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History’s judgment rendered today!


Lecture Notes:  4-30-04

Sparks fly at Fox!  Story developing.

Bill O’Reilly shouts down caller.  Sounding like a back woods preacher he then calls on his listeners to “Shun Him!  Shun Him!”

“They are destructive people,” O’Reilly yelled and  then hung  up on the caller to whom he had just promised a chance to respond.

Bill O’Reilly caught in yet another lie!

Why?  Read  Clones 2nd  edition at Weber Institute.

The caller had started to reply to O’Reilly’s question.  “I’m proud to be labeled a “leftist”----------  the caller had started to say.  This in reply to O’Reilly’s accusation.  Then the Fox star hung up the phone and started shouting.


Was it the caller?   Doubtful.


In Clones, 2nd edition, we point out two O’Reilly lies.  Lies about Genetics and about God.


Now a 3rd.  He promised to let the caller respond but he hung up the phone.


Now the 4th.  Bill O’Reilly has advised his listeners not to be honest with even their wives.  That’s right.  Not even their wives. Why?


“You never know when you are going to get divorced,” says the Fox talkman. 


Not even honest with his own wife.  My my.


Does Mrs. O’Reilly know the truth about her Fox talkman?


Readers will recall that Mr. O’Reilly developed a close relationship with Michael Weiner, of  hate radio, during the month leading up to the release of the Passion. O’Reilly knew about the burglary of the Colonial Motel the electronic surveillance, the stalking, harassment, the oppression. But O’Reilly had the hate radio Weiner on his FOX TV program and even did a radio promotional spot.  How many lies should all this count for?  We count 388 more lies.

In other news:


Highland Hospital in Alameda County California, has  announced that it has $70 million dollars in unpaid bills outstanding with insurance companies.  Highland is under supervision for its financial crisis. 


In Who Killed Duane Garrett Part II we explain how emergency rooms are being forced to close for want of funding  even though the people of California pay more for insurance to cover emergency room bills than any other state in the country.  We estimate Californians pay premiums for trauma care coverage which should cover  3 to 4 times the cost of the actual bills.  


Please also visit the Max Weber Institute for the Study of the 5th Day of Creation.  In the Army Navy Club, Item Number 12, we explain how to fund emergency rooms using existing insurance coverage.


Where is all the money going?  Where is the $70 million owed Highland Hospital? 


In related insurance news:


A commission looking into the handling of the Southern California fires reports they have complaints about slow payment from over 1,000 homeowners.  That is 1,000 out of the 3,600 claims?  Ouch!


Lecture Notes:  04-27-04


Hey, Don, it is always funny when it is about someone else, isn’t it?   (see Imus Protests (look to left top of page.))




Margaret Warner, Senior Correspondent, Newshour misstated what Charlie Gibson did in his interview with John F. F. Kerry. 


Before the interview Gibson let it be known that he had a video tape of Kerry throwing away his medals.  This story was splashed by Drudge the night before.  But this “leak” was a plant to conceal from Kerry  Gibson’s true intent.  Gibson was not interested in the ribbons-medals controversy.


During the interview he repeatedly went over this point, even interrupting Kerry, and presenting his own eye witness testimony.  This was a master’s stroke and Kerry was completely taken in.  At this point Kerry thought the issue was about whether or not he had thrown away medals or ribbons, even at one point saying “This is a phony issue.”  In other words in  2004 Kerry was arguing that they were the same thing:  ribbons equals medals.


But Gibson had another point.  All of this was just prelude.  Gibson had the statement of “someone in labor” who had met with Kerry in the 1980s.  Kerry, (in shock?) did not deny the statement.  The labor man’s statement was that Kerry had tried to argue with labor members (who were upset with his actions at the protest) that he had not in fact thrown away his medals but only his ribbons.


Kerry was caught completely in the open.  He had no answer.  But Gibson would not let go.  Gibson went on to repeatedly argue with Kerry that “You made the distinction,” (in the 1980s).  Gibson had trapped Kerry in a lie.  When it was convenient Kerry argued they were different, ribbons and medals, and then when the social political environment changed and it was more convenient he changed his views.  He flipped flopped.


(Russert did something similar on his show but was much more mild, when he first had Kerry answer a question on the war in Iraq, and then showed him a poll that showed the American people just want someone who says what he believes and is forthright. Kerry’s answer had flunked that test.)


Yet Margaret Warner would have us believe that all of this was lost on her.  She would have it appear that she did not understand that it had been Kerry himself who had “made the distinction.”  She several times insisted that the “controversy” was a creation of the White House.  Finally she was corrected by one of the panelists (Brooks) who averred that this could hardly be attributed to the White House. 


What does Margaret Warner think she has accomplished by misrepresenting these facts?  Few care about the protests back then, pro or con.  Those who do care already have made up their minds about this campaign.  No votes are going to be decided by the current discussion of the protests, or the medals, or the ribbons.  Even Gibson’s point that Kerry lied isn’t likely to change many votes.  There are plenty of other examples of Flip Flop in action.  And even if some votes could be changed by their Newshour discussion how many people in their small liberal audience could this possibly be?


So what does Margaret Warner think she has accomplished?  We just think less of you dear.  That is all that has changed.  You have shown yourself to be a media manipulator.  And an inept one at that.  Little Miss Warner, go sit in a corner.



Lecture Notes: 04-25-04

You know Don, stress can seriously compromise your immune system. (see Imus Protests )

John Kerry got slapped around by ABC's Charlie Gibson of  "Good Morning America?"  A morning show?  I mean if you can not handle Charlie Gibson . . . I mean it is over.  Morning shows are all fluff and superficiality.  It doesn’t get easier than that.  Well, there is always Larry King and some local light weights like Ron Owens.   But I mean at the national level, “Good Morning America”  makes you sweat?  John FF Kerry, (FF for Flip Flop), it is over, and just think, we hardly knew ya.  (Of course, that is not entirely our fault, it was just hard to follow that boy for all his zigs and zags.)