some other things that I'm not so sure about, and I don't know what happened in the Jordanian banking system many decades ago (and neither, dear reader, do you). But he's not a puppet, and anyone who thinks he is the problem is probably readying some puppets of his own whom you don't want to think about. Here one might also mention George Tenet's CIA, which doesn't have many recent successes to its credit, either in defending the homeland or in guessing right about enemies overseas, but which seems to have agents to spare to defame the Iraqi National Congress. Unpunished enemies, protected torturers, and punished friends … not a great week for the good old cause of regime change." ----Christopher Hitchens, Slate 5-04-04 






Lecture Notes:  05-16-04


The American Left is so self absorbed that they do not recognize their own cultural imperialism, even as they perpetrate it.


They tell us that the Iraqi police and civil defense forces, ran away, (subtext like “Nancy boys”), or they folded, or they would not fight, etc.


As if all that was at issue was, and you can imagine the preppy Chris Matthews, with his phony working class swagger say this:  “Hey, you got a gun use it.”  In other words the Left complains that the Iraqi police did not kill enough people.  They minimized the problem to one of “security” or the “training” was “insufficient,” equipment was even mentioned.  The real issues are deeper and they know it or should know it.


The other two prominent Democrat operatives in the mass media, Tim Russert and Stephanopoulos know, as one suspects does Matthews, that the problem goes to governance.  In the Middle East the police need the backing of a ‘strong man,’ an ‘authoritarian state.’  (Question: why is Stephanopoulos in my Microsoft spell check and Sean Hannity is not?)


Our police are police not because we gave them guns and  badges, but because all of us recognize them as exercising legitimate authority.  In Iraq on the other hand,  if a policeman should shoot someone, he has not just killed one man, he may have started a vendetta against his family that will last a thousand years.  Under such circumstances “retreat”, “avoided needless blood shed”, “prudent withdrawal,” any of these would have been preferable, to the leftwing media’s  “routed.”  Preferable because more accurate.  Of course, they could have opened fire. 


But see how backwards everything is.  These old Democrat lefties posturing as journalist are oblivious to their own cultural imperialism.  If they explained the truth about why it is so difficult to organize a united society under the “rule of Law” (here I use the phrase as Mr. Baer uses it, i.e. as it is understood in the Middle East), then they would have to contradict the darlings of the Left: not just John F. F. Kerry, but the platitudes of McCain, Biden, nearly everyone in the establishment.


Just one election will solve all their problems.  The New England village green transported miraculously to the heart of the Middle East, the center of the world, the cross roads of Asia, Europe and Africa. And again, astonishingly there is no detectible irony.  Kerry, McCain, Biden seem genuinely unaware of how out of touch their posturing is.  More troops and elections!  No, free elections! They have learned nothing.  Imperialists. Dumb imperialists.   


After the First Gulf War President Bush explained to me why he did not go on to Baghdad and topple Mr. Hussein.  Actually he told anyone who was listening but I doubt that there were more than a dozen people who understood his point.  He said that he did not go to Baghdad because he did not want a “hollow Army.”  (The phrase comes to us from the interwar years when the know nothing Republicans and their isolationist brethren Democrats, in the establishment of that day, allowed the Army to dwindle to nothing.  Many died for this willful ignorance and folly.)


President Bush’s point was that had the Executive strayed further on a military adventure than the Congress was willing to support, the Army would pay the price later in shortfalls of funding.  (The Navy, of course, must be “maintained,” according to our Constitution.)  Without the support of the Congress the President dare not risk the national defenses. 


In other words not only do the police of Baghdad require political support of the larger community to sustain them, so too does the President of the United States of America.


But because the Left has so twisted the public discourse, we can not begin even to enter into a discussion.  Here you have Mr. Baer, with over 20 years experience, knowledge, of the Middle East, trying to explain “the rule of Law,” as it is understood and needed in the Middle East and no one hears him. (Except here at New Ruskin College.)


This is  cultural imperialism.  You do not known, nor do you care, what is really needed in Iraq.  You are so blinded by your own limited leftist rhetoric you would not know how even to begin examining the real issues. 


  This is cultural imperialism.  



