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COPYRIGHT  2005 by

New Ruskin College Lecture  Hall:

History’s judgment rendered today!


Lecture Notes:  02-21-05


No.  No.  Lets not do anything.  Public Health protocols?  Screen arrivals from Asia?  Quarantines?


No. No. . . .


“”t happened so quickly. They started shivering, thousands of them at once. And then they started to fall. Every one of them. They just fell over, dead." Scott Dowell, the director of the Centers for Disease Control's Thailand office, tells Specter, "The world just has no idea what it's going to see if this thing comes. When, really. It's when. I don't think we can afford the luxury of the word 'if' anymore.... The clock is ticking. We just don't know what time it is." --- Michael Specter reports in "Nature's Bioterrorist" (p.50), in the February 28, 2005, issue of The New Yorker.  


Robert Webster, a virologist at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, in Memphis, who has been studying avian influenza for decades, is even more stark. "This is the worst flu virus I have ever seen or worked with or read about," he says. "We have to prepare as if we were going to war-and the public needs to understand that clearly. This virus is playing its role as a natural bioterrorist. The politicians are going to say Chicken Little is at it again. And, if I'm wrong, then thank God. But if it does happen, and I fully expect that it will, there will be no place for any of us to hide. Not in the United States or in Europe or in a bunker somewhere. The virus is a very promiscuous and effective killer."  --- (Drudge)


No.  Dont do anything.     


Now who is the suicide? 


You persecute me for fourteen (14) years --- this is how I repay you.  I warn you.  To save your lives you must take precautions now. If you can make it to the Fifth Day then you have a chance.    


Use your technology to make knowledge available.  Use laser disks.  Follow the example of Open University.    


Make housing available using factory building techniques.    


Break down the barriers in your society.  Use markets to intermediate between yourselves.  


Help each other.  (stop)  


Lecture Notes:  02-18-05


“They will probably end up means testing it   . . . and wind up punishing success like they normally do.”  ----   Sean Hannity, 02-17-05


I really do not want to respond to you anymore.  I have other things to deal with now. 


When Ganesh D'Sousa, on the NewsHour last night, repeatedly referred to Social Security as a “savings” program I resisted.  And unlike Franken one can not excuse D'Sousa on account of ignorance. 


For example, he stated that the system was incurring “liabilities” because the people being paid had not contributed enough to cover their withdrawals.  This is a series of lies.  It is a “pay as you go system.”  If the take from the paychecks of the people covers the payouts the system continues.  There is no accumulated liability because the people receiving the money did not “contribute” an equal amount.  These are all lies.


The only way to “save” is to invest in things that are valued by the consumers.  Or did you think that there is a pot of gold in your bank where the money is kept?  If you want to “save” you must invest in some business scheme.  Philosophically we would say you must participate in life. 


The miser who saves his money in his mattress is fundamentally confused.  The money in the mattress only has value because it is valued by others.  They, their subjective valuation is what gives his savings value.  Life is with the people.  Cast your bread upon the waters.


Gold does not have intrinsic value.  Gold is not “objectively” valuable.  The value does not rest in the thing itself, but in the perceived value found among the people in the market.  There is no such thing as capital there are only capital goods. (LvM)


If you want to save you must go out among the people.  But this is just what Dr. Greenspan and many others did not want Social Security to do.  Government ownership would lower the efficiency of capital because everyone’s capital is no ones capital, or so they feared all these years.


So we have been told a series of lies.   Lies about “lock boxes” and “savings,” all those lies.  My God I am so tired of all your lies . . .  


First rule for politicians:  First, stop telling lies.


But Hannity’s  “punishing success”  demands a response.  (Who will respond after I am gone?)


Hannity and the rich are stealing from the workers.  Not enough that for the whole of their careers they have raised their prices, passing on their own taxes, and every other of their costs onto the consumers, (those who are unable to raise their prices in response), but at the end of life, they demand the right to reach directly into the payroll of the people and steal from the people, the whole of their long retirement.    If they are not allowed to steal this one last time they claim they are being “punished.” Success.


