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I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for safety of my country; corporations have been enthroned, an era of corruption in High Places will follow, and the Money Power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the People, until the wealth is aggregated in a few hands, and the Republic destroyed.

                                                     --- A. Lincoln


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Lecture Notes                              January 1, 2018



The once and future Speaker

The Honorable Nancy Pelosi

Minority Leader

          U. S. House of Representatives

          233 Cannon House Office Building

          Washington D. C., 20515



Plinio Designori

          New Ruskin


          San Francisco, Ca.  94110


Dear Nancy Pelosi;

         Let me be the first to congratulate you on your return to the Speaker’s chair after this coming election.

         I hope you are not superstitious and consider this bad luck.

         I have full confidence the Republicans will pay for that pig[i] they have installed in the oval office of the White House. If you listen carefully to his Tweets you can actually hear him snorting in the background as he rummages through the garbage looking for his next Tweet.

         I would like to share with you some thoughts on the issues where Republicans are vulnerable and how the Democrats can exploit these Republican weaknesses if the Democrats will only make slight changes in how they address these issues.[ii] 

         So, let us get started.

         First, I am a Republican.  But I voted for Mrs. Billy Clinton to save the Republic the depredations of the ogre.

         But who better than a Republican to explain their weaknesses?[iii]

         And if you are thinking I cannot still be a Republican if I help you, you are mistaken.  Consider the Club for Growth which has been primarying Republicans they do not consider sufficiently Right-Wing morons. (Their candidates invariably would lose in the general.) Yet the Club for Growth members are still invited to speak “for” the Republican Party not withstanding their treachery.   



         At the recent opening of a subsidized housing building in San Francisco you said, “We know how to build housing.” This was in direct contradiction to the point I had just made in 2016 Lecture Notes.  I had said that California in general, that the Bay Area in particular, and that San Francisco especially has a housing problem.  I remind you that rents in San Francisco have risen 40% in the last 4 years.

         It used to be agreed at the Federal level that Americans should only pay 25% of their income for housing.  Yet with no objection from the Democrats this has been changed to 33% without debate. That is a 32% increase.  Did income go up 32%?  Has the quality or the square footage of the housing units risen 32%?

         And in San Francisco, a city of renters, some people pay even more!

         What has happened here is that the American standard of living, at least as far as housing is concerned, has fallen 32%.  And Democrats and Republicans have done nothing to help.  Both parties have exacerbated the problem with their prejudices.

         Exclusionary zoning and building codes have been used to block market responses to the housing shortage; to keep the “public” schools free from children of apartment dwellers, to “preserve” neighborhoods, to avoid “congestion,” (that’s us: you know, people, we are called congestion by city planners).

         As between the two parties the Republicans are more vulnerable because their interference with the housing market contradicts their daily recital of obedience to free markets.  Democrats argue in their own defense that the market does not work in housing, passing over all the ways their actions have confounded market responses to the housing shortage.

         The first thing I want to do is disabuse you of the idea that intervention in the housing market must be socialism.  The subsidized housing you inaugurated the other day was not socialist housing.  Rather all that can be said of that transaction is that money was transferred from satisfying the more urgently felt wants of the consumers to the satisfaction of less urgently felt wants of the consumers.  (Mises[iv])

Capitalist surplus was redirected but this is hardly socialism.  If veteran’s barracks are built for homeless veterans to come in from the cold, or if students at city or community colleges are supplied with dormitories, or if the mentally ill are offered a room, (instead of being placed in a jail, (where over 70% of the population is mentally disabled)), and at lower cost to the tax payers, all of this is simply transfers of money away from satisfying more urgently felt needs of consumers, (e.g. the provisioning of housing for themselves), to the satisfaction of less urgently felt needs (the provisioning of housing for their above noted fellow citizens).

There is no novel proposal for the production and distribution of goods, certainly no nineteenth century idea of anything like “scientific” socialism.

When the Left engages in its rhetoric of socialism, or ‘the third way,” it plays into the hands of the Republicans. 

Then what rhetoric ought we to use? Affirmative Action.

Having admittedly used the powers of the state to interfere with the location of housing, the method of its construction, its size, everything down to the materials used (including the color of the paint); having blocked housing for the last 50 years with anti-growth policies, we now have a duty, the state has a duty, as we used to say: an affirmative duty to take action. 

Capitalism tends towards surpluses.  Mises says that if capitalists can be criticized for anything in their directing of economic activity it cannot be for their unwillingness to try new approaches but rather on the contrary they can only be criticized for their sometimes-laughable willingness to try for some unlikely proposed innovation.  Capitalist noting how many new jobs were being created in the Bay Area would have built enough hosing not only for the expected demand but for the merely possible demand.  Again, capitalism tends towards surplus.

The anti-growth coalition, managed by your party, in possession of the powers of the state to block housing, have ruined countless lives.  Their big lie is that free market capitalism does not work in housing.  The lie is all the more galling because they are the very ones who have blocked the market.

As wrongheaded as the Democrats are in blocking housing they at least can be persuaded to take Affirmative Action to counteract their interference in the housing market (resorting to, for example, subsidies to build housing).  The Republicans offer no defense for their intrusions in the market to keep their suburbs and “public” schools Lily White, free of the apartment people, and do not accept any responsibility to take on an affirmative duty to correct what their interference in housing has wrought. 