Lecture Notes:  05-13-04

This is what is wrong with the Republican Party:  Part II   is now available.  (look to left.)


In Part II you will read:


This is why they set out to destroy me,  because I spoke my mind, because I testified, to the Senate, about the issues of the day.  One issue in particular was my undoing.  I argued that small groups, operating as a kind of “shadow Senate” controlled the national discussion.  So they set out to destroy me.  Thus am I refuted.

Also, in Part II,  you will read:


Microsoft is often set out as an exemplar of the information economy.  People like Mr. Limbaugh, the king of talk radio, use this as an example of the private economy moving on its own with out state involvement.  What if, however, I could show you in a paragraph or two that Microsoft represents not the free enterprise economy but a classic example of the upper classes using the state to solidify their position and eliminate the bother of market competition?


Also you will read:


Let us pause for a moment to reflect on what could be said for the Republican Party’s leadership if President Bush had not led the way in extending coverage to medicines.  It appears to be a party of one, for without President Bush there would have been no leadership.


Lecture Notes:  05-12-04

“It is like we are living in the Middle Ages . . . you don’t know what to expect in the morning, . . . whether there will be some horrible act like this . . . (the murder of Nick Berg).”  -----Howard Fineman,  Don Imus show, 5-12-04   (see Army Navy Club Item Number  7.)


Counselor:  It could have been coincidence.  Has Mr. Fineman ever made a reference before?


Along time ago, when there were a lot of comments about my letters,  he said, “I realized that since I was first admitted to college, I don’t know anyone who scored less than 1400 on their SATs.”


Counselor:  But I don’t understand, how would that relate to you?  How was that a reference to you?


. . . . .


Counselor:  Didn’t you get at least 1400?


. . .


Counselor:  Oh, but then what?  Over 1300?


Ok, that’s enough.


Counselor:  1200?


Stop it.  I am a Man of the People! 



Lecture Notes:  05-11-04


It has just occurred to me that most of you already know the truth about what has been done to me. 


You know what Michael Weiner has done, and is doing. 


So you know about the involvement of Don Imus also.


All of these years I have tried to bring this to your attention.  I have tried to get evidence.  Organized protests.  Written letters.  But you already knew.  You knew before even I knew?  My God, even before Yvonne took us down to the KQED radio studio?  All these years of enduring these torments, this humiliation;  and you knew all along.  Degenerates. 


It follows that John F. F. Kerry knows.  He has called for PFCs to come forward and testify and report the abuse of prisoners.  He has demanded that their officers should be held responsible.  Has asked that everyone up the chain of command to the Secretary of Defense be removed from their offices. 


So it follows that you must know that John F. F. Kerry is a complete hypocrite. 


You know that he knows all about Don Imus, and Michael Weiner.  John F. F. Kerry knows about Imus’ harassment of me at State Farm in 1998 when he used his friend Shotgun Tom Kelly to give him information on me. (see Psy Ops)  John F. F. Kerry knows about how Don Imus followed me to GAB Robbins  in 2003 and continued his harassment.  (see Psy Ops)  He knows about the burglary at the Colonial Motel;  (see Intel Operations)  the electronic eaves dropping at the Colonial Motel;  (see Intel Operations)  Clue #3:  Knows about the electronic surveillance at the Public Storage building in San Rafael, where Michael Weiner arranged to rent the unit next to mine. 


So you know just how smarmy John F. F. Kerry is:  He is going on the Don Imus show even though he knows about all of this.  And yet you keep your silence?  Aren’t you ashamed?  Aren’t you the ones who complained that Moslems were not “speaking out” against the terrorist?  You ask PFCs to give evidence but you do not apply this rule to yourselves?  PFCs must come forward but millionaires in the media have no duty, no code, no responsibility? 


You are not ashamed at all?


I have requested the F. C. C. to investigate.  (see e-mail Archives at the Moynihan)



Lecture notes:  05-09-04


Evan Thomas  “I don’t want to sound like an Imam.  . . . our sex obsessed culture . . . we are so saturated with sex. . . you have got to wonder if these actions aren’t the product of our pop culture.  I sound like some puritanical harpy.”  ------ Gordon Peterson show 5-9-04


“One irony of the way the story came to light: Lawson first tried to bring attention to the scandal by writing to 17 members of Congress, but, he told the New York Times, he got virtually no response. Now, members of the House and Senate are calling for Rumsfeld's resignation for not bringing the matter to their attention.

