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Imus Protests April 2004
Last Will & Testament
Funeral Procession
Baghdad Claims Office: How I would settle Iraqi Prisoner Claims.
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Metaphysics 303
Who Killed Duane Garrett: Part II
This is what is Wrong with the Republican Party. Part I & Part II
A Public Letter to Rosie Allen
A Public Appeal to Governor Davis
How Don and Mike Removed the Evil One From MSNBC
Who Killed Duane Garrett? 3 Suspects: Motive Greed & Power
McGurk Tutorial
45 minutes and the Distortions of History
Don Imus Says Good Morning
Judgment Day


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Shattered Man --- Message heard understood acknowledged.

Danger!Sherpa.Health  is a virus website.  It appears to cover health care but  really it has, for example when you click on ‘income.’  Reporters have been reporting this site as an example of how private companies can out do public organizations. 

“The old Duke said to the young Duke, ‘You will know it by many colors it will march under many banners but you shall always know it by only one name: Plunder!’”
------Doctor Professor Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan
quoting from a novel by Disraeli, (The First Earl of
Beaconsfield, KG,PC,FRS), on the floor of the Senate.

Counselor: So what, you thought he was talking to you?

Well yes to me and as he used to say “to anyone who will listen to me.” I wrote a letter giving examples of abuse of government power and ending each sentence with Plunder! Plunder! Plunder! For example I wrote: “Radio stations are given away based on race, PLUNDER! (A reference to an Affirmative Action program to give a radio station to a Black owner, who a few months after acquiring the station sold it to a “White” radio station network. (Yes, for a profit. For Plunder!))

Visitor Welcome Center:

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 Max Weber Institute             
  for the Study of the 5th Day of Creation                   
*We have added “News of the 5th Day of Creation” with 60 articles on news in Biology and Genetics.     **Our "Technical Corrections" page is now open for visitors.  We explain in "Desert Reclamation" how to transform Earth into a New Garden of Eden.  Most pessimistic forecasts are based on “straight line estimates.”    However the new technology of Recombinant Genetics is anything but “straight line.” Huge gains are only months away.                               *******   


*******************             Technical Correction #6 :        Bridge  to Corruption, Where we explain that the society that originally built the Golden Gate andBay Bridges is not the same society that attempts to rebuild the Bay Bridge.  It is doubtful that they would have built them if they knew the kind of corrupt society that would follow.      ********  Technical Correction #3, Stem Cells, 3rd ed. and      ********   Technical Correction #4  Biometric Data are now available. ******** Technical Correction Number 5:  our article  "TRANSPONDERS AND SELFISHNESS", IS LINKED TO PHOTO ON LEFT. 

*********Our article “Wrong” Part  IV the "Conservative Seminar" is now available.********The Army Navy Club is now open at the Max Weber Institute for the Study of the 5th Day of Creation.  Of course these potential opportunities of Recombinant Genetics also imply risk which we examine at the Club.  Item # 12 :  how to solve the emergency room funding crisis.

Welcome to Boston
LNG tanker pays a visit.

*************In the Army Navy Club  #14, #15, and #16,  we explain how to disrupt the American economy on a shoe string budget.,  #18, how to destroy the bio defenses .  #23 We have no choice.  Our only chance at survival is to move up the learning curve faster than our enemies. #25 how corruption prevents us from taking the necessary steps to protect ourselves. #26 Or have you already given up? #31 Yes, of course. You do not see yourselves as idling away your time on trivialities as the coming catastrophe grows all around you.  Running LNG tankers into your metropolitan areas is just “going on with your lives.”   This is not vainglory?  You do not think yourselves vainglorious.    #42  Philosophy Islam and  Iraq   #51  Katrina and the terrorists  *************Clones, 2nd edition,  is now available at the Max Weber Institute for the Study of the 5th Day of Creation.        **************** Also at the Institute,  “ Page -1- Weber and Ludwig von Mises”  has been added:   Weber's connection to the Austrians was quite deep, though not really appreciated by traditional sociologists.  As Ludwig Lachmann stated in his review of Mises's Human Action,     "In reading this book we must never forget that it is the work of Max Weber that is being carried on here.”


The Moynihan Memorial Library:

Now Showing at the Moynihan Library:


***********  Katrina Reveiw

*****PLAYING GO,  ENDURING THE PAIN :   Utagawa Kuniyoshi.  Portrayal of the Physician Ka Da Scraping the Bone of Kan U  to Treat an Arrow Wound   (Hua Da hone o kezurite Guan Yu  ya-kizu o ryoji suru zu), 1853.