In The Triumph of the City, Doctor Professor Edward Glaeser, of Harvard, cites San Francisco as one of the worst cities for renters.  Chicago on the other hand is, he says, one of the few cities with a pro-growth housing policy, encouraging new construction of housing units. This owes a lot to the Democrat Mayor of Chicago, Ron Emanuel, whose service in Obama’s White House and now with his mayoral experience is looking to be a serious contender for President in 2020.


Counselor: What happened to Joe Biden?

-It’s true he has been very kind . . . but . . .

Counselor: “German Model”![v] The Mayor of Chicago refers to the German Model and you sellout Joe----

-Madam Pelosi permit be to introduce Yvonne . . . Yvonne this is ----

Counselor: Yes of course I know; so what are you going to do with Joe Biden?

-Well he can speak up for himself, I’m open . . . if he makes references to what I’ve written I would consider . . .  

Counselor: Mercenary . . .

-It’s politics. You can understand this Madam Pelosi?  If Mayor Emanuel makes references in the media I have to go with him.

Counselor:  Joe Biden’s last letter to you was addressed to Plinio Designori.

Yes, and it was delivered! But time waits for no man.

Counselor:  Mercenary.


Affirmative Duty to provide housing:


To be continued . . .

[i] Whenever I refer to Trump as a pig, Chris Matthews finds a way of bringing up “the ‘60s you know when they called the police pigs.”  He might think of Animal Farm where to politburo was populated by the pigs but he finds associating himself with the police comforting.  He lives and thinks about his own comfort, mainly. It is an ad hominem attack but I think Trump, the pig, is familiar with the attack ad hominem.

[ii] What good does it do you if your heart is in the right place, your policies will cure the patient but your bed side manner is so odious that the patient will not accept your counsel?

[iii] This is not treason.  Politics is a consensual game.  It is played in public.  This is the problem of using the rhetoric of war when discussing economics or politics. War is pure coercion. Free market economics and democratic politics is purely consensual sport.

[iv] Mises, in his masterwork Human Action, took care to distinguish between the transfers of capitalist surplus on the one hand and socialist management of the economy which are entirely different things.

[v] The Mayor in a briefing to reporters at the National Press Club on the successes of Chicago’s education reforms said, “wait for it, the German Model,” just after my last letter to President Obama where I recommended he follow the German Model in health care.



Al-Islam is one of the more comprehensive Internet site presently available on Islamic culture and religion. This studious introduction and resource collection maintained by members of the Ahulu Bayt Digital Islamic Library Project (DILP), invites users to browse through a wide array of topics ranging from modern ethical issues to historical outlines. Though much of the material is directed towards students or people without a strong knowledge of Islam (and particularly the Shi’ite tradition), the inclusion of easily accessible electronic editions of journal articles, image galleries, glossaries and encyclopedic references may make these pages equally appealing to academics and teachers. However, perhaps the site’s best feature is the ever-expanding Islamic Library Project, which contains a healthy selection of English articles and monographs.       (View Full Record)


Al-serat : a joural of Islamic studies

'Al-Serat' consists of a number of journal articles dealing with aspects of Islamic life and thought. The articles, tackling issues such as 'The Spiritual Significance of Jihad', 'Martyrdom in Islam' and 'Islam and the Question of Violence' are predominantly written by Moslem scholars seeking to contradict some of the major Western assumptions about Islam. Often defensive in tone and not scholarly in the Western sense of the word, these articles provide nevertheless solid explanations of some frequently misused Arabic terms as well as interesting views on Islamic religious ideas and practices. .(View Full Record

LIBERAL ISLAM WEB SITES Collected by Charles Kurzman University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Islamic Statements Against Terrorism Collected by Charles Kurzman University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

International Tribunal For The Prosecution Of Terrorists Letter From Liberal Arabs & Muslims To The United Nations Security Council & The U.N. Secretary General

As is our custom here at New Ruskin College the Ludi Magistor shall preside over the Ceremonies Magnifica in the Great Hall of the Moynihan Library to mark the beginning of Spring Term.   Let all students in attendance  complete the readings for the Ruskin Lecture.

The Ruskin Lecture 2005


Roman, Lombard,  Arab :


The Ducal palace of Venice contains the three elements in exactly equal proportions--the Roman, Lombard, and Arab.  


The Ducal residence was removed to Venice in 809, and the body of St. Mark was brought from Alexandria twenty years later.  But others, both south and north of the empire, had felt its influence, back to the beach of the Indian Ocean on the one hand (Arab), and to the ice creeks of the North Sea on the other (Lombard).


The work of the Lombard was to give hardihood and system to the enervated body and enfeebled mind of Christendom; that of the Arab was to punish idolatry, and to proclaim the spirituality of worship. Opposite in their character and mission, alike in their magnificence of energy, they came from the North, and from the South, the glacier torrent and the lava stream: they met and contended over the wreck of the Roman empire; and the very centre of the struggle, the point of pause of both, the dead water of the opposite eddies, charged with embayed fragments of the Roman wreck, is VENICE.


It is the central building of the world.


SECTION XVI . . . There had indeed come a change over Venetian architecture in the fifteenth century; and a change of some importance to us moderns: (continued at the Moynihan)

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Emptiness VIII


We have seen in things both large and small, near and far, the consequences of the simian’s willingness to tell pleasing lies to each other.   


. . . .  We have noted in these transactions that there is an association here of the Left with the oligarchy and we have wondered at this coincidence.   (continued)