Before contacting Hackworth, Lawson said he also went to the Red Cross, members of Congress in both parties and Fox News Channel host Bill O'Reilly.” ------- Insights at World Net Daily 5-8-04 


Interview with former prisoner:  May 2004

“So you were tortured?”

“Tortured?  I would say it was more like pornography.”


Your Armed Forces have been in the Middle East for a little over a year and you already think you know so much that you can make predictions about generations?  And the amazing thing is that you are not joking.  No hint of irony.


You are so hypocritical, so genuinely lost I do not even know where to begin.


Consider what Robert Baer recommended before the war.   He did not recommend 130,000 troops, not 300,000 troops.  If he had been offered 25,000 troops in the 1990s he would have had more than enough.  Why?  Is he such a master of the art of war?


Does this mean that the President was wrong in going in uniform, flags flying?  At this level of analysis ‘wrong’ does not even apply.  And when you use this word, (‘wrong’), at this level of analysis you show how shallow you are;  your utter lack of subtlety.  There are advantages to conventional arms quite apart from simple military victory.  Had you considered this alternative?  Thought through the possible outcomes? Not enough just to win, but the President made the decision to win, in this particular way.


If you read Mr. Baer’s passages on the Syrian government, and in particular his use of the words, “rule of law,”  you could make the case that Mr. Baer is a  “blank” or at least a “blank.”  That is, if you read him the ‘wrong’ way.  I know what he is trying to say about the Middle East.  I know how to read him.  (By the way, once again, Mr. Baer, thank you for your service to our country.)


Were these prisoner abuse photos ‘wrong’ in the eyes of the Middle East?  Most of you have no idea what they think.  Your whole society is ‘wrong.’  If you knew just how ‘wrong’ you are in their eyes you would be amazed at their tolerance.  Many of them do not want to cut your throats.  They are not as upset about these photos as you are because this is what they thought you were like.  They have been impressed that our troops are not murdering savages.


(This is why the bio attacks will come as a complete surprise.  You have been warned but you just can not really believe people would want to kill you.  No, exterminate you.  You are blithely ignorant of what they think.  Even now when confronted with the evidence you are still only dimly aware.  Which is why the photos so agitate you.  They remind you of something you knew about yourselves but would not admit.  Not even to yourselves.)


Why are the people of the Middle East not upset that the dictator of Syria leveled a town?  But they have so much to say about some naked men in a pyramid.  It is just this: The dictator of Syria did not ask them for their opinion.  Do you even want to understand the Middle East?  Try to understand this:  More books are translated into Greek each year than are translated into Arabic.  Do you know what this means?  Do you understand  their relative sizes?  Their relative ages?  Think!


When the people of Iraq talk of “security” they are talking about what Mr. Baer meant when he wrote of the Syrian “rule of law.”  But you know so little about the Middle East that even now after these several paragraphs you still don’t have a clue.  This is how confused and ignorant you are.  You hear the word “security” and you think about this word the way a rich American thinks.  This is how out of touch you are.  It has not occurred to you until just now that they mean something different from what you thought.(This is why Mr. Baer uses the phrase “rule of law.”  It is not ‘technically’ correct but he is trying to translate.  Translate not just language but cultures.) 


Even now Evan Thomas does not want to sound like a “puritanical harpy.”  Again absolutely no hint of irony.  If you would just admit who you are, this whole prisoner abuse thing could be settled amicably.  But you would rather writhe in your denial.  Confronted with photographic evidence of what you are,  you still deny it.


 ‘Oh, sure, we had heard about the abuse,’ you say, ‘but we did not know about the photos.  Heard about these things but .  . .’  What?  Did not know it could be put on TV?  That’s really what you think.  There were reports, press releases.  ‘Well sure we heard they were investigating.’  ‘Yes, we knew the Red Cross had presented reports of abuse, that there was evidence, testimony, we did interview former prisoners . . .’  But you did not know you would be confronted with it.  Didn’t you want a Scoop?