Yesterday Rush Limbaugh was complaining about market pricing of roads.  Of course he does not care one way or the other.  The current road tax falls evenly on people in Bakersfield as on people in San Francisco.  Mr. Limbaugh thinks that is fine.  That Bakersfield’s roads cost a fraction of San Francisco’s is a matter of no concern to the king of talk radio.  He has never walked the streets of Bakersfield.  I have.


What is outrageous is that Limbaugh claims to be in favor of markets.  Free enterprise.  That he carelessly exposes himself in his opposition to market pricing of roads as an ignoramus makes no difference to him or his audience.  He will at times bloviate this way against markets, and then claim he is in favor of lower taxes to advance free markets, stringing words together, in this confused self interested way until the next commercial break.  Then off to the golf course.  I just can not take your lies anymore . . .     


Dr. Astaneh-Asl  was on Barbara Simpson’s KSFO radio program explaining how to turn the proposed Oakland Bay Bridge design into a true suspension bridge. 


I was thinking that since the original design, which was  a self anchored bridge, and very unstable, was falsely presented to the public as a “suspension” bridge,  (the stay cables were arranged in a decorative pattern that looked like, but only “suggested” a real suspension bridge), now if this design is changed into a real suspension bridge the public will never know. 


They will never know the incompetence that tied up the project for years, never know that they were nearly sold a multi billion dollar bridge that could not withstand a large earthquake or even a small car bomb.  Never know that that self anchored design had not been submitted to Lawrence Livermore for structural analysis. 


The public will see the new bridge with Dr. Astaneh-Asl’s  design, drive across it safely, and never know.


Dr. Astaneh-Asl during the interview explained that the reason he involved himself in the controversy was because he is an immigrant. He felt obligated to give back to America.


I have been thinking about that.  (He has been repeatedly attacked by the corrupt Cal Trans and other corrupt politicians.)  Then I realized that there must be thousands of civil engineers, well, at least hundreds, who could have seen the folly of building the world’s largest single tower self anchored bridge, in one of the most active earthquake zones.


Many must have known that using the decorative faux “suspension” stay cable arrangement would make the foolish design even more idiotic.  To build the bridge with that arrangement of cables a temporary bridge must first be built to hold the unbalanced road deck, then carefully removed so as not to upset the teetering bridge balanced as it is on its single tower.  Insanity.


Why had only Dr. Astaneh-Asl  been the only one to speak out?




They didn’t want to get involved.


If he had not felt an immigrant’s loyalty to us we would have been victimized, (yet once again), by these corrupt politicians.


But think about all those who knew and said nothing.


Editor’s Note:

Hannity’s criticism of President Bush’s suggestion that the cap on Social Security taxes could be raised is only the second time Hannity has been critical.

The first time Hannity was critical was when Mr. Bush said that he may have been too aggressive in a few of his statements leading up to war.  At that Hannity thought the President was wrong ---- to say he might have been too aggressive. 


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Lecture Notes:   02-15-05


This just in.


I just woke up with a start.  ‘They don’t think they are the same!  They don’t see the analogy.  Mr. Jordan and Mr. Gardner and me.  They don’t think they are the same.  My God.  We are not even human.  We are just . . . dust to them!’


We are not the same to them.  They think what was done to Mr. Jordan is different from what was done to Mr. Gardner and what they did, are doing, to me.


‘My God, the man was in Davos Switzerland, at a big international conference,  and Gardner?   He was in  . . . in . . . North Carolina?  Please! ‘  And there is more isn’t there?  Jordon makes . . . makes . . . how much?


That’s strange they did not report his income.  Normally “journalist” define people by their income.  (“He claims” he is an insurance adjuster.  (Eyes roll slowly.)  (sarc IV: Sizzlin’ Skilet ) 


Well what?   Six figures?   Seven?  Anyway many times what Mr. Gardner makes.  (“$150,000 a year, a decent job.”   - Dick Morris  )  And that fact, the money, counts for more than our shared humanity. 


Gardner helped save us from Kerry, and Jordan made a deal with the devil of Baghdad, but Jordan is an important person, (a “trophy”), and Gardner is not even worth reporting.  Lehrer knows what his affiliate, KQED, did.  He knows and he does not care.  Even makes jokes about it.   


