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Don Imus Says Good Morning
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Don Imus Says Good Morning
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  ** New Ruskin College ** 

This web site was established in March, 2003, to protest Don Imus and my enemies and  tormenters who have worked to destroy me for these last 14 years.                     

For years he has used his influence to harasse and oppress me, at State Farm in 1998, and in 2001 and 2002 he appears to have had some influence over Mrs. Jack Swanson , and caused her to join in the oppression.  They were only following up Michael Weiner, Michael Krasney, and others at KQED who originally started harassing me in 1991 after I wrote some letters to the U. S. Senate.  (see the archives at the Moynihan)                

Soon I will escape them and take refuge in the Corpus Christi and find the peace they denied me in life.  

COPYRIGHT 2004, by
Counselor: Oh? Did he really say "Peter, Good Morning?"

Listen you; don't start in on me. He was talking about "Nervous Nellys that are jumping up and down wetting their panties."

Counselor: I see. . . . so you assumed he was talking about you?"

My dear, I love you but I'm in no mood. Don't you remember the ‘T'and the 'P'?

Counselor: "'T' and the 'P' " ? Ah?


Don't do this to me. You have a photographic memory. You remember. Don Imus said his hearing was getting so bad that some times he couldn't make out the difference between . . . the. . . "'T' and the 'P' "? Remember Stear and Sp . . Yvonne, don't look at me like that. You know I hate it when you . . .

Don, Sir, it is not a question of "if" there will be another Bio attack, it is only a question of when. I know you some times have difficulty focusing your mind but try, Don, try. It is going to happen.

By the way this risk is independent of Iraq. It is 50-50 that we are worse off or better off in the immediate short term. It is a purely technical question. Certainly we are better off with one less bad guy, but there is no question of strategy.

Or in other words, if it were not Saddam Hussein this time it will be someone else, later, tomorrow or the next day. (Saddam should have been taken out years ago. Go over the check list of twelve million reasons Saddam Hussein should be killed. If you say yes to any one reason the discussion is over. The amount of time spent discussing this is beyond my comprehension. )

The strategic question is that the aggressor has the advantage in Bio warfare. With today's technology short of quarantine zones and travel buffer quarantine requirements the advantage will remain with the aggressor for years. We forget that quarantine was a standard practice 50 years ago.

But these questions are not being examined because people like Don Imus let some FBI has been . . .  

Counselor: That is a little harsh isn't it?

No, no , that's how he talks on that show. Haven't you ever listen-

Counselor: No.

Some FBI Man, tell us that now-a-days we can treat small pox and plague . . . What bulls- ok, ok, (she is very demanding, I always have to be on my best behavior with her) .

Don, may I call you Don?, ask him: ' So , tell us, Mr. FBI Man, what is the treatment for a virus that has genes from say Rabies and Ebola and Oh, ah, the common Flu virus for example?' Ask him that Don. 'Mr. FBI Man, do you know what to do when your teeth lock together and blackened blood starts oozing out from under your arms?'

Don't worry we have everything under control. Yeah, sure, I feel better already. We are not even discussing the real issues because people like Don Imus are in charge.

Counselor: I still think that is a little harsh.

No, no , believe me that is how they talk there, back in New York City.

Counselor: Well if you say so. . . ah . . . the " "t" and the "p" " wasn't that in the notebook that was stolen?


Counselor: Well. . . don't you see .. . ?

See? See what?