And even when confronted, ‘Oh, that is not us, not America.”  Hypocrites!


This is the view:  we can look at things far off in the distance, or we can focus on things close in the foreground.  Michael Weiner has escalated his harassment and Don Imus has made comments that acknowledge his awareness of it.  So have several others.  Yet like those 17 Congressmen and Bill O’Reilly you deny you know anything about it.  (Bill O’Reilly has referenced several articles on this web site but it did not stop him from doing a promo for Weiner.)  First you ever heard of such a thing.  Evan Thomas continues on the Don Imus show as a regular.  You can not be shamed.   Puritanical?  You can’t even . . . You are so far from Puritanism . . .  You don’t  . . . I do not know . . . . how to  . . . you are  . . .


Counselor:  Don’t you see?




Counselor:  Evan Thomas wasn’t being serious.  He just wanted to set you off.




Counselor:  Evan Thomas, Bill O’Reilly, they would like you to get into the pyramid.


What a nightmare.




Lecture Notes: 05-07-04

Compensation having been agreed to we propose how to proceed in our article:  Baghdad Claims Office:  How I would settle the Iraqi Prisoner Claims. (Look to left.)

Uh oh. Look out!   FOX
may  not have cared to expose the oppression, and psychological torture of ABC, PBS, CBS, NBC  Michael Weiner and KGO KSFO. . . . .
. . . . . but now, and webtv are looking. Now we will get to the truth.


Counselor:  Not just Reuters but WebTV too?


We would like to take this opportunity to welcome our first  visitors from Russia!  Welcome Russia.  The last time America and Russia were allies in war we were victorious.  (Come to think of it, we haven’t been victorious since then.)  Welcome Russia.  In honor of this occasion the Ludi Magistor has authorized, for the first time ever, the public showing of the Artificial Clouds letter, (first draft). (Now on display at the Moynihan.)   





Lecture Notes:   05-06-04


Dear Mr. President;


Your Excellence, if you are going to insist that the wrongful conduct of the prison guards is not American, then we will need to take steps to demonstrate your statement.


By your statements it follows that America has been at least negligent in its supervision of those responsible.  As an insurance adjuster with over 24 years experience in settling such cases, I volunteer to go to Iraq and organize a claims settlement office to resolve all outstanding claims.


I think your Excellence will appreciate that a civilian will be in a better position to reach settlement than our Armed Forces.  As it happens I am immediately available for deployment.  I am registered with EPC Global who will see to the details.


Counselor:   Won't that be dangerous?  I mean these claimants are a little,  . . . emotionally invested in their situation?


What?  Oh, good point.  Mr. President I will set the claims office up in the Green Zone and recruit  and train Iraqi claims adjusters.  As the Iraqi economy develops there will be a need for trained insurance claims professionals.


Probably if it is like most third world countries we will be able to recruit elite law school graduates.  As the economy grows they will perhaps go on to run their own insurance companies.  In the Near and Middle East there are some local attitudes and customs  about insurance that will need to be considered.  For example, the use of statistics to “predict” is fraught with difficulty, as it is misunderstood to “foretell the future” and -------


Counselor:  I don’t think the President has time for a discussion of local conditions.


Oh, yes, Sir, have your people give my people a call, we can make arrangements. 



Lecture Notes 5-4-04:                 


“This story is developing.”  (FOX)


Don Imus, why did you cut Pat O’Brien off? He mentioned that you were being “burned in effigy,” and you interrupted him and then went to music.


You know “Imus Protests” here at this web site, and “burn in effigy.”  You see? A coded reference.  We have gone Hollywood. 


I hadn’t thought about that.  Maybe some Java Script?  You know little flames coming out of your ears?  Some thing like that?  But that’s why he is living in Hollywood and I’m living in  . . .   well you know.  What’s the matter Don, don’t you think it is funny anymore?  You thought it funny in 1998 when I was at State Farm (see Psy Ops).  And at Farmers? (see Intel Operations and Psy Ops)   And then again in 2003 when I was at GAB ( see, Intel Operations, Psy Ops, McGurk Tutorial, Who Killed Duane Garrett Part II)   But now, what?  Not funny anymore?