And they all still go on the Imus show, and they know about him.   They know about the nannies.  Know that the deranged wife has gone through dozens of nannies.  The last one dumped in the desert at four in the morning.  Then called a “terrorist” on the radio program.   This just months after harassing me at GAB Robins.


And no one cares because we do not count. Mr. Gardner, the nanny, me, we don’t count.  So the last Lecture Note was lost on you.  You just do not compare Jordan and Gardner.  Not even human beings.


Rwanda.  Bangladesh.  The people of Iraq.  All around the world.  You did nothing as they slaughtered the people of Rwanda.  The people of Bangladesh drink arsenic.  48% of you voted for the Imus guest who said Iraq was the “wrong war at the wrong time” etc. .  (Some days.  Other days he said something else.)


Because none of us count.  What ever you do is justified  in your minds, and what happens to us is justified . . . because . . . you are fighting fascism . . . or avenging the Holocaust (see Michael Weiner Holocaust Denier Lecture Notes:  7-10-04), . . . or you are Democrats or liberals fighting for “justice” for the “little people”  . . . fighting racism . . . “getting even” . . . avenging “sexism” . . .   You pathetic wretches.   Hypocrites.


So full of your selves that you are blind to your hypocrisies.  And you are the good people.  The ones with the high IQ and social commitment.  The important jobs in the media and government.  The big incomes.  You set the agenda, drive the discussion, in Davos and Washington.  You have the syndicated radio programs for example.    


Can the blind lead the blind?




Lecture Notes:   02-14-05

trophy hunters



Come on boys,  they are getting away!” --- Oct.25 1944


Jordan's resignation marks the end of a 23-year career at CNN as one of its most powerful and influential executives; much of his time at CNN was spent building and running the network's global newsgathering operations. . . .

”It was not the first time that
Jordan generated controversy. In April 2003, he wrote in a New York Times op-ed that CNN had declined to report several instances of torture, murder and other depredations by Saddam Hussein and his sons for fear of endangering CNN employees in Iraq. That led critics to accuse him of abetting Hussein's dictatorship.” CNN exec quits after comments on killings,  Denies saying U.S. targeted reporters, By John Cook,  Tribune staff reporter.  Published February 12, 2005

Come on boys!  You are trophy hunters!  That is what the New York Times says about you bloggers.  It is not about truth.  It is just sport with you, right?  The people in the media, at the New York Times for example, they are the ones we are hunting, right? 

So come on.  We can’t just let this one stagger off. He is wounded but he is still breathing.  We got to keep after him.  Find out where he lives --- let’s burglarize his home and steal his notebook.  Plant electronic listening devices.  Follow him!

Don’t let up now!  If he finds a job let’s use our influence to harasse him there too.  The New York Times says we are the hunters and they are the prey, right?  We are the predators.  One year, two years, if it takes us fourteen years, let’s get him!

The careerists in the media, the ones making the six and seven figure incomes they are the innocents and we bloggers,  we are the bad guys, the “trophy hunters.”  The mere fact that Jordan made a deal with the devil of Baghdad, and then he accused our military, after the loss of so many getting rid of that devil, accused them of killing (“I know of eleven”) journalists, that ain’t no thin’. 

Indeed,  didn’t Lee Rodgers of KSFO say that he thought the Marines would kill the journalist who reported on the killing of the wounded Iraqi prisoners that had been left in a mosque for 24 hours? (see Lecture Notes:  11-24-04) Yes I believe he did.  Yes I do.

Oh,  what is another word for it?  Hypocrisy! Hypocrisy!  By any other name, damnable Hypocrisy!.

For example the other day Lee Rodgers suggested to Mrs. Jack Swanson that they link their KSFO web site to a web site for an insurance adjuster, (Mr. Gardner), who had been fired from his job because he said he was a Republican and he would not support Mr. Kerry.  (His boss said,  “We are all Democrats.”)