********** The  IRS and the Illegals from the North is now available.

********** Hate Mail Archive is now open for review.

********** Our letters to the Magnificent Five are on display at the e-mail Archives.

*******  By permission of the Ludi Magistor the Love Story can now be told!  Please visit the Dear Yvonne, The Love Letters Archives at the Moynihan Library.   

************Several letters from the Math and New Ruskin Projects are on public display: Voice from the Future!  “Dear Senator John Kerry…….”    where we advised him to support the war and the liberation of Iraq.  In 1990! 

 ***********The Ludi Magistor has authorized the public display of two additional fragments of the Stolen Notebook:  Yvonne's Story from the Stolen Notebook  (Fragment 5)  is now on display.

*******Fragment Number One was the one that Senator Dodd referenced during an appearance on the Don Imus radio program.  This is all so the same section of the stolen notebook that Brian Wilson talked about with  Mrs. Jack Swanson the Monday following the  burglary, and following Michael Weiner's week long reading from the stolen notebook. (Also see Intel. Operations Item Number Three (look to headings on left.))

Artificial Clouds Institute

Now Open:   

Gorbachev-Bush Artificial Clouds Institute

Dr. Teller's paper on Artificial Clouds is now available.

Dr. Ken Caldeira's paper on Artificial Clouds is now available.Please also visit Abrupt Climate Change: Oceans and Permafrost,  and Remediation:Nuclear, Sequestration, Bio Technology and Geoengineering:  Save Earth!

 Yahoo!'s pick:


1)       Gorbachev-Bush Artificial Clouds Institute

... Gorbachev-Bush Artificial Clouds Letters Archives at the Moynihan Library. Link to Return to New Ruskin College Main ... would be sufficient to counter the effects of Global Warming ...

2)   Remediation: Artificial Clouds

Global warming artificial clouds abrupt climate change geoengineering

3)  Dr. Gregory Benford's Paper on Artificial Clouds

Global warming artificial clouds abrupt climate change geoengineering


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I'm not afraid of your threats."
            --- Duane Garrett, the day before he died.

". . . You may be one of the very few people who can understand my conclusion. Influenced by Yomei [Wang Yang-ming] philosophy, I have believed that knowing without acting is not sufficiently knowing and the action itself does not require any effectiveness." --- Mishima Yukio.
Ivan Morris, The Nobility of Failure;
Tragic Heroes in the History of Japan


"I don't think they heard me very well." -Mishima Yukio  11-25-1970

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Link to Max Weber Institute for the Study of the 5th Day of Creation


New Ruskin College                                  

Here on the main campus please visit:                      

** A NATION OF DEGENERATES is more like it.   “Sadistic, blatant and wanton criminal abuses.”  Are they talking about the prisoners or Imus, Weiner, Mrs. Jack Swanson, and all the rest?                 

(See Lecture Notes:  05-01-04)                                              

**   UPPER CLASS WARFARE.  Here today we are given a perfect example of the shallowness that is Bill O’Reilly.                           

(see Lecture Notes:  06-30-04)                                         

**   POST LIBERAL BAY AREA.   The post liberal Bay Area knows that they have created a corrupt culture.  (see Lecture Notes:  06-26-04)

**  MICHAEL WEINER HOLOCAUST DENIER.                        

(see Lecture Notes:  07-10-2004)                                             

**  REMEMBER SID ROSENBERG.   My God woman, where is this coming from?  What deep seated antagonism is this  . . . can’t you see that this is a projection?  What must you think of me?            

(see Lecture Notes  08-07-04 )                                                  

**   JUNKIE NATION    if it is true that there is no such thing as “progressive taxation,”  then is there never to be social justice?               

(see Lecture Notes:  09-30-04)                                               

**   HOW DUMB IS DON IMUS? (see  Lecture Notes: 09-20-04)

**   HOW DO YOU SUSTAIN YOURSELF?  Garrison Keillor, for example, at home with his young wife and child, in the kitchen, preparing the salad with the vinaigrette dressing, walnut oil, the shrimp sizzling on the fire, the wine breathing . . . (see Lecture Notes:  10-28-04)

**   WHO IS TO BLAME? “Is no one to blame for anything then?”------Hellen Schlegel, Howard’s  End, E. M. Forster                    

(see Lecture Notes:   11-24-04)                                     

**   THE WAR IS OVER  (see Lecture Notes:  12-28-04)

**   TO:   General Douglas MacArthur Supreme Commander, Central Asia (see Lecture Notes:Date:December 24, 2004New Ruskin College: MacArthur at New Ruskin CollegeOpen this result in new window - 22k - Cached - More from this site - Save

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