Hey, Pat,  I mean Mr. O’Brien,  you know this could be big, a movie even a whole TV series.  You know like Friends only,  you know but like more  with hate?  Marlene thought the script was like The Prince of Tides.  That was about-----


Counselor:  He knows what it was about.


Oh, yeah, but Yvonne,  she thought it was more like Age of Innocence. 


 Hey, Pat, may I call you Pat,  lets do a meeting. . . . .   


Counselor:  Did I?


Remember, like the Countess?  You said, “You Americans . . .you have no history . . .”  Remember that?  "You Americans?" Countess?




Clue #1:  I do not know how much time I have.  No one has come forward with evidence.  I hope if you do open an investigation some day these clues will help convict those responsible.  Space number 40, next to mine, was rented by a “contractor.”  Michael Weiner began his escalation of harassment during this period. 2000 to 2003. Since then he has continued to escalate.  Now he has some other unit possibly on the second floor.  



Lecture Notes:  05-01-04


“Wrong”??   Wrong does not even begin to describe it. 


A NATION OF DEGENERATES is more like it.     


A “mistake”?    You will recall that David Gregory asked the President of the United States of America if he had made a “mistake.”  In Imus Protest Handbill 04-13-04 (see Imus Protests)  we explained the outrage of David Gregory.  Not 12 hours earlier he was on the air joking with Don Imus about Imus’ stalking and harassment and oppression of this author.  Gregory thought it a good joke.


“Sadistic, blatant and wanton criminal abuses” is what the Army investigators called it.  For years Imus has stalked this web site’s author. Criminal? Yes.  But David Gregory thought it a good joke.  Sadistic?  Yes.  American? 


Just ask your self one question;  does this photo depict anything that Bernard McGurk hasn't said?



"Their treatment does not reflect the nature of the American people. That's not the way we do things in America.” 


Not the “nature” of the “people?” So then the 800th Reserve Police Brigade is not based in New York?  They have not been fed the sewage coming oozing from the Viacom microphones of Imus and Stern, and out onto the public air ways, all these years?  Upstate New York isn't America? Is that going to be the excuse?


 “threats of rape” is what the Army investigator said.  You wouldn’t deny that rape is standard procedure in American prisons and police jails would you? Abner Louima. 


For example, Senator Patrick Leahy recently advocated homosexual rape as a deterrent to white collar crime.   He said there would be less cheating by CEOs if they were to spend some time in a cell with “bubba.”  (Deny it Senator Leahy, I dare you.) 


A California jury recently turned down the claim of a small white male prisoner,  that alleged negligence of the State of California, for  placing  him in a cell with a large black prisoner, whom the screws nick named the “booddy bandit.”


Oh, Mr. President, you Sir, with all due respect to you Sir, and your high office Sir, are “wrong.”  This is exactly what America has become. 


To contradict me you must first deny that Michael Weiner has stalked and harassed me these last 12 years.  12 years!  Also say Mrs. Jack Swanson did not obtain my letters from CENCAL Insurance Services.  Tell me that David Gregory,  Tim Russert, Jim Lehrer, Chris Matthews, Bill O’Reilly, have not all been aware of Imus’ stalking and harassment.


The PBS affiliate, KQED, used its influence with my, . . . troubled, counselor, to have her take me to their studio to harasse and humiliate me.  Sadism?  Michael Krasney 6 years later could not leave me alone and with the help of the former Mrs. Dr. Dean Edel he got in his kick.  (Both are former employees of KGO.) And other KGO radio hosts have variously tormented and scorned me.  Ron Owens using his influence to have a homosexual assault me in a locker room.  (Much to the "amusement" of Don Imus.)Not America you say? 


Oh, yes America!  This is my America. 


How many times have they demanded that Moslems “speak out” and “condemn”, or “give evidence” etc., etc. even as they continue there own decade long cover up?  And how many times have we heard Don Imus advise wrong doers to confess?  'Stop the cover up, he recommends.  Hypocrisy.  Hypocrisy does not even begin to describe it.  Your whole lives are a cover up.


You are a Nation of degenerates