There was a moment’s pause as she considered Lee Roger’s suggestion, (was she considering the irony?),and then Mrs. Jack Swanson agreed, saying how outrageous she felt it was for those Kennedy people and Kerry’s people to interfere with Mr. Gardner’s employment.  (see Intel Operations, Psy Ops on the main campus and, CENCAL Letters at the Moynihan)     

W E B  E X C L U S I V E
The Tenth Brother
Douglas Brinkley, author of Tour of Duty: John Kerry and the Vietnam War, interviews Kerry’s tenth warmate and gets a story sharply different from what the other nine crew members have had to say 

The hardnosed Gardner returned from Vietnam in February 1969; Kerry came home a month later. The two men haven
t spoken in nearly 35 years. Kerry has no recollection of any of Gardner’s accusations, including the threatening of a court martial. None of PCF-44s crew trusts Gardner’s memory. Today Gardner claims he works at Millennium Services (an insurance inspection company) and is bitter about Kerry’s national prominence. At various times in our interview he complained about Kerry “running around with Hanoi Jane” after the war and having a “rich wife.” And—like Limbaugh—he is determined to convince people that Kerry is Slick Willy incarnate.

Note the adjective “hardnosed.”  Insurance adjusters are “hardnosed.”  Note the “today he claims to work . . .”  as if tomorrow he might “claim” something different.  (After we fire his ass.)  Does one “claim” to be an insurance adjuster?  I mean if he says so can we not take him at his word?  Why would anyone make such a “claim” if it were not true.

I could understand, for example, if Brinkley had written: “he claimed to be a vice president with J. P. Morgan.”  But why did Mr. Brinkley feel it necessary to put in the name of the employer? What did the employer’s name add to the story?  (Perhaps it is a warning to others?)

But Mr. Brinkley was under some pressure.  The “historian” wrote a puff book on Kerry and the fabric was coming undone.  It was apparent even to bloggers that the research was not what we expect of a “historian.”  It was what we expect from a political shill.

Note that the hardnosed adjuster “complained” about Kerry “running around” with Hanoi Jane.  Still complaining after all these years?  Or was he critical?  He is “bitter” about “prominence.”  Well you have to expect that from the bottom 75%.  Malcontents.  But “complaining” about the “rich wife.”  How does one complain about a rich wife?  Perhaps an example would have helped here.  (For example:  He impressed me as an opportunist, so I was not surprised he married a rich wife.  Yes, but is this complaining?)  From the wording it is not clear who brought up Rush, or if the name even came up in the interview, but the claim that he was trying to “convince people” seems misplaced here, in as much as Brinkley sought out Gardner not the other way around.

Days later, Brinkley called again, warning Gardner to expect some calls. It seems Brinkley had used the "fact checking" conversation to write an inflammatory article about Gardner for The article, implying that Gardner was politically motivated, appeared under the headline "The 10th Brother."

Twenty-four hours later, Gardner got an e-mail from his company, Millennium Information Services, informing him that his services would no longer be necessary. He was laid off in an e-mail -- by the same man who only days before had congratulated him for his exemplary work in a territory which covered North and South Carolina. The e-mail stated that his position was being eliminated. Since then, he's seen the company advertising for his old position. Gardner doesn't have the money to sue to get the job back. How Kerry whistleblower suffered for truth , November 29, 2004 , BY MARY LANEY,  Chicago Sun Times


But the hypocrisy I ask that you consider is not Brinkley’s but that of Mrs. Jack Swanson.   For it was Mrs. Jack Swanson who harassed me in 2001 and 2002, then used her influence with the millionaire owners of CENCAL Insurance, my employer, to first steal my letters, (see CENCAL letters) and then have me laid off.  She then,  two years later, expresses righteous anger at the Kennedys and the Kerrys for getting Mr. Gardner fired from his job.  (“Oh, I’m vicious” she says of herself.  Yes vicious, and a liar, and a neurotic, etc. etc.)


Rich Lowery in a phone conversation with me in 1992 claimed he had never heard about me and then later went on to boast to Gordon Peterson that he had lied to me.  He had in fact known about me and he boasted to Gordy, that he had lied.  Had lied to me just to lie, for just the exercise.  Later Mr. Lowery went on to right a book about Mr. Clinton, Legacy, all about “paying the price” for Mr. Clinton’s lies.  (The boastful liar calls Clinton a liar.)         


How do you live with yourselves?


Mr. Lehrer had Lowery on his show last Friday and when the phrase “kool-aid drinkers” was used, Mr. Lehrer felt obliged to caution, “let’s watch our metaphors.” (Yes, metaphor, thank you.) See?  Mr. Lehrer is a professional.  He has standards? But this is trophy hunting?  Mr. Lowery shows himself to be a boastful liar, and I report this, and the New York Times says I am a “trophy hunter.”  What of the lies? 


Our troops do not kill journalists despite what Mr. Jordan or Mr. Rodgers say.  Mrs. Jack Swanson is a dishonest liar, a hypocrite. She harassed me for year simply to entertain herself.  Mr. Lowery had heard of me.  Mr. Lehrer knows what his colleagues at KQED have done:  the intentional interference with contractual both with the counselor and with my employment, intentional infliction of emotional distress, harassment, oppression . . . and he helps cover it up.       


I am nauseated . . .


Al Franken on his show today referred to Social Security as an “annuity.”  But because he is so poorly spoken on these matters one is inclined to exempt him from the charge of liar.  To tell the lie that Social Security is an annuity would require that one knows what an annuity is and what the Social Security system is, and one doubts Franken will ever bother to study that much.


Social Security is an income transfer scheme.  No money was ever invested.  When surpluses were created the moneys were spent in the general accounts.  They were not invested.  They did not build value over time.  There are no guaranteed annuities or variable annuities in the Social Security system.  (“There is no such thing as capital there are only capital goods.”---L v Mises)


Dr. Greenspan, among many others, specifically rejected the idea that the Social Security surplus be invested.  They did not want the government to own the capital goods as the state ownership would be less efficient than if the capital goods were owned by private owners who would look to the returns more carefully than state managers.  (Dr. Greenspan now says that if the capital is held in “individual accounts” he is no longer concerned about the innervating effects of the state sponsored ownership.)


No one does not think Al Franken is lying when he claims that Social Security is an annuity, he is simply an example of the gullible ignorant public.  The Democrats and Republicans tell them lies about “annuities” and “lock boxes” “trust accounts”  all the lies, carried out over the continent by the mass media, with people like Lowery, Lehrer, Brinkley, Jordan, and god help us, Mrs. Jack Swanson, telling those lies about social security.  Yes and all the other lies. . .


And who is there to tell the truth?


The other morning I awoke shouting “No, no, no.”  Why?  I dreamed I was driving in San Francisco.  The streets were empty.  Foreboding.  Where was everyone?  Was a tidal wave coming?  Had there been a plague?  I started shouting, No.  No!


Then I realized as I came to, my last day is approaching and part of me wants to live. That is why I shouted No!  No, to death.  I want to live.  Part of me just wants a job, any job, and to go on, reading, studying. . . watching.  Just to be allowed to live. 


But then I think of all of you . . . I think back over the last fourteen years . . . and I am thankful that I have this last way out . . . away from you . . . where you can not reach me .  . . away from your hypocrisy.


Some trophy hunter.


Late breaking news:

Just now the NewsHour adds scalp hunter to the medias invective. They harasse me for fourteen years, interfere with my employment, . . .  fourteen years!  Burglary,  and PBS was a leader in this and then say we are scalp hunters?  Go away PBS you are corrupt beyond belief.




Lecture Notes:  02-09-05


Vitai Lampada
("They Pass On The Torch of Life")

There's a breathless hush in the Close to-night --
Ten to make and the match to win --
A bumping pitch and a blinding light,
An hour to play and the last man in.
And it's not for the sake of a ribboned coat,
Or the selfish hope of a season's fame,
But his Captain's hand on his shoulder smote --
'Play up! play up! and play the game!'

The sand of the desert is sodden red, --
Red with the wreck of a square that broke; --
The Gatling's jammed and the Colonel dead,
And the regiment blind with dust and smoke.
The river of death has brimmed his banks,
And England's far, and Honour a name,
But the voice of a schoolboy rallies the ranks:
'Play up! play up! and play the game!'

This is the word that year by year,
While in her place the School is set,
Every one of her sons must hear,
And none that hears it dare forget.
This they all with a joyful mind
Bear through life like a torch in flame,
And falling fling to the host behind --
'Play up! play up! and play the game!'

Sir Henry Newbolt (1862-1938)

Yes, thank you.  But . . .   why . . . Why do I sense the subtlest hint of a rebuke?


Counselor:  (He attacks the most powerful people in his world, not just foreign despots, national politicians, the IRS, great corporations,  but our most deeply held verities . . . our pride . . . yes, and our vanities, he mocks us, and the rich and powerful . . . and then he is surprised when these rich and powerful people --- the whole benighted world comes crashing down on his head-----)


Yvonne,  please,  the parentheses, . . . you are not allowed to use . . .  what did you say?


Counselor:  . . . Oh,  I?  . . . nothing, just musing to myself . . .


Please don’t make parenthetical ---


Counselor:  No, . . . of course not . . .




Lecture Notes:  02-08-05


Counselor:  But Russert did ask Senator Kennedy about ---


Yes, but after three times and Mr. Kennedy still refuses to repeat the charge of fraud then you have to ask the Senator if he will retract the charge and apologize to Mr. Bush.  There is no middle ground for this,  all charges must be repeated until retracted. 


For example, Mr. Jones threw the election in California to secure his “ethanol”  concession.  He spent $6 million on his campaign.  How much was spent on TV ads?


Answer:  Zero.


Where was the rest of the money spent?  On his web site?  No.  Spread out on “get out the vote”  “walking around money” at California country clubs to get Republicans to turn out on election day?  May be, but then there wouldn’t be any record.


Does the California Republican Party know the meaning of conflict of interest?



"The state needs 613 million gallons of ethanol this year and 1 billion gallons next year," said Rob Schlichting, a California Energy Commission spokesman.  --- July 29, 2003 ,   Ag marketers hear a pitch for ethanol , By Luis Hernandez, Staff writer,  Visalia Times-Delta



“The Kohlers are big boys in the ethanol industry with heavy connections through the Reformulated Fuel Association to Archer Daniels Midland.

They have picked up Bill Jones, as a partner in one of their companies, Pacific Ethanol. Bill Jones as quoted in the San Joaquin Valley News, wants to grow corn for fuel.” posted on 02/23/2004 11:27:34 PM PST by cal cow girl


The following statement on the July "Villain of the Month" was released today by the Clean Air Trust:    Why would an organization claiming to represent environmental groups favor dirtier air in California? . . .


And is there a connection to a race for a U.S. Senate seat from California?

So why does Renewable Energy Action Project REAP support the mandatory use of ethanol even when the state of California says that will mean dirtier air?

(REAP) . . . whose letterhead says it represents such well-known entities as Greenpeace and the Bluewater Network, raised eyebrows earlier this month when it sided with pro-Bush administration corn growers and attacked a coalition of respected clean-air advocates who seek to permit California gas stations to sell gasoline without the forced use of ethanol.


The clean-air coalition, which includes the Sierra Club, American Lung Association, Physicians for Social Responsibility, Natural Resources Defense Council, Environmental Defense, U.S. Public Interest Research Group, National Environmental Trust, Clean Air Trust Education Fund, and Our Children's Earth Foundation, had urged EPA Administrator Mike Leavitt to grant California's request to waive mandatory use of ethanol in reformulated gasoline sold in California.  . . .


REAP appears on a media "contact list" put out by the Renewable Fuels Association, whose board includes not only small ethanol producers, but big-corn growers such as Archer Daniels Midland. And REAP's positions on ethanol echo those of the industry. We do know the issue is politically volatile -- at both the national and state levels. . . ------ From: Charlie Peters,  Date: 20 Jul 2004



Accessity & Pacific Ethanol Near Completion of Due Diligence
July 1, 2004 11:46 am ET


“The exchange of stock called for in the transaction is designed to leave PEI's owners as majority shareholders of Accessity” ---   “the management of PEI, which will succeed Accessity's current management,”

$100 Million Tortious Interference Suit to Continue Post Merger

CORAL SPRINGS, FL--(MARKET WIRE)--Jul 1, 2004 -- Accessity Corp. (NasdaqSC:) reported today that it expects due diligence to be completed shortly in its proposed reverse-merger acquisition of Pacific Ethanol, Inc. (PEI), and its affiliates, Kinergy Marketing LLC and Re-Energy LLC. Accessity will then move quickly to hold a shareholder vote on the proposed merger.


"We are very pleased with the progress of both sides' due diligence efforts so far," said Barry Siegel, Chairman and CEO of Accessity Corp. "We are awaiting only a few more items, including PEI's audited financials, which we believe we will have in the next day or two and don't expect to differ materially from the preliminary figures."


Accessity agreed on May 17 to acquire California-based PEI, a company established to import, market and ultimately produce ethanol, or ethyl alcohol, a smog-reducing gasoline additive that replaces MTBE, which has been banned, in California and many other states. The exchange of stock called for in the transaction is designed to leave PEI's owners as majority shareholders of Accessity, which will be reincorporated in Delaware and renamed Pacific Ethanol, Inc. The company expects to begin construction of a $50 million ethanol refinery at its 137-acre grain-handling facility near Madera, California, later this year.



Lecture Notes:  02-07-05


Sample 1:   Meet the Press:


Secretary:  . . . excuse me, . . . I misspoke.


Interviewer:  Understood.


(Note:  He says he understood but does he? (Recall the interest in the Powell Doctrine in the previous week.)


Sample 2:


Also see Dr. Charles Murray CSPAN interview where he explains that you do not have to work in a “cubicle in an insurance  company.”  He offers as an example,  you could take a job as a mason. 


(Note:   Jude the Obscure was a mason.  But of course this is just our point, or doesn’t Dr. Charles Murray know that the labor markets are being destroyed as labor wages stagnate against ever increasing price increases  by the elites, like Dr. Charles - - -


Counselor:  I don’t think he was setting out a comprehensive labor policy . . . he was only making a literary reference?  As you say?


Oh, yeah . . .


Counselor:  He is making a friendly reference and you jump him for not having a policy to raise the wages of laborers ----


Ok, ok . . .) 




What are you doing with that?


Counselor:  It is about Social Security . . . it should be over here.


No, no, put it back.


Counselor: . . . fine . . .  







Lecture Notes:  01-31-05


Just remember.  He got 48% of the vote.  Think about that.  Think what that means.

Lecture Notes:  01-21-05  Undone


The multi millionaire businessman from Texas, conservative Republican, is the wooly headed idealist and the Democrats are the hardheaded realists?


That’s it.  This is beyond my ability to satirize.  Congratulations!  You have all outdone me.  I can no longer mock you. 


I am undone. 


Counselor:  Well . . . there is always tomorrow.


Lecture Notes:  01-20-05   Oracular


No, no, don’t go in there, stay here, you are safe here.  This is the germ free zone.  You are safe here.


 . . . I’ll take my chances.   . . .  I like what you have done with the place.


---  Aviator


Counselor:  Ah, so we are talking again?




Counselor:  Or, I guess you would say my stock is trading again?  I’m off suspension?


Yeah, . . . on light volume.


Counselor:   Well at least I’m not delisted. 


No, you’re not being prosecuted for fraud . . . yet.


Counselor:  I’m not in the dock with Mr. Bernard Ebbers?  What’s this oracular?  What is this switch do?    Do, do, do, hey, hey, hey,  this is neat, this is neat,  this is---


Please don’t touch the controls.  The oracular voice is very popular with College Visitors.  I use it sometimes for effect,  they expect it.


Counselor:  I see.  So?  How have you been?  I see that your emperor didn’t demand you commit seppuku.




Counselor:  He said:

“This office is the kind of place where you sit here, people stand out there, and they say, 'I'm going to tell him what-for,' and they walk in here and they get just overwhelmed by the Oval Office and the whole atmosphere and the great beauty of this place, and they say, 'Man, you're looking good, Mr. President,'" he said to laughter. "So I need people walking in here saying, 'You're not looking so good.'”

        What do you think?  He seems to be bearing up under your barrage of criticism?   See that “looking so good?”   He seems composed?  No?


 . . .


Counselor:   Takes criticism with good grace?   . . . No?


 . . . You,  you, . . .


 Counselor:  Yes?


You always take the Bush’s side in everything.   You always took up with his father too.  You will take anyone’s side against me.  They are Republicans.  You are Green!


Counselor:  I just mean he didn’t demand your death.  You know,  “All enemies of the Emperor must die!”  Remember that? 


. . .


Counselor:  Garrison Keillor sends his regards, he revived that character, . . . I’ll talk to him again . . . (see Curator's note for Fascism in Daily Life at the Moynihan) . . . and did you see that Maureen Dowd?  Her column, “Defining Victory Down?”


It just show what a dilettante she is.


Counselor:  How so?


Real men are dieing.  Real blood is being shed.  And she treats the discussion of war and peace as if it were a parlor game.  Her,  “It depends on what the meaning of the word “win” is,” shows she doesn’t care about the real issue, men being shot, blown apart, war. 


It is all a game of ‘semantics’   political one-upmanship.    She is a girl playing the game of politics.


The people of Iraq have been freed from a tyrant.  Their future is theirs. 


But Maureen Dowd wants to goad the boys, ‘You call this victory?’ 


She taunts:  Let’s see you hunt down all those Ba’athists if you are so strong.


She is just a taunting little girl.   And of course if it had been up to her, as with Kerry, Saddam Hussein would still be in power.  She is just playing games.


Counselor:  And you are not?





"O monks know that all things are on fire. And what are they that are on fire? The eye, the forms, the eye-consciousness, the impressions, and whatever sensation, whether pleasant, unpleasant or neutral that arises from the impressions received by the eye, they are all in fire.


"And with what are they on fire? I say with the fire of lust, of aversion, and passion (raga, dvesha and moha); with birth, with old age, with death, lamentation, misery, grief and despair, they are on fire.


"Similar is the case with the ear, with the nose, the tongue and the sense of touch. The mind is also on fire. The thoughts are on fire. The mind-consciousness, the impressions received by the mind and the sensations that arise from such impressions, also are on fire.

"And with what are they on fire? I say with the fire of lust, of aversion, and passion (raga, dvesha and moha); with birth, with old age, with death, lamentation, misery, grief and despair, they are on fire.


"And knowing thus O Monks, the true disciple develops an aversion to the eye, to the forms, to the eye-consciousness, to the impressions received by the eye, to the sensations arising from there, to the ear, to the nose, to the tongue, to the sense of touch, to the mind, to the thoughts, to the mind-consciousness, impressions, and sensations.


"There by he overcomes his desire, becomes freed and having become freed realizes that becoming is exhausted, that he has lived a pure life, that he had done what was expected of him and that he has done away with mortality for ever. "



A Poem for the End of the Century

Czeslaw Milosz


When everything was fine

And the notion of sin had vanished

And the earth was ready

In universal peace

To consume and rejoice

Without creeds and utopias,


I, for unknown reasons,

Surrounded by the books

Of prophets and theologians,

Of philosophers, poets,

Searched for an answer,

Scowling, grimacing,

Waking up at night, muttering at dawn.


What oppressed me so much

Was a bit shameful.

Talking of it aloud

Would show neither tact nor prudence.

It might even seem an outrage

Against the health of mankind.


Alas, my memory

Does not want to leave me

And in it, live beings

Each with its own pain,

Each with its own dying,

Its own trepidation.


Why then innocence

On paradisal beaches,

An impeccable sky

Over the church of hygiene?

Is it because that

Was long ago?


To a saintly man

--So goes an Arab tale--

God said somewhat maliciously:

"Had I revealed to people

How great a sinner you are,

They could not praise you."


"And I," answered the pious one,

"Had I unveiled to them

How merciful you are,

They would not care for you."


To whom should I turn

With that affair so dark

Of pain and also guilt

In the structure of the world,

If either here below

Or over there on high

No power can abolish

The cause and the effect?


Don't think, don't remember

The death on the cross,

Though everyday He dies,

The only one, all-loving,

Who without any need

Consented and allowed

To exist all that is,

Including nails of torture.


Totally enigmatic.

Impossibly intricate.

Better to stop speech here.

This language is not for people.

Blessed be jubilation.

Vintages and harvests.

Even if not everyone

Is granted